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"What’s the matter now?" Little listless way

"How long do you want to imprison us?" An old man said, "I see you look pale and weak. You are also a little magic pawn. I wonder which fiend your master is?"
I’m blue in the face. "I’m … I’m not a demon … Oh, it’s not true. I’m the hand of the lich king."
"the lich king!" The four old men shouted again, "It’s him!"
"Hey, you are not amnesia? How to still know him "little strange way
"Oh yeah, I have amnesia. What will I know about the lich king?" The four old men scratched their heads together and thought for a long time with a confused face. "I seem to have a little impression that we had a fight with him …"
Little quietly, he has learned about the scenery in his childhood. These four old men actually fought with Xiao in those years, so it seems that they are not ordinary people.
However, this word is really interesting. I don’t know if it is right or evil. The most terrible thing is that there seems to be a "amnesia-making" deputy who has lost all his memories.
"Stop it, I’m going to have a rest." The little boy was about to fall, but the four old men cried again, "Wait."
Chapter 55 Weird Mahjong ()
Chapter 55 Weird Mahjong ()
"What’s the matter again?" trail
"Alas, it’s sad to cultivate immortality day. We can still drink a glass to play chess before, but if we need sleep here, please bring us a chess set less." Perhaps the four old men who have just been repaired have talked a lot, although they have not bent.
"Where am I going to get you a game of Go?" Little depressed said, "How many Go games are there these days?" His eyes looked around and he saw a mahjong in the corner. "You can make do with this mahjong." He threw the mahjong in without saying anything.
One-night talk
The first thing I did when I got up the next morning was to get a fright every day. It turned out that the four old men were all half dead sitting in that Gerry, and more than 100 pieces of mahjong tiles were piled up in front of them, which looked like a mess.
"You … what’s the matter?" Small careful way "this is …"
The four old men suddenly looked up and their eyes were red. They didn’t sleep for three days. "How do children play this mahjong thing?"
The four old men were startled when they spoke quietly. The sound was really haggard, hoarse, deep and with some tearing characteristics, as if they had just been severely ravaged.
"You … won’t study this all night?" Hesitate and ask
"Oh, yes," an old man sighed. "We have conducted 957 different experiments in these five hours, but we can’t find this thing to make the method. Has the strength of the underworld developed to this extent over the years? Even a small magic pawn can understand this profound than mahjong. "
"How do you experiment?" Small swallowed hard to ask
"Well," an old man who looked a little more energetic took over. "We found that this pair of things called mahjong has a total of 144 pieces, whether it is 77, 99 or 55. It is not suitable, but the mahjong handwriting and picture are very meaningful, but it is unprecedented to know that the combination of Jiugong divination and this combination of seven kills and Jiugong is an war, and Jiugong is a complete trillion roots. There should be an old man who can’t understand the mystery."
"And this mahjong is far from being so simple." Another old man took over. "In addition to the number of seven kills and nine palaces, according to my understanding, the plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, spring, summer, autumn and winter are a simple prototype of congenital divination, while the first four are the essence of vegetation, and the last four are the natural changes that contain the great wisdom of the universe."
Xiaoshi couldn’t say a word, but it happened that four old men didn’t finish their words, and another old man took the woman’s words. "The number of seven kills is even more strange and unusual, but it is different from what is recorded in ancient books, but the first four words in the southeast and northwest are still understandable, but the last three words are completely understandable, but it is hard to get anything if it is not to mislead our generation."
"This … this … do you think too much?" Trail "real it is to …"
"No, absolutely not!" The fourth old man who hasn’t said anything finally said, "Besides these hidden meanings, this mahjong body is also an absolute fairy!"
I have to say that this sentence has been the most powerful for so long. At that time, I jumped up and lost my way. "Fairy?"
"Nice fairy" The old man looked at the small eyes in surprise. "Is a mere fairy worth your surprise? Although this mahjong is a fairy, it is very strange. It seems that every mahjong card has no attack power. According to my estimation, it should be combined in some way to play its role. "
Small and stunned. Fairy wares are still precious. Although too many fairy wares were destroyed yesterday, according to the current record of the fix-up world, there are only ten fairy wares in the whole fix-up world. If any mahjong in this room is fairy wares, wouldn’t there be eleven fairy wares in the whole fix-up world? But since it is a fairy, why is it inexplicably put in the guest room?
"Young people look at you. You certainly don’t know that this mahjong is a fairy." The old man finally found a little confidence. "This mahjong contains fairy aura, which is very strange but also very indifferent. It is difficult for ordinary people to feel it if the capability level reaches our level."
"So" I feel a little heartbroken. "What’s wrong with it?"
The old man shook his head. "I don’t know."
Small froze.
"Every word of this pair of mahjong tiles contains a strange fairy aura. The distribution of fairy aura is very strange. If I estimate that it is good, when the 144 cards are arranged according to their positions, it will be a rather terrible array. The power of this array should be far more than ten times that of the five thunder heavenly heart sword array." The old man sighed. "It’s a pity that I have only learned a little, and I can’t find out its arrangement order."
Xiao doesn’t know anything about the common sense of the fix true boundary. Of course, he doesn’t know that the five thunder heavenly heart sword array is now the first of the four schools, and the Mount Emei law is almost the transcendence of the fix true boundary law. If he knows, he doesn’t know how he will be shocked.
However, when he heard the old man’s remarks, he was also moved in his heart. "I can try to put this array out."
"Oh, that’s great!" The old man’s voice could not conceal his surprise. "I wonder if Xiaoyou can let the old man see one."
"Of course," Xiao Xinran said, "You watch."
Mahjong is under the control of Xiao Ge’s whole small mind. He doesn’t need to start work. He needs to think about it in his heart and arrange it according to his meaning.
It’s not a small pendulum, and he hasn’t finished more than 100 mahjong cards. He just picked out a dozen cards and put on a standard mahjong Hu card.
The four old men held their breath and looked at the little one. First, they put three tens of thousands side by side, and then they put two, three, four, five, six, seven thousand in turn, and then they put three ninety thousand in succession.
As soon as these thirteen cards were put out, the four old men took a long breath and got up together and drank "wonderful!"
"What’s the matter?" Small by them a drink to pause.
"This array is really powerful!" The four old men said together, "Sure enough, it’s five thunder heavenly hearts sword array … why do you always feel that one piece is missing?"
"So where do you think this piece should be filled?" It’s already very white in my heart, and my expression is getting more and more confident.
"It should be here." The first old man pointed to a place

"Uh …" Gegen quickly followed the pursuers and disagreed, but he couldn’t say it at the moment.

A line of people went to the first floor GeGen pointing to the direction of the cell. "People are over there …"
Wang Yibing listened to a wave of his hand and said, "Lead the way ahead!" Talking, he turned to a player and said, "Cao Xin, you stay here and the others come in with me …"
Gegen looked strangely at the man who stayed there, but he still took more than four people to the cell.
The jailer is an old jǐng who is also familiar with Ge Gen. When I saw him, I smiled, "Xiao Ge, are you here to see my old Li?"
Gegen see old jǐng member also relaxed to say with smile "with the mainland special operations team officials to see …"
"Oh?" The old member jǐng heard that Wang Yibing and others were officials of the mainland special operations group, and his face became ugly. He has been guarding the cell here these days, but he has no less conflicts with those ga7 members.
"Who told you to bring them?" Old member jǐng looks like business is business.
"Is. jǐng department …" GeGen don’t know how he changed face some uneasy tunnel.
".? What qualifications does he have to let people come to the cell … "This old jǐng is determined that it is difficult for a Wang Yibing and others." Didn’t you say that you have to have an order from jǐng to enter this cell? "
Wang Yibing and Xie Cunguan couldn’t help looking at each other, but they fell short here but were stopped.
Chapter seventy-four Save lives
Wang Yibing’s eyes couldn’t help but see that Xie Cunguan’s plan was formulated by Xie Cunguan at his side, so he didn’t make a good claim.
Looking at Wang Yibing turned to look at Xie Cunguan, some angry and funny, and looked at that face of serious old jǐng.
Plans are all conceived in advance, and conceptual things can never catch up with realistic changes. Plans can’t be too detailed and detailed, and plans can’t be realized. Most plans are direction plans.
Xie Cunguan’s plan is just to transfer jǐng Inspector of Kowloon jǐng Bureau from jǐng Bureau as far as possible and then try to get Cai Fengfan out as little as possible.
The old janitor, jǐng Cha, was not considered in his plan.
Looking at this old jǐng’s body, he went to the table and said to him, "sir Li?"
"Not bad!" Old jǐng looked at him with a reserved look on his face.
"I said, what are you doing in these two fairy fights?" Xie Cunguan asked with a smile
"What?" Old jǐng was just about to grasp the meaning of his words. Xie Cunguan had swung the palm edge with his right hand and hit his left ear door with a bang. At the same time, he put his left hand on his right neck and put his crooked body gently on the table.
"You-"Gegen couldn’t help but be surprised. Wang Yibing put his left hand into the cup as early as possible, and his right hand caught his throat and called him to hold it.
Two jǐng inspectors in the video surveillance room of the building just saw that something was wrong. They told Wang Yanghan to stun one with one punch, and the other was caught by his pistol, and then they immediately started to stun the surveillance video, and then deleted some of the parts that had just been recorded.
At this time, Xie Cunguan has quickly picked up the key plate from the old jǐng clerk’s desk and threw it to a fierce knife mercenary by the door. The Han took the key and looked at it and immediately found a stab into the FRP door lock hole.
The door was pushed as soon as it rang.
Wang Yibing’s fingers were strong at this time, and Gegen felt that his head was dizzy and he was unconscious
This is a secret service! Wang Yibing put unconscious GeGen gently on the table, and Xie Cunguan looked at the two jǐng members who fainted at the table behind him.
The fierce knife mercenary nodded and looked at two people at the table quickly.
Wang Yibing and Xie Cunguan glances followed the Han in front into the cell door.
There is a long passage in the gate, obviously the cell is in the innermost part, and there is a steel fence door in the passage. The mercenary with the key disc went over and closed the door again.
Three people quickly move down to the front of the channel head office.
This time, when the key was just inserted into the lock hole, two people suddenly appeared at the door, one of whom pointed a gun at the three people. "Who are you?" Ask them and look at the direction of the gate.
Wang Yibing stretched out his hand and took out his certificate from his pocket. When he whisked away, he threw it into the gap in the fence door and said, "One of our own! I was ordered to take Cai Fengfan away! "
"Don’t move yet!" A man said that he was shot in the right hand and didn’t move, pointing to them. As soon as he stretched out his left hand, he caught Wang Yibing, threw it over and took a look at it. It was something he was familiar with. It was indeed a ga7 certificate. He couldn’t help but tilt his head toward it and shouted, "Come and see, Han Tou!"
Smell it and a few more people will come out from inside.
Just then, Wang Yibing’s body suddenly flashed to the side, showing that Xie Cunguan came to his hands behind him. Two Type 67 geological pistols instantly spewed out two salamanders. The right hand shot the ga7 member with a gun in both hands. The man’s body was hit by a huge momentum and he was thrown to the side wall.
The left hand shot hit the right shoulder of the gunman, who was directly thrown back to the ground with great momentum.
At this time, Wang Yibing has also drawn a pistol from his arms, and an American usp equipped with a silencer is also instantly spewing out flames, hitting a Han who is reaching into his arms, right shoulder and head, and also knocking down another Han when he falls.
At this time, this fence gate has been opened by Xie Cunguan and Wang Yibing, and two people have quickly entered the door. Three guns point to the other three people. At this time, the mercenary with a fierce knife also comes in. The same 67 pistol points to the three injured people and the unlucky one who was knocked down by an injured person.
This is the difference between special forces and ordinary people. Apart from their excellent individual ability, they are more important to cooperate with J and jīng gods, and this kind of association has certain rules.
When he was outside the door, Wang Yibing answered the other two gunmen and threw the papers to the other side, which was to help himself to attract the attention of the other side.
While the fierce knife mercenaries, this time to twist the lock core.

Everyone at the scene held their breath. Will this beautiful goal be scored since Dominica passed? Everyone wants to know the answer, which has not kept them waiting too long. The suspense has been solved.

"Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal," Moreau growled for a minute to let people know the answer "Sexy! ! ! I think it’s time to have this word to explain the wonderful goal of Domonica. Think about how long it’s been since we saw such a sexy goal. This goal is "Sexy will make you cry"! I promise that maybe in 50 years, France will burst into tears again … We will no longer choose Serie A as the world’s best goal of the year, and it has been born. What can we do but worship? "The fans in Naples cheered hysterically and echoed Moro’s words, drowning him in the waves." Vesuvius "spewed hot magma again.
The beauty of this goal is that the ball never falls in the process from passing to shooting. The whole movement is extremely gorgeous and smooth in one go, giving people a feeling of naturalness and roundness. This is the result of Qi Nan’s painstaking thinking these days. He was ready to do this from the moment he caught the ball. In the Song Dynasty, his head, shoulders, back, chest, knees, legs, A complete set of kicking skills, such as feet, can make the ball not fall all day long, which is something that many cuju masters can do. From this, it can be seen that the ball control technology of Cuju in Song Dynasty is exquisite, and it is certainly handy for Qi Nan to seal the title of "the first person in Cuju" to do this. Just now, he actually blended in the "beating in vain" movement and turned Kun Yan back to his nest. These movements can be carried out in situ, but Qi Nan improved them to run at a high speed, and this goal can also be used, which indicates that Qi Nan finally blended the essence of Cuju to truly combine with
Volume II
Chapter 17 Inter Milan equalized again
Zinan’s goal dealt a great blow to Inter Milan’s momentum. It was so beautiful that even Munnio had to praise it in his heart. Munnio stared at Zinan and was celebrating with his teammates crazily. His face didn’t look like anger or resentment. If Rhea could read minds, he would immediately call Dellaurentis and ask him to refuse all requests from Inter Milan to buy Domenica. That’s right. At this time, Munnio thought about how to snatch this Domenica from Naples.
Vieira’s face is as black as it can be. His face is as black as a whistle. No matter how black it is, it can stain his teeth. Now he is thinking that if he had defended Dominica, maybe the goal would not have been scored.
Relying on Zinanmei twice, Naples finally surpassed the pressure again in the sixty-fifth minute of the game and returned to Inter Milan. Napoli fans shouted Zinanmei’s Italian name for ten minutes, and the sound of "Domo-Nica" was heard all over Sao Paulo. No one doubted the talent and skill of this strange player wearing protective gear for several times, which is inevitable.
Inter Milan’s offensive was silent for ten minutes because of Zinan’s goal, and then he looked up. Munnio was dancing there like a landlord urging his parents to work in the fields. He urged Inter Milan players to attack with his hands, and he hoped he could also go to strictly come dancing.
Lampard is Lampard’s long-range shot in front of the restricted area in Naples. This fellow looks like a blacksmith. The blacksmith knows how to swing a sledgehammer, but he knows how to swing his thigh. Lezo almost wants to scold his mother. If possible, he wants to tell Lampard, eldest brother, if you have a problem, just say it to me. Is it worthwhile to have a cold leg if you have something to do? It’s not easy for me to earn these two pennies as a goalkeeper, and I have to be tortured by people whose desire to shoot is stronger than your desire to have sex.
Fortunately, Lampard couldn’t hear Lezo’s heart, or he would turn around and show Lezo his "Lampard" omega supreme leg with two feet.
Quaresma still runs as joyfully as a horse. Although the physical strength of a "Quarez" horse is thousands of miles faster than that of a bloodless BMW, it is more than enough to run 10,000 meters in a race. Little Cannavaro and maldonado almost want to cut off a pair of "horse legs" of Quarez horse like Yue Jiajun did when dealing with the gold man. If quaresma knew what they thought, he would certainly buy tens of millions of insurance for his legs like Beckham before he dared to come.
It is well known that Mourinho likes to attack from the wing. When he was at Chelsea, he liked Ronaldinho and Wright-Phillips to break through the bottom of the wing or cut his own shot. His love for quaresma is understandable, but it is far from enough to have quaresma as a winger. Now Inter Milan is like a bird flying on the right, and there is nothing to change on the left side of Inter Milan.
Sure enough, in the 70 th minute, with a wave of his hand, Muninho replaced Mancini Jr. for Stankovic, letting him focus on the left, altruistic speed and technical impact. On the left of Naples, Mancini Jr. can play in the middle or on the left. He is also a very technical talent. He was also the key player to be introduced by Muninho after he moved into Inter Milan. He was asked to sit on the bench because he was in poor condition recently. Muninho had to put him on the bench.
Mancini caused a lot of trouble to Naples after the game. He and quaresma left and right, which overwhelmed the defense of Naples.
You have a good plan. I have had a wall. Tirea is not stupid. He waved the flag and changed Zalayeta to Montevino. savigny returned to the full-back position again. The Napoli formation changed back to 5-3-2 to strengthen the defense on the side.
In the last ten minutes of the game, the two coaches fought wits and fought bravely. Munnio changed people again in response to the change of Rhea. Suazo changed the so-called bench. Cruz came off the bench several times to save Inter Milan.
Inter Milan put forward the tactics of the center twin towers: 1.92 meters Ibrahimovic and 1.99 meters Cruz Muni? o held high in the Premier League style and played high on two flanks. In the restricted area of Naples, the two center Naples defenders can sigh that "high" is really "high"
Inter Milan attacked quaresma and once again broke through savigny’s defense. In a middle, Ibrahimovic grabbed a point sideways in a restricted area. A slight rub on the outside of his foot almost broke Lezzo’s ten fingers, "Captain Viking". The machete was inadvertently wielded, and Ibrahimovic was enchanting. Although he was 1.92 meters tall, he never went to grab the point. He preferred to break the opponent’s door in various difficult ways in the restricted area, just like his famous "scorpion wagging his tail"
Lezzo yelled at his teammates to make them pay attention. Domic knew that he had just lost his position, but he didn’t refute that he was closer to Ibrahimovic. If possible, he wanted to hang himself on Ibrahimovic.
The ball reached gargano’s foot, which was the same height as Diego Maradona’s. The Uruguayan was about to start the ball, but it was already defended in place. Vieira broke off and was old enough to be taller than the young Uruguayan. Vieira gave the ball to Lampard. Lampard didn’t take the ball to the middle this time. He gave it to Mancini Jr., and several dazzling cyclists broke through grava. Instead, he chose to cut to maldonado to make up for it. He was very experienced in pulling the little Mancini jersey. Trying to stop Mancini from slowing down like this is very common in Serie A, and the general referee will not punish Mancini for staggering out to meet him when maldonado pulled him. Cruz made a slight adjustment and chose to shoot hard.
"DuDu" referee Luo Saidi whistled, and Naples hissed four times because he awarded a penalty to Inter Milan because hand ball in the restricted area of Domic awarded a penalty to Inter Milan and Luo Saidi gave Domic a yellow card. Domic explained to Luo Saidi that the ball really hit him, but he didn’t mean Luo Saidi didn’t listen to him, insisting on his penalty. Mickey knew that it would be a waste of time to mix it up. If Mickey knew this sentence, he would stick it as a motto. He scored two penalties at the front of the bed and returned one at the home.
Ibrahimovic withstood a Napoli fan’s hush and steady penalty, and scored twice as well as Domonica. Ten minutes later, Inter finally equalized the score again with a penalty.
Volume II
Chapter 10 The curtain of Serie A falls
Five minutes after Ibrahimovic’s penalty equaliser, Luo Saidi blew the whistle for the end of the game. The Italian eye-catching game ended in a draw. Napoli got a valuable point and relegation was successful. Inter Milan was not so happy, because at the same time as this game, the result of Siromas’ game had come out. Rome won, which means that Inter Milan’s lead was reduced to one point by Rome, and the final ownership of the championship became more and more suspenseful. After the Inter Milan people almost heard their butts, the Roman gladiators gasped heavily.
Who is the champion of Serie A this season? These are not Neapolitans who need to pay attention. They now know that they have successfully avoided relegation. After the game ended, a grand celebration ceremony was held at Sao Paulo Stadium after Inter Milan left.
Although the success of relegation is not a very glorious thing, it is indeed a celebration event compared with relegation. Naples fans sang the Naples team song Ninodangele, and Naples players held hands and bowed to the 70,000 Naples fans.
Singers, waves, wild youth, passionate dreams and rational words meet in this noisy stadium. At this time, Sao Paulo Stadium is like a dream theater, playing the joys and sorrows of life. This scene reminds some old fans that Sao Paulo Stadium was always so lively in the Diego Maradona era. This scene makes people who don’t know the truth not celebrate relegation but celebrate winning the championship.
Qinan bowed to the fans among his teammates. Like everyone else, he felt excited and excited. At this moment, he thought he was a Neapolitan after all.
The next day, Italian media and newspapers introduced the game in a big chapter. The title of Naples Sports Daily was "Saint Dominique Appears Again". The article was three-fifths in length to praise Qinan’s two golden goals. Qinan himself felt that it was a bit exaggerated, but Naples people liked to watch the Naples Sports Daily printed twice that day to meet the needs of Naples people.
Rome Sports newspaper "Thanks to Domenica" sang praises for scoring two goals to help them draw with Inter Milan. Italian national television also released Domenica’s second goal again and again in the current Serie A brocade. The survey in the current program shows that 10% of Italian fans think that Domenica’s goal can be elected as the best goal of the year in Serie A.
Gazzetta dello Sport "Domenica" Snipers Inter Milan "They also have to admit that Domenica’s two goals, especially the second goal, are really beautiful. The article even broke the news that they learned from Muni? o that Inter Milan is going to show the acquisition of Domenica at the end of the season, which caused an uproar.
On the day when the Gazzetta dello Sport article was published, thousands of Naples fans staged a sit-in demonstration at the entrance of Naples Club against the club selling their Domenica. By noon, the number increased to 10,000. Finally, Delaurentis had to personally promise that he would never sell Domenica to disperse the sit-in crowd in the eyes of Naples people. Domenica was already the second Diego Maradona, who could lead Naples football to rise again. They had not been so happy for a long time as in the past month.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Dellaurentis has two people in his office at this time, he and Rhea. Dellaurentis pushes a document in front of him to Rhea.
"Ai Du Yaduo, this is the document just sent by Inter Milan. As the Gazzetta dello Sport broke the news, they really want to buy Domenica at a price of 15 million euros. Do you think this business can be done?" Rhea didn’t answer him immediately. She looked at the boss deeply, hoping to see his real meaning in his eyes. He knew that the boss had called him to talk, which proved that he was definitely interested in the business. Rhea bowed his head and thought for a while about how to say that Delaudius didn’t sell Dominica.