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Found her puzzled eyes to blue ink yan light way "for a while there will be an imperial edict to the palace, I have to meet the imperial edict"

RuXiaoNan this just remembered that in the imperial harem, the emperor said he wanted to reward him.
Although he refused at that time, the emperor later called him over and they talked alone.
"What reward did you ask the emperor for?" RuXiaoNan curious way
Qing Mo Yan did not leave the horse after wearing the official, but sat quietly in the chair and drank tea leisurely.
He seems to be looking forward to what he is saying, but he is anxious about this kind of expectation, and RuXiaoNan can detect it.
"Am I going, too?" She asked
Green ink yan looked up and saw her one eye, corners of the mouth curved curved "good".
Ru Xiaonan jumped up hastily. "Then I should change my clothes, too. What should I wear?"
Green ink Yan unhurriedly got up and refused to pick out a suit for her. "Just wear this."
It’s a big red brocade coat embroidered with magpies in spring.
RuXiaoNan looked at that suit so dazzling … Isn’t it nice?
At this moment, people in the courtyard told me that "people in the palace have come to the front yard to meet the order."
Green ink yan quickly help RuXiaoNan change clothes, two people went to the front yard.
In the middle of the night, the palace bearer’s decree had already shocked Hou Fu people.
The old duke also hastily changed his official position and hurried here with the steward in the house.
The second young master was frightened and ill in bed. The duke tried his best but failed to get him to go to the front yard with him.
Palace to serve obviously green ink yan is very familiar with meet and talk about gossip.
Blue ink yan still cold face but didn’t neglect each other let a person to serve the reward red seal.
The old duke looked at the thick red corner of his eye and jumped straight.
His house is getting too tight, but it’s small and generous.
"It’s so late … it’s hard for my father-in-law." The old duke also made a conversation in the past.
It’s rare for people like this to suddenly come to announce the decree in the middle of the night, which makes people feel that Mao Mao can’t settle down
"I wonder who this will is for?" The old duke tempted way
Shi smiled and said, "Congratulations to the Duke."
The duke felt a thrill in his heart.
Listen to this, this will be given to him, and I congratulate him, which means it should be a good thing.
Think of now Hou Fu bleak the duke heart can’t help but surges limit expectations.
He is willing to give up his face if the emperor can restart him, even if he is asked to run errands.
"It’s getting late," the waiter looked at the sky. "Our family has to go back to pay a visit to the emperor, but everyone is here?"
Qing Mo Yan didn’t say anything. The duke bowed his hand to Shi Gong in embarrassment. "The second person in the house suddenly fell ill and didn’t come to bed. I can’t take the order and ask the emperor to forgive me."
"oh? Didn’t Shao Qing, who was so ill, ask the palace to cure him? " Shi casually asked a sentence
"Might as well do my second brother, but he was scared by torture in his cell when he was on an errand in Dali Temple. It would be nice to keep him for a few days." Green ink Yan light way
I raised an eyebrow and didn’t ask again
What’s torture like in Dali Temple cell? It’s scary enough to imagine it. Ordinary people don’t say they are scared sick or crazy when they see it.
When Shi raised a roll of jade shaft in his hand, his shrill voice sounded "Holy decree …"
They shout and kneel on the floor.
RuXiaoNan followed closely beside the green ink yan also look like kneeling.
Green ink Yan covered most of the place with her. At this moment, Genen noticed that this sly girl was kneeling in vain and didn’t even touch her knees. After adding a dress to cover it, she couldn’t see it
The wording of the imperial edict was rather obscure, and she barely understood it after listening for a long time with her ears propped up.
It turned out that the emperor made a decree to chase after the first lady of Lu, the mother of Qing Mo Yan.
The atmosphere in the courtyard suddenly froze.

"You you a dirty lie! How can the emperor-"Wei Liangqing’s words were stabbed into the heart with a knife before he finished, and soon they were covered with Wei Liangqing’s splendid bullfight-

"It’s already a matter of life and death. How can I give you time to talk nonsense here!" He is putting his knife back into its sheath, then picking up Wei Liangqing’s body and putting it on his horse, and then turning over, Ma Chong went out of the crowd and headed for his own yamen …
At the right time, due to the death of Wei Zhaoren, his hand, the Royal Guards, is not so good. Plus, I just heard that it was "in the imperial order", and I was even more at a loss. I looked at the Royal Guards and the East Factory, but I didn’t know who I and others should help.
Fortunately, Sun Yunhe, who has turned over a new leaf, came out and flashed his waist tag and shouted, "The official is a thousand Sun Yunhe, a security guard of Beizhen. He was specially ordered by the emperor to kill Wei Zhongxian and his henchmen and other people. If they dare to obstruct, they will be regarded as killing on sight!"
Come on, even the original kneeling Wei Zhongxian North Town Fu Si Qian Sun Yunhe has moved out of this mountain, so this secret order must be true!
As a result, Wei Zhao brought hundreds of royal guards and decisively threw a knife at the few East factories-these East factories were soon killed on the spot because of the large number of people in the Royal Guards. At this time, several hundred strong men came to Sun Yunhe and asked, "What should we do if Sun’s adult receives us?"
Sun Yunhe corners of the mouth gently apostrophe way "is, of course, to inform the command of Wei Yan arise and rebel LuoSiyuan adult! ! Then the city will search for eunuchs. If there is resistance, execute them on the spot! !”
136. I’m in the country.
A carriage left the back door of Xinwangfu and headed for the Forbidden City. In the dead of night, the horseshoe landed on the green flag and made a ringing sound.
The carriage is opposite to Zhu Youjian, but people are talking so silently. The depressing atmosphere makes Zhu Youjian feel more and more "banging" his heart.
"Brother Luo, what you just said is true?" After a long time, Zhu Youjian finally couldn’t help asking, because at this time, he had put each other’s lives in the same rope, so he also changed his name to "Luo Xiong" because of the intersection of friends.
"Nature is a true believer in the Wang Dian. I hope you will not mistreat my Luo family when you become emperor." He was seeing his plan begin to be implemented, so he thought about his "afterlife."
"Brother Luo, no, I promised you that I would really do that. I promise that I will never disappoint your Luo family if I am in office for one day!" Zhu Youjian solemnly promised
"I hope so." He turned his head and looked out of the window. He suddenly remembered something and asked, "Do you believe that Wang Dian saved a man named Miao Xuan Nv?"
"Who is wonderful xuan? I don’t know this person. "
Well, this is embarrassing. If the letter king didn’t save Miao Xuan, would Beizhai appear again that year? If it doesn’t appear, Shen Lian shouldn’t worry about a lot of things!
He was scratching his head and thought of another person, so he continued to ask, "Does Wang Dian know Lu Wenzhao and Guo Zhen?"
"…" Zhu Youjian said after a moment’s silence, "Guo is really my confidant eunuch, and Liu Wenzhao is Guo Zhen’s recommendation to give me a talent. It’s extremely secretive but I don’t want to know Luoxiong very well."
"He just made a wild guess." He nodded his head and wondered at his own body. It is reasonable to say that the two films of Embroidered Spring Knife are connected.
But in my own opinion, I feel that Embroidered Spring Knife 1 and Embroidered Spring Knife are totally different except for their names and backgrounds!
Besides, I also have many doubts about the unification, such as what the unification is, where it comes from, and it will be possessed by me.
And the most important thing is that this system is different from the "system" in reading. What do you think of the redemption, points, reward points and subplots of the Lord God in "Limited Terror"?
But I really don’t know what this thing has except that there will be such a piece of information at the beginning
Think of it is can’t help but give a long sigh Zhu Youjian saw was about to ask suddenly heard someone talking outside the carriage "people dare to break into the Forbidden City at night? ! !”
It turned out that the carriage had arrived in the Forbidden City unconsciously. Zhu Youjian opened the curtain and scolded, "Fool can’t even recognize the king’s car?"
"Letter report? ! I beg your pardon if the villain has eyes! " Sergeant gatekeepers kneel for mercy way
"Forget it, forgive your sin and open the door quickly. Wang has something important to meet his brother!" Zhu Youjian put the curtain and said
"Yes, yes! SIMS this call a person to open the door "say that finish the gatekeeper sergeant will report to the Forbidden City guarding city officer and then opened the door to let Zhu Youjian carriage through.
After coming to Hongwumen, the soldiers who stayed here motioned for the carriage to stop, because the front was the emperor’s residence and everyone could walk on horseback.
So Zhu Youjian led him through many corridors to the dry Qing Palace where the emperor lived. Zhu Youjian indicated that he was waiting outside the door to walk the steps alone, and then he indicated that he was coming after stuffing a piece of silver for the eunuch who was guarding the door.
When he entered the Ganqing Palace, he saw that the Emperor Apocalypse, dressed in a golden dragon robe, was sitting in front of the imperial case, concentrating on carving something, and a lantern eunuch was waiting beside him.
Hearing the movement, the Emperor of the Apocalypse did not look up and asked, "What’s the urgent matter in the middle of the night, Wang Di?"
"Brother Liaodong emergency information, please ask your brother to screen back or so to prevent air leakage." Zhu Youjian said slightly.
"Oh, go to Wang An. I have something important to talk about with Wang Di." After the Emperor Apocalypse waved his hand and repelled the eunuchs around him, he looked up slightly and saw Zhu Youjian behind him. "A security guard? Brother Wang, what are you doing with a Royal Guards? "
"Brother, he brought Wang Dicai from Liaodong Nurhachi Intelligence Institute to bring him." Zhu Youjian said and motioned for him to walk into some more places so that the apocalypse emperor could see him clearly.
One step, two steps and three steps …
It is slowly approaching the apocalypse emperor. When it is still three steps away from him, suddenly, his body suddenly bursts with two fingers like a flash. The apocalypse emperor realized that the flowers at the moment had already passed out.
"What shall we do if Brother Luo picks us up?" Zhu Youjian saw that he was making the apocalypse and the emperor was a little flustered and asked.
"LuoXiong? Who’s Brother Luo? Who are you talking to, Wang Di? " It is slowly turned around and asked while solving the apocalypse emperor robes.
"You! You! Actually turned into a brother! ! This-this is incredible! !” By dim lights Zhu Youjian impressively see its positive face, shape has become the apocalypse emperor sample by surprise way
There are no words to wear the dragon robe behind him, wake up the Emperor of the Apocalypse, and the mind-taking controls him to wear the original black flying fish and then say to Zhu Youjian, "I will have you and Wei Zhongxian declared to enter the palace early in the morning, and then you should mobilize all active forces to hold the main roads of the Forbidden City and not let people in and out."
And I will secretly get rid of Wei Zhongxian and pretend to be stabbed by Wei Zhongxian soon and then take your place-if all goes well, you will really become the master of this country after a day-
But before that, I think it’s necessary to leave you a souvenir in case you still destroy the Great Wall because of paranoia like history. "
When Zhu Youjian first heard that he was planning, his face was excited and a red tide emerged. He was so intent on "becoming a master of the country" that he didn’t notice his last sentence.
When he finally calmed down, he found that his eyes were shining strangely and his consciousness was getting weaker and weaker …
That night, Zhu Youjian left Ganqing Palace with a red face, and eunuch Wang Anxin was worried about the apocalypse, and Emperor An hurried back to Ganqing Palace only to find that there was a fake apocalypse in it, so he carefully asked, "I believe that Wang Diangang just brought that royal guard?"
"Didn’t you see you go back with Wang Di?" It is imitating the accent of the Apocalypse Emperor and replied, "I am tired and have an early rest!" "
"Yes," Wang An asked, "I don’t know whether to go to Kunning Palace or Jingren Palace tonight?"
"Well … what’s the difference?" It is a listen to the emperor sleep have to go somewhere else suddenly a little guilty way
"positions? Queen Zhang lives in the Palace of Kunning, and Jingren Palace is a concubine-"Wang An’s" Apocalypse Emperor "spoke because it was difficult to decide." Queen Zhang hasn’t seen an old slave since she entered the palace in July, so she should go to the Palace of Kunning tonight. "
"Oh, I know, then let’s go to the Palace of Kunning." He wanted to completely subvert the world, but he was throwing caution to the wind. Anyway, he just had to get through it one night …
137 nights in the Forbidden City

And the staple food, no matter how dull it looks, is that it can make you never tire of eating it, no matter whether it’s a hundred years or 10 thousand years, it can be seen how important the staple food is to our taste, as if it were an anchor, so our stomach told itself.

Everyone will be proud to take care of his staple food "rice".
Southerners insist that "rice is rice and pasta is food". Eating noodles is no matter how full you are. If you don’t eat for a day, it seems that you haven’t eaten anything. North Renye Fang is so proud to claim that pasta is king, and it is so unreasonable.
In fact, the taste of grains is monotonous and full of wisdom. China people can always create different patterns.
At this moment, watching this program, what is the difference between North and South rice and wheat flour, which makes you love your hometown and others’ hometown at the same time?
Xinjiang baked golden naan is very hard, but the more you chew it, the more fragrant it is. Just when you come out of the cage, you will feel the steaming steamed bread.
Section reading 37
The mouth is full of maltose. Stir-fry the beef river quickly, which makes people drool. When you hear the sound of "zilazila" when you cut a Chinese hamburger, all the pores of the audience tighten their tongues, and every taste bud is shouting "Is it so real or so big?" However, eating bamboo noodles without listening to his wordy face sound is simply a kind of suffering. When you pour a little chopped green onion on the noodles, you can scream.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah."
"God, instant noodles don’t matter at all."
"Don’t mention instant noodles. I don’t care if I eat hot pot. Now all I can think about is yellow steamed buns. Haha"
"I want to eat Qishan Sao noodles, but I don’t want to eat noodles. I want to drink spicy soup with red oil. How can I break it? Hahahaha feels refreshing."
"I can’t stop the potato chips in my hand if I want to eat dry fried beef river."
"I don’t want to stir-fry Niuhe soy sauce mixed with river powder, and then a bowl of steaming rice congee."
"Wonton catches the enemy. If it’s shrimp wonton, it’s even more enemy."
"I’m going to press out the bamboo noodles like this, and I’ll feel very q-bomb when I look at them. I want a hundred bowls."
Chapter six hundred and seventy-seven "Tongue tip" became popular
After the second end of China with the tip of the tongue, it was a carnival for qualified fans, and the midnight snack stalls were packed. In a food stall, the fried cattle and rivers were absolutely exploded, and the chef fried his wrist.
At the same time, another carnival is going on, and Shaanxi provincial government officials are already thinking about it.
The yellow steamed bun signboard should be put out, and Qishan noodles and hamburger with Chinese hamburger can make China people accept Chinese hamburger. Why can’t foreigners accept it and go abroad to carry forward our food system?
In a cave in Kangjiagou, Lao Huang’s mobile phone has been ringing, and the keen businessman has come to the door.
"Mr. Huang, we are a northwest specialty restaurant. Well, we’d like to invite you to be the spokesman of our restaurant, Huang Momo. How about 300 thousand?"
"300,000 to 300,000 generations of endorsements"
"If you think it’s less, we’ll discuss it later. You see, let’s come out and talk about it sometime. We are very sincere."
"Mo Miao"
Old Huang is a little stupid, so it’s 300 thousand. You can listen to the tone and add it here. In less than 30 seconds, it rang again, or a catering group came to seek cooperation.
There have been dishes in China with the tip of the tongue. Restaurants and specialty stores have shown their tips. China recommended them.
Without touching it, I can wait eagerly and hope that my signature dishes will appear in the program.
The editor-in-chief of an official media has stayed up late to write.
"China on the tip of the tongue evokes not only the coveted food, but also the human memory of China behind the food and the feelings of transcending food and home country, which has aroused the emotional resonance of the whole Chinese nation.
The philosopher Elbaha famously said that man is what he eats.
Nowadays, the appearance of every city in China is very close, and only the eating habits can be distinguished from other places. The smell of food in buildings, forests, cooking and air gives China people in different regions different personalities and different human feelings. These tastes are truly Chinese.
From the tip of the tongue, China is not a documentary about eating. Starting from the back of food, it talks about ingredients, wisdom, hard work, warmth of human feelings, pride of a nation and unity of a country.
When we watched the bamboo shoots dig out, the ham was hung up in the fishing net, the glistening steamed buns were uncovered, and the steamed buns were steamed, and the Chinese hamburger was crispy, so we were so excited that we couldn’t help crying. How lovely China is!
Only the tip of the tongue is in my heart. "
"China is full of affection and alcohol, and China is full of flavor. The style of a big country is heavy and delicate, and it is full of emotions. In recent years, China has the most infectious documentary."

Listen to Wang Lei, Zhang Su, arguing that Liu Yan is utterly confused, and Bai Jialong is more jealous of Jia Long in the army. Those who have made great achievements have long wanted to get rid of Jia Long, who is more popular in Yizhou than himself. It was this Dong Zhuo invasion that made Liu Yan reluctant to lose the throne of Yizhou local tyrant. Now all kinds of information show that Jia Long’s new coming out of the mountain is not as simple as just resisting Dong Zhuo’s invasion, but he has greater ambitions. At this moment, in Liu Yan’s mind, Jia Long has been cut into thousands of pieces. If Jia Long is replaced, who can be qualified and capable?

Suddenly, Liu Xun’s heroic figure came into Liu Yan’s mind. When he was in Yizhou, Liu Xun was the first military commander in Yizhou. He was familiar with the art of war. He often talked about the battle of war. The veterans in Yizhou were speechless. After going to Jiange this time, they were even weaker. If Jia Long was not afraid of taking Dong Zhuo’s fat head, if Liu Xun succeeded Jia Long, he might be able to completely defeat Dong Zhuo’s main force and return to Chengdu.
Liu Yan figured that he must have sent two letters to the messenger and the trotters. One was Liu Xun. Liu Xie and Zhang Song jointly won the victory. Only one day after Liu Xun actually controlled Jiange soldiers, he broke Dong Zhuojun’s body count of more than 30,000 people, with less than 2,000 casualties, and broke through Dong Zhuojun’s main business again, forcing Dong Zhuojun to withdraw another 40 miles. The other letter was that Jia Long and Jia Longxian reported to Liu Yan that Yizhou people would not take the army without his command, resulting in a loss of more than 1,000 troops and less than 1,500 enemies. He also expressed his concern that recognizing Dong Zhuo’s so-called retreat was just a deception to induce Dong Zhuojun to fight a decisive battle, and Dong The 40-mile land where the army retreated is narrow and narrow, which is unfavorable to the attack of the army. It is easy to be intercepted by Dong Zhuojun. Jia Long wants to ask Liu Yan for a death order, so that Jia Long can restrain himself and all the soldiers in Jiange can no longer take the initiative to play.
"The world was ashamed of this? Someone in the world is sinister and vicious? " After reading the two letters, Liu Yan howled at the sky and expressed great indignation at Jia Long’s shame and cunning.
When Yizhou people were still puzzling, Liu Yan got up and said, "The public ordered Jiange army to order Liu Xun to officially pick up Liu Xun, the commander of the three armed forces, and Zhang Songsheng, the deputy commander of the three armed forces, to March as a staff officer and military adviser, and immediately returned to Chengdu after Dong thief fought a decisive battle to break the enemy."
Wang Lei was so frightened that he tried to stop it, but Liu Yan went on to say, "Jia Long should be beheaded to show the public that he deserves credit for his death!"
Four days later, Liu Yan’s order was urgently sent to Liu Xun and others. Liu Xun was pleasantly surprised and called to Zhang Song. Recently, he has eased many things. After reading the letter, Liu Xunmen saw the mountain road. "Now the situation is very critical. An enemy suddenly appeared from out of nowhere in our rear. Chengdu is in danger. We must immediately fight the thief’s main battle. Only by eliminating the thief’s main battle can we free our hands to rescue Chengdu. What do you think?"
Liu Xie and Zhang Song furtively glances at Zhang Songxian to kiss up. "The thief Dong has lost several battles in a row and needs to win a battle to boost morale. If the Lord asks him to fight a decisive battle, he will definitely agree."
Liu Xie’s mood is complicated. Bai Dong Zhuo has made so much effort in his heart. All kinds of arrangements are to induce the main force of Yizhou Army to fight a decisive battle, and Liu Xun’s decision will cost many Yizhou soldiers their lives. At this moment, Liu Xie suddenly has such an idea in his heart. Is my personal interests and prosperity worth killing so many Koo soldiers?
Liu Xuan is hesitating. Liu Xun is already unhappy. "Uncle, don’t you think the handsome decision is wrong?"
Looking at Liu Xun’s overbearing face, Liu Xie is determined to destroy himself if everyone else takes the hindmost. Now even if Liu Xun wakes up, he may not necessarily listen to what’s worse. Even if Yizhou keeps himself alive, he will humiliate the timid generation in this arrogant nephew. It’s better to gamble! Thought of here, Liu Xunyi gritted his teeth and smiled. "My good nephew misunderstood my uncle and was thinking about it, so he lost his mind."
Liu Xun laughed heartily, and Zhang Song changed his arrogant face to a humble smiling face at ordinary times. Liu Xun was also silly and quick. After the three men decided on the date of the decisive battle, Liu Xun immediately personally ordered people to repair the war and send it to Dong Zhuojun’s camp, and then changed the topic to the method of killing Jia Long.
"Little master villain has a plan to make Jia Long and his henchmen succumb to the law." On hearing this, the Malay spirit of Zhang Song, who hates Jia Long the most, said, "Please let the little master set up a banquet tonight to ambush the swordsmen and invite them to wait until everyone is seated. When the little master reads the master’s command line in class, the swordsmen will rush together to cut Jia Long Li into pieces. When Jia Long dies, the leader of the flying army will fall apart."
Liu Xun heard the news and immediately sent someone to arrange for Liu Xun to hold a banquet in Jiange lobby that night, inviting all the generals to have a drink. Jia Long was not suspicious of cheating, and Li, a confidant general, went to the wine with him. After three rounds, Liu Xun secretly winked at Liu Xie, and Liu Xie nodded and agreed to get up and arrange the knife and axe. Unexpectedly, he was discovered by Jia Long’s disciple Zhang, and Zhang also secretly followed him on the pretext of going to the toilet and leaving the table.
Zhang followed Liu Xie to the gallery on the side of the hall and found that there were dozens of knives and axes lurking in the gallery. Zhang scrambled to climb the gallery and borrowed trees to eavesdrop on Liu Xie’s words. He said in a low voice, "You will listen to Liu Xie for a long time, and when you finish reading the imperial edict, you will rush to cut that Jia Long Li and that one together."
Hearing these words, Zhang Ru was struck by lightning for a long time before he woke up. When he didn’t hesitate, he immediately sneaked out of Jiange Hall and called a team of teachers, Jia Long Qinbing. When Zhang returned to the lobby with a gun, he saw that he would have fallen to the ground and Liu Xunzheng was shaking his head with a document and read, "Jia Long’s collaboration with the seller was unforgivable and he was given death! Jia Long’s accomplices are also executed. "
Liu Xun’s voice did not fall, Jia Long had shouted that he had wronged Li, but his eyes were so angry that he had pulled out his sword. At this time, the knife and axe hand had rushed out of the ambush near the flower gallery. Seeing that the situation was critical, he suddenly sent a shout to take the lead and rushed into the hall. Liu Xun’s hands were not caught by Zhang Yi, and then Zhang Jian was placed on his neck. When the flying army rushed in together, the knife and axe hand were scattered and rescued Jia Long and Li.
"What?" Zhang Hongxue eyes shouted at Liu Xun "What? We are loyal to our master. Why should we do this to us? "
At this moment, Liu Xunzao has lost the battlefield and trembled like a small woman in a group of perverts. "I don’t care about my grandfather."
Zhang grabbed the official document and looked at it and laughed wildly. "Ha ha ha … my master colluded with Na Nan? Want to dedicate Yizhou to Dong Zhuo? Without the support of my master’s coolies, Dong Zhuo would have drunk horses in Chengdu. Are you all pig heads? "
"It’s none of my business," Liu Xun pleaded. "General Zhang, please let me go quickly. I will definitely recommend your promotion to my grandfather."
"Bah!" Zhang Yi said, "If we want to be promoted and get rich, we will surrender to Dong Zhuo early." Zhang turned to Jia Long, who had already shed tears. "Master Master was blinded by villains and tried to kill you and me. We can’t do nothing. We’ll put them in prison and hold on to Jiange before trying to explain to the master."
Jia Long shook his head in tears. "Not as early as the day when the master entered Yizhou, I guessed that I would have this field. I didn’t expect that the master would have to hand before he retired."
"Master!" Zhang chop feet cried "the profit in addition to you who can stop dong thief army? If he commanded Liu Xun’s army, he would just send hundreds of thousands of Yizhou loafers to Dong Thief’s butcher’s knife. You can’t think for yourself, but also for Yizhou people! "
"The old general general Zhang makes sense." Li also advised Jia Longdao, but Jia Long was weeping and shaking his head, but he didn’t say anything. Suddenly there was a stalemate outside the hall. Many soldiers surrounded Jia Long and others as flying legions. It turned out that it was a profitable general who saw the chaos and quietly slipped out of the hall and called in an army to surround the hall. It was just a situation.
Jia Longbai himself, if you don’t make a decision, Yizhou charger will kill each other, so it will be cheap in vain. Dong Zhuo Jia Long thought for a moment and collected his tears. He said, "Little Master Jia Long will never turn his back on the world, but since Master Xiao misunderstood Jia Long and Yan will stay in the army again, Jia Long can’t die unjustly." Jia Long thinks of himself this way. If he insists on staying in Jiange, not only his life will be in danger, but also the enemy will take charge and receive it. It is very difficult to see the situation.
Said Jia Long and commanded Zhang Dao, "Don’t hurt him if you want the young master to let us get out safely." Zhang nodded and promised Liu Xun that he was even more happy. "Well, since the old general recognizes himself as a koo, please come to my grandfather to defend you. Listen, don’t hurt the old general and others." Liu Xun added in his mind that they had to hurt me first.
When Zhang Ju-jian stood Liu Xun Jia Long and others slowly withdrew from the lobby while the Yizhou army was waiting for him, he also called all the flying troops to withdraw from Jiange to the south. When all the flying troops withdrew from Jiange, Jia Long and Li Zhangsan finally withdrew from the door. Jia Long sighed, "Let’s leave."
"No," Zhang shook his head. "Master, I can’t leave. First, I have to stall them or they will definitely chase you. Secondly, if I go again, we can never be cleaned unless we are wronged. I want to stay and come to Chengdu to defend myself before the master. "
"Nonsense!" Jia long denounced, "if you leave them, can you let you go?" Can give you a chance to go to Chengdu? Let’s go with the teacher. We’ll talk about grievances later. "
"No," Zhang said with tears, "Master, I have been listening to you since childhood. Please listen to the disciples once today. You should go first. I will stall them before you can evacuate. If we can still meet each other alive, the disciples will kowtow to you to apologize."
The cold wind is like a sword, and the goose feather flutters in the night. The snow dyes Jia Long, Zhang and his disciples into two snowmen. When Zhang repeatedly urges Jia Longcai and Li to shed tears and leave, Jia Longjian refers to Liu Xundao, "Little Master Jia Long will call you a little master again. If you hurt my disciple’s life, Jia Long will take your head even if it ends!"
People have to bow their heads in the eaves. Liu Xun’s puffed-up expression has disappeared at ordinary times, and his mouth is full of sweet words. "The old general can rest assured that I will send General Zhang to Chengdu to wash his innocence in front of my grandfather."
After Jia Long and others left, it was nearly two hours before Zhang saw that Yizhou Army had no chance to chase after flying troops who were good at mountain marching. Then he threw his sword and said, "Little Master has sinned."
That Liu Xunli’s clothes changed back to the graceful and domineering appearance before, and suddenly he punched Zhang in the lower abdomen and immediately squatted Zhang. "How dare you take a young master and escort him to fight!"
When Zhang was tortured in Jiange, the Jiange mutiny figurine was a big fellow named Dong Laoda-that is, Kang Peng was in high spirits in Wen Lu’s account. Today, Wen Lu accidentally ate the soup from Kang Peng and got hot and was succeeded by Kang Peng. Wen Lu was unwilling, but the bad doctor personally prepared it. Who can resist it? Have to bite the bullet and endure being exhausted by Kang Peng.
Very not easy to wait for Kang Peng to vent enough Kang Pengcai to hug Wen Lu in his arms and be affectionate and proud. "Beauty tells you a good news. Jiange has come to fight and agreed to fight the day after tomorrow. This time, you won’t retain your strength. Take out the martial arts to kill the enemy. When you arrive in Chengdu, you will meet the bride and formally marry your wife."
Bah! Wen Luli spat on Kang Peng and gnashed his teeth. You dog thief won’t let me marry you. I swore I would kill you myself.
Kang Peng doesn’t care about Wen Lu’s stubborn threat. Fuyu is stubborn enough, isn’t it? Finally, it’s not a darling minister in his own body. Kang Peng’s fat hand gropes for her smile in Wen Lu’s body. "It’s not impossible for a beauty to want to kill each other. You can kill each other in your belly as well."
After that, Kang Peng asked for a gun again. Ma Wenlu’s efficacy has passed at the moment. Many people struggled to push Kang Peng’s breath. "Wait, I have one thing to ask you. You promised that I would do whatever you want tonight, otherwise you won’t even think about it."
"What is it?" Kang Peng a stare blankly strange way "the sun rises in the west today? I cann’t believe you begged me, too Go ahead, I promise you anything. "
Wen Lu faintly whispered, "Today, I heard from the military that the body of Jingzhou general Wen Pin was hung by you at the gate of Xianyang. Now it is a mummy. You haven’t let him go to the grave. He is kind to me. I beg you to let him go to the grave."
"Good," Kang Peng replied casually, "I will have him buried in a beautiful scenery. Who told him to be kind to my wife?" The only thing that Wen Pin’s body did to Kang Peng was to deter the princes who tried to steal high-yield and improved varieties. Now, the purpose has reached Kang Pengle’s goal. I have to do something to please them. I don’t know the name yet. The mysterious beauty didn’t think of other aspects
Wen Lu closed her beautiful eyes and Kang Peng quietly separated tears from the corners of her eyes. Wen Lu said, "Father, you can finally be buried. It’s a wish for your daughter, and your daughter can rest assured of revenge."
Chapter 31 Jiange decisive battle ()
"Zhao Yun, Ma Chao listened to orders" Jia Long was forced to quit Jiange on the third day, that is, Dong Zhuojun, the profit army, agreed on the day of decisive battle. Kang Peng in Dong Zhuojun’s camp picked up the first allocation of charger and ordered, "Make you two take forty thousand chosen men and ambush on both sides of the narrow channel behind the battlefield until the enemy’s main force passes and immediately block the narrow channel to prevent the enemy from fleeing."
"Yes!" Zhaoyun Ma Chaoqi promised to meet Kang Peng together and added, "Long Mengqi, you are the most important, you must be careful not only to stop the crazy fleeing enemy but also to resist Jiange reinforcements." Zhaoyun and Ma Chao nodded solemnly and promised.
Kang Peng picked up the second direction, "Wei Yan, Gan Ning and Zhang Xiu listen to the order", and the three will leave the ranks together. Kang Peng ordered, "You and the three of you will each get 10,000 horses and ambush one at every ten miles on both sides of the narrow channel. When the enemy army enters the narrow channel and hears the gunfire, they will rush together to break the enemy and divide it into pieces!"
"Yes!" Three generals lang promised.
Kang Peng took out the third direction. "Lu Bu and Pound told you to lead hundreds of troops to Liu Xun for a decisive battle. Remember to cheat and defeat the enemy first, and then you won’t keep it after the enemy lies in ambush. Take out your strength and show Yizhou Army who is the first army in the day!"
"Yes!" Lu Bu added, "The adoptive father asked the child that Liu Xun’s child was flying wildly. Please let the child kill him himself this time."
"But" Kang Peng promised without hesitation that "if you can find Liu Xun before the dragons in the disorderly army, Liu Xun’s life will be yours"
Finally, Kang Peng concluded, "You have painstakingly arranged for many days and finally pushed the main force of Yizhou Army to the point of decisive battle of our army, and most of the total force of Yizhou Army is here. In the future, fighting will be easier, so that the soldiers will shed less blood and sacrifice less. Today, we will not only win this battle, but also win it! Have the confidence to do it? "
"Have confidence! Destroy the enemy army! " Dong Zhuojun crashing promised while Dong Zhuojun’s counselors looked at Kang Peng approvingly. Today, Kang Peng didn’t consult anyone about this tactic. It was because he carefully studied the nearby terrain that his arbitrariness was very bad. At ordinary times, those Xiaocong departments used it to learn military affairs. It can’t be said that it didn’t work. Old foxes in Jia Xu, Chen Gong and other three countries all thought this tactical plan was good.
When Dong Zhuojun arranged according to Kang Peng’s order, the Jiange was also stepping up the dispatch of troops and soldiers. Liu Xun held his head high in the lobby, saying, "Lei Tong, zhang yi, Lengbao, Liu Hui, you and other young masters led a 150,000-strong army to the decisive battle site. Today, the young master must personally take Dong thief, fat head, Liu Wei and Zhang Song, and you two will stay at Jiange to arrange a banquet to celebrate the young master’s victory."
After Liu Xun arranged the military, Zhang Song and Liu Xun bowed down and promised the rest of the generals, but they hesitated. Lei Tong remonstrated, "Young master, our army just changed its morale the night before Jia Longbing, which is bound to affect whether this decisive battle will be felt at the end of today’s decisive battle or whether it will be delayed. If the war is unfavorable or the enemy takes advantage of it to steal and resist?"
Thunder copper these self-serious words let Yizhou people nodding and saying good, but Liu Xun flew into a rage and shouted, "Thunder copper, how dare you shake the morale?" Chengdu is in danger, and it will be dangerous if the thieves don’t fight our rear! Jia Long can’t change into a furuncle. Now that his true face of seeking honor for the seller has been exposed, fleeing has not only no impact on morale, but also made our army worry about attacking the army. Don’t you forget that you learned a lesson from Serenade’s repeated failures? What else do you need to cope with? "

Then I don’t know if you ever thought that even without me, you think you can beat Hector even Jinse with your beauty and enter your cousin’s eyes? "

"Su Ling you …"
Sun Qiner was speechless and looked at Su Ling angrily for a moment, but she couldn’t show too much emotion except that her fingertips pinched her handmaid’s arm!
There are so many people on the street, if she really does something wrong, if she returns to Pinghou’s ear, then she will certainly not feel better!
"I what me? Sun Qiner, after all these years, do you still feel like a natural pair? Everyone has to revolve around you? Oh, then I’d like to ask you what’s your recent relationship with your dear sister? "
Su Ling knows what Sun Qiner has been trying to let go in her heart!
Naturally, she was in a bad mood when she came. It was strange that Sun Qiner, who was stupid, hit her gun!
"Hum! Su Ling, don’t be proud! You will look good later! "
It seems that there is nothing constructive to say, so Sun Qiner can arrogantly say something painful!
But it is such a sentence that makes Su Ling smile more!
"After? Well, since miss sun said so, why don’t we just wipe our eyes! Please do it as soon as possible and let me know as soon as possible how beautiful I am after knowing myself! "
Su Ling gently dropped a word and then flashed a glance at Bi Rao. Then Sun Qiner turned away in the furious sight!
The autumn wind on the street still messed up Sun Qiner’s hair and made her more furious and anxious!
"What are you looking at? Don’t hold the lady’s carriage!"
Sun Qiner’s evil spirit stretches in his heart and can roar at the maids around him!
A farce also ended when Sun Qiner got angry with the carriage!
In the distance, when the carriage with a longitudinal guard and maid left the back alley from the street, Su Ling and Bi Rao also slowly appeared!
"Miss didn’t expect Sun Qiner to marry Pinghou! She is really throwing caution to the wind! "
Bi Rao’s tongue looks at the carriage that has gone far in the distance, and his disdain for Sun Qiner is getting heavier and heavier!
This woman will do anything to get what she wants!
Wen Suling looked at the far-away carriage with a faint smile and smiled. "Bi Rao, don’t you think what Sun Qiner just said is meaningful?"
"ah? What is it, miss? "
It’s natural to infer that Su Ling’s mind is full of doubts. Look at Su Ling, but the latter is not going to explain!
Just give her a deep smile and then go straight ahead. "Let’s go and meet old friends!" "
Bi Rao followed Su Ling on with a blank face, but how do you feel that the road ahead is a little familiar? !
This seems to have been here many years ago, right?
Two people walked around the streets for a long time and finally settled outside the golden street archway!
Sprinkle gold street? !
"Miss, is your old friend here?"
"well! Just ahead! "
Su Ling rarely explained Bi Rao once, which is even more curious!
She really doesn’t remember what old friends Miss has!
Isn’t her only good friend Nanxia Guotainv? !
It won’t be Tainv coming to Qi and Chu again, will it? !
But if you think about it carefully, it is unlikely that Bi Rao feels that her brain hole is too big!
Finally, Su Ling stopped abruptly when they came to a shop in a mysterious smile!
Bi Rao looked around and then moved his eyes to the shop plaque, but he saw three dragon and phoenix flying characters impressively coming to the instrument building!

Sleep in a warm flower paradise

At the climax, Su Suo sang and burst into tears in an instant.
The story of the little girl selling matches is the most tragic story in the whole story, even before suluo sang. Many parents think that it should not be put in. This is not a fairy tale, and they dare not let their children see this sad story.
The difference between children and adults is that when adults read this story, they always think about the little girl, but most children think about how delicious the roast goose will be.
Why did suluo put this desperate story in? Through this fairy tale, he expressed his deep sympathy for the poor people’s tragic experience and discontentedly revealed the darkness and evil of capitalist society at that time.
It must be interesting, but it’s a little white after hearing this song. Maybe suluo has more meaning.
The strength of tragedy lies in tearing the beauty to people. This brave and strong but poor girl lost even the minimum food and clothing for a moment, and still maintained her yearning for a beautiful situation. This may be the most true place of human nature. This may be the most hope of suluo for children to understand.
"Is it because I am too emotional to listen to crying?"
"I suddenly feel so sad. I hope the little girl is really in a beautiful and warm paradise."
"The front part is so sad that the whole person is brought into that story, which is more inspiring than the sad climax part."
Live broadcast continues
How can I keep you so sad?
Throw a few short paragraphs and the atmosphere will be alive again.
The pit owner is the pit owner. Don’t try to stop him. He is so casual. You can always pick a new song.
If Tang Yike’s baby children’s songs are finished, the story is sung from the perspective of children, and Su Luoge is sung from the perspective of adults.
Fans point to the sea daughter, he Malay a song so that you can hear that your ears are pregnant and you can’t stop mermaid.
"said you love willingly stranded.
I can also dive into the sea.
How can you have the heart to cut off?
Forget my unchanging oath
My tears are broken.
In reality, I am attached to you.
I’m willing to turn into a statue and wait for you to appear.
In his pen, the little mermaid loves to die at last, and the man in the song is willing to love the statue until she appears beautiful again and explodes.
You laughed and told him that the seven dwarfs were miserable. They saved the princess, but in the end, the goddess ran away with the king, and his horse came with a song of Seven Friends.
"Snow White is not much.
But there are too many people who pretend to be dwarves
There were six earlier
More than me, this is not much.
Am I too kind or stupid?
Snow White and the seven dwarfs sang from the perspective of one of the dwarfs, and finally moved a spare tire to herself, but could not touch the deep despair of the goddess, which was painful and sad.
It’s like a spare tire divine comedy. After listening to it, fans are screaming and heartbroken.
You want us to do it. No, he’s crazy
He can make you doubt your life in minutes. When you rack your brains and put a big enemy trick on yourself, point it at his nose and laugh triumphantly.
"If the pit owner has something to do, just give me a song and sing all the stories of the Thousand and One Nights."
Hey, hey, are you stupid?
You have no confession, have you?
Can’t make things difficult for you
Come on, you put another one on your sister. It depends on how you sing.
However, suluo didn’t need to respond to a storybrooke for three seconds.
"I heard that Snow White is running away.
Little Red Riding Hood is worried about the Wolf.

"It is precisely because I am kind to you that I can’t ask you for something in exchange for my own safety!" Xiaoya said, "in this way, maybe you will think that I took measures to let you take the initiative to hand over the medicine. I won’t do it!" Thank you! "

Said the lesser again turned around and walked towards the ward.
"Wait!" Duan Qingyun stopped Xiaoya. "Why are you so beautiful and so pedantic in your head?"
Xiaoya a listen to froze.
"I have understood that what they want is not my medicine, but my prescription. Even if they give them a pack of medicine, they will not make the same powder!" Duan Qingyun said, "It’s really not worth killing you and your parents because of this package of medicine. Take it quickly and give it to Erzhu. Just take it out while I’m not in the ward!"
Xiaoya’s eyes are full of Duan Qingyun’s face. Her face is full of gratitude. She gently nodded and said, "Thank you, Brother Duan!" There is limited affection in just six words.
Duan Qingyun smiled and held out his hand again to wipe away the tears that were about to overflow in Xiaoya’s eyes. "Go and give them to Erzhu and come back quickly. Don’t make me worry, okay?"
Xiaoya nodded and walked towards the outside of the ward. When she was about to pull the door, she turned her head again and glanced gratefully at Duan Qingyun … The second pillar in her ward was waiting for her.
Duan Qingyun returned to quiet in the intensive care unit.
Looking out the window at the bustling street, Duan Qingyun touched his waist with powder, feeling deeply. My old man handed a pack of fake medicine to Xiaoya Erzhu, a fool who knew nothing about medicine. But it could not be hidden from others, but Lin Yushan finally knew that he had almost healed old Mao. If Mr. Yorkshire was ill, he would be grateful to my old man. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing for him to ask him to take Xiaoya girl’s parents back to China? But we must get to Lin Yushan to cure Mr. Yorkshire’s "venereal disease" before he receives the fake medicine!
My mind is set. Duan Qingyun suddenly felt a sense of urgency. He quickly packed his clothes and went out of the ward. He walked quickly along the winding corridor towards Mr. Yorkshire’s ward.
As soon as I entered the ward, there was a thick, pungent smell that made Duan Qingyun almost quit.
However, Duan Qingyun just stepped back half a step and re-entered Mr. Yue’s ward. He knew that such a strong smell of Sao was coming from Mr. York’s body, and most foreigners have such a smell of Sao.
I saw Mr. Yoklin lying in the ward, losing a big bottle of blue nutrient solution. Mr. Yoklin was sleeping soundly with his mouth wide open and thundering.
Gently sat down in the front of Mr. Yue’s bed. Qingyun looked at Mr. Yue and looked slightly pale. Listening to his wheezing breath, Duan Qingyun said that this guy really had a strong body yang. Yesterday, he was barbecued by fire all night. His heartbeat was so calm and his breathing was so thick. Look at his hidden fluffy yellow beard and bright red lips. Duan Qingyun further concluded that this old hair’s sexual function can be restored!
Is judging the old Mao Kou suddenly.
“MYGOD! Ianfukyurhereveryday!”
Duan Qingyun had to slap him hard if he could understand what Lao Mao said about bird talk. However, he knew nothing about foreign languages, even everyone knew how to listen carefully, but he finally found that Lao Mao had just said that it was a series of talk in his sleep, remembering the scene of this guy Li Hu’s bird talk in the red building that day. Duan Qingyun couldn’t help laughing.
Then a nurse wearing a double mask entered the ward.
When I saw nurse Duan Qingyun, I was startled. It’s amazing that this guy came in without a mask in such a stinking ward! It seems that the foreigner lying in this small bed should have the same smell, otherwise he would never sit beside Lao Mao calmly!
Duan Qingyun asked, "Nurse, how is he now?" Although this nurse is as ugly as the nurse in Huang Liang hemp ward, Duan Qingyun still calls her miss nurse, which shows her demeanor.
The nurse said through the mask, "He, he swears every day. It’s rude!"
"I asked how his condition was?" Duan Qingyun asked
The nurse’s face turned red and said, "The situation is very bad. Every day, she just eats and drinks and sleeps."
Duan Qingyun stopped talking to the nurse and knew that she couldn’t say anything about the specific situation. "Go out and I’ll talk to him."
The nurse turned quickly and walked out of the ward.
Duan Qingyun said to Mr. York, "Mr. York is me. Don’t you recognize me?"
Lao Mao is still snoring with his eyes closed tightly and his mouth open. Where can he recognize Duan Qingyun’s call?
Duan Qingyun didn’t even respond when he called people.
So Duan Qingyun reached out his hand to the old hairy face, which was thickly dotted with golden yellow and fine whiskers, but Mao still didn’t respond.
Duan Qingyun gently revealed that Mr. Yoklin was put his hand into the crotch of Lao Mao. Mr. Yoklin, you must never be weak forever. Do you know that your penis is not only your personal penis, but also your future "sexual happiness"? More importantly, my nurse Xiaoya’s life and her family’s life have been pinned on your penis! There is also Huang Liang Ma’s life, Huang Liang Ma’s parents’ life must be full of vitality from your penis, so you must hold on!
Duan Qingyun had accurately touched Mr. Yorkshire’s magic when he thought so.
Because of the thick jeans, Qingyun can’t feel what’s wrong with Mr. York’s penis! So he gently untied Mr. Yoklin’s belt, zipped his pants and put his hand into Mr. Yoklin’s crotch. Mr. Yoklin had a "close contact" …
The fiftieth chapter old hair
Duan Qingyun gently stroked Mr. Yorkshire’s pride * * Don’t have a taste. Western men are different from eastern men! (In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, the brothers will not describe Mr. Yorkshire’s stuff in depth and detail. Anyway, everyone knows that there is a big difference between western men and eastern men.)
Touching the root without anything, Duan Qingyun secretly thought about the treatment method. Since I went to various hospitals for examination and found many so-called "famous doctors" to make a diagnosis and treat, I couldn’t help it. So is this method ok for me? Will it be effective to give him some "Duan’s aphrodisiac"?
Duan Qingyun took back his hand from Mr. York’s crotch and came to the water pipe. He carefully washed his hand and then pulled out the bag of aphrodisiac powder from his waist. He reluctantly looked at the pink powder. Duan Qingyun tunnel saved Xiaoya and her family’s life. It’s really cheap to bring such a precious medicine to your body. You’re small. Maybe you’ll rejuvenate men from now on, and then several good women will be tossed by you …
Duan Qingyun took out a glass from Mr. Yorklin’s bedside table, poured half of the powder into the cup, and then started a kettle to flush boiling water into the cup. Suddenly, the pink powder in the cup quickly dissolved into the water to form a light blue liquid.
At this time, Mr. York woke up.
At first sight, Mr. Duan Qingyun said hello and waved his big yellow-haired hand. "Hello, Mr. Duan, you are a hero!"

It is still unknown who will win or lose in the battle for life and death!

Thirty people are closer to Chi Mi, but he can feel the powerful war gas field surrounded by him, but his eyes are still closed, and his most concentration is listening.
The water micro-motion pool flew obliquely into the temples, and after a micro-motion, I saw his long and wide sleeves swinging in the water, and Yu Di also crossed a sharp dark green arc
The radian attacked around with rage. Although it was in the water, the force wave was not hindered by the buoyancy in the water, and the speed of generate was still strong and turbulent
Thirty people can feel the strength of Libo, and their hearts are deeply shocked, but they have no chance to dodge. At the same time, 30 people shed fishnet-shaped screens and left for the pool hood.
The screen area is very large, and most people can’t escape it directly, but Chi’s figure is strange and fast, as if it were a fish in the water.
In the water, the pool, the phoenix, the cold eyes and the corners of the mouth evoke a mocking arc. That generate and the output wave are strong and overbearing. Thirty people can hide and hide. They all bite their teeth and are ready to accept the focus wave, but they don’t want to.
47 Chapter 47 Toffee frightened (5)
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Still deeply shocked.
Chi’s strength is immeasurable. No wonder he can come with fear.
Yunzui sat at the bow and concentrated on the lake, but she didn’t want the boat to shake suddenly, and she could hear the abnormal sound of water.
Yun Zui can’t help frowning. What is Chi Zui doing in the face?
Although I don’t know what Chi Mi is doing in the face, Yun Zui can be sure that Chi Mi is not honestly waiting for something to happen in the face!
This is Yunzui. I can think of leaving my eyebrows behind, and then Yunzui immediately jumped into the sea.
No matter what, although she doesn’t know what Chi Mi is doing, the water feels so abnormal to her!
Swim in the water, get drunk, close your eyes and search in the water, but at a glance, you will see the bright red blood spreading not far away.
An assassin?
This is the only thing Yunzui can think of. Yunzui swam forward quickly without thinking much.
It’s a real thing to get drunk, not to do it by force. She swims a little slowly.
And thirty people spit out blood in their mouths after being attacked by Chi Mi, and blood also flowed from the place where they were hit.
Blood floats in the lake and soon the color fades.
The size of the silk screen pool is very strange and it is easy to hide in the past.
Thirty people can’t help but feel tired. They have estimated that Chi Mi is very powerful and powerful, but they really found out how big Chi Mi was, and they couldn’t figure it out.
Too much water, Yunzui Pool, soon realized that he was watching Yunzui swimming towards him with his eyes open!
Phoenix eyes flashed a strange light, and then Chi Mi took the initiative to get drunk towards the cloud and went to get drunk, so it wouldn’t be so hard.
However, Chi Mi feels that Yunzui is so stupid and powerless, and even if the water can be closed for a long time, it can’t compare with them!
Yunzui closed her lips and kept the lake from entering her mouth and nose. When she swam, she was afraid of where she fell. Her hair was scattered like algae floating in the water.
When they were near each other, Chi Yi suddenly took hold of Yun Zui’s waist. Yun Zui felt that he had been bullied by Chi Yi and hit him. At the moment, Chi Yi leaned over his lips and printed his lips. After Yun Zui, he gave his breath to Yun Zui.
Yunzui was surprised to stare big eyes. Chi Mi came into the water. I don’t know how long before her. She can last for a while. Don’t suffocate.
Yunzui was very disobedient and blew the breath back.
And thirty people will have a hard time paying back this time, even if they lose their lives, they can’t do anything, but the arrival of Yunzui makes them see hope.
Maybe you can get drunk and blackmail Chi Mi?
After all, Chi Mie seems to be very special to this drunken princess!
Thirty people have made up their minds to look at Yunzui in order.
Chi Mie gave her breath to Yunzui, which made her breathe a sigh of relief, but Yunzui blew it to him again!
Chi Mie was slightly amused and immediately provoked the tongue to get drunk. Chi Mie wouldn’t have thought that he would struggle immediately if he still played this in this situation, but in the first second, Chi Mie had successfully crossed the gas to Yun Zui and quickly let Yun Zui get drunk.
So the breath is drunk!
Yunzui couldn’t help but stare at Ike. Ike really wants to be suffocated!
4 Chapter 4 Toffee is frightened (6)

"All right, all right, let’s stop talking nonsense." Trail, "Will you tell me first how this counts to beat you?"

"No, I refuse to talk to you about trials!" The pig’s head has a big temper. "I must correct your idea first. I am not that stupid pig. There is a great race in this world called Elmora race, and I am the only heir of Elmora royal blood. I inherited the great surname of Elmora royal family. My name should be translated into your language as Charlie Driss? Elmora? What are you talking about? Big pig head "
"poof!" Ning Qing couldn’t help laughing again. "Isn’t it still a big pig?"
"You don’t fart without seeing female creatures!" The pig-headed man was angry. "This is the last syllable of our name translated according to your language, which is hieroglyphics. What can I do except translate it into a big pig?" Although my image is very similar to that of pigs in your world, I have no doubt that I am of noble Elmora royal blood. You should call me respect Mr. Ji Li Gu Yang, which is at least respect for me! "
"Well, then, dear Mr. Ji Li Gollum, I ask you now, should we pass the second place?" Xiaokenai avenue
"That’s more like it." The pig-headed man nodded with satisfaction. "Of course, the great Elmora royal family won’t arrange boring exams to give you a trial trip. Each of the three cards has its own characteristics. First, since you have demonstrated your strength, second, you have to show your wisdom."
I don’t know where to touch the pig’s hoof, but I pulled out a stick to make it empty, as if it were a point of water. There was a ripple in the air, and a screen appeared. The screen of the pig’s hoof was written with the words "the first question" and "I’ll ask now"
"Oh, dear Mr. Ji Li Gollum Yang, can you tell me how to calculate first?" trail
The pig-headed man nodded with satisfaction. "Young man, you are very educated, so I will tell you that I will keep asking until you need to answer a correct question."
"So simple?" Xiao Zhang has a big mouth.
"Hey hey, is it simple?" The pig-headed man laughed. "Elmora, the only heir of the royal lineage, has a question that can’t be answered so well. I think how many inferior creatures benefited from me in those years, and they wanted to answer my question correctly, but they never answered my question correctly in their whole lives."
"Then try it." Little curiosity was fully aroused by him. "I want to see how great your question is!"
Pig’s head is humanitarian. "What is one plus one?"
A little stunned. "Is this what you call a question that people can’t answer all their lives?"
The pig-headed man nodded of course. "Don’t you know?"
Trail "equals two"
"Wrong answer" pig’s head humanitarian "One plus one equals three"
"What?" trail
"Don’t ask me why I’m the examiner." The pig-headed man stared his one eye. "But I can tell you the answer. Do you think if a male glutton and a female glutton will give birth to a small glutton? One plus is not equal to two but equal to three. "
"Oh, that’s good, come back." I’m too lazy to argue. After all, it’s ok to be right once. How much is one plus one? There are many answers to this question. It’s ok to be equal to two or three according to my own knowledge. It’s also equal to the king. This is a question that is somewhat dependent and somewhat sophistry.
"Listen to the second question." The pig-headed man wrote the words "the second question" on the screen again. "There are three greedy animals in the forest. I killed them with one punch. How many are left?"
After thinking for a long time, I carefully said, "None of them are gone because they are scared away."
"You’re so stupid," the pig snorted contemptuously. "Of course, there are two left."
"But …" Little sighed. "Well, keep coming."
"Once upon a time, a clean man went out to travel with a slovenly man to find a hotel to stay in, and then a man took a shower. Is it a clean man or a slovenly man?"
"Of course it’s a slob. He’s dirty."
"The wrong answer is that a clean man washes because he loves cleanliness."
"Er … again"
"Excuse me, which is heavier, one kilogram of wood or one kilogram of grass?"
"the same weight"
"The wrong answer should be that the wood is heavier," said the pig-headed man proudly. "Look at me and tell me that my question is very difficult."
"I’m not angry with this," protested Xiao. "It’s all one kilogram."

In this way, the dialogue with the predecessors can be realized, and the techniques of the predecessors can be seen. Through the detection of modern science and technology, the "secret" in the painting can also be discovered. In those days, the royal craftsman actually let the courageous fat risk beheading to cut corners.

There is no shortcut in skill, and this sentence is vividly displayed here.
In the process of restoring the framed painting, it is the most interesting point for the members of the painting group to communicate with each other through dialogue.
At the same time, the top famous paintings in the Forbidden City are also displayed one by one. The Qinghe map of You Chuntu Wuniu Map shows the achievements of the fathers and the painting skills of ancient Chinese painting artists, which is exciting.
"Alas, if only the travel map of Xishan Mountain was also in the Forbidden City in Beijing."
"It’s all tears. There are still a lot of them. It’s best that those paintings have been transported away by Lao Jiang. Su Dongpo’s cold food post in the Tang Dynasty, Yan Zhenqing’s memorial manuscript, Wang Xi’s quick snow, and Qing Tie won the National Palace Museum in Taipei."
Many people think that the jade cabbage meat-shaped stone on the east slope of the National Palace Museum in Taipei is the signature treasure of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, which is actually famous for its convenience in exhibition. The three major town treasures of the National Palace Museum in Taipei are "jade cabbage", "shaped stone" and "Mao Gong Ding". Strictly speaking, Mao Gong Ding is one of them, while the jade cabbage meat-shaped stone is more valuable than the truth, which is far from matching the title of "town treasure". The most awesome thing in the National Palace Museum in Taipei is painting collection.
Watching the program and understanding the cultural relics, the audience are sighing.
"In those days, Lao Jiang moved away all the Yi Yun paintings, which was the first choice. It is said that it was too heavy to take away Si Wu’s tripod at that time.
At present, many of these top paintings in the Forbidden City in Beijing are donated by the people, including Mr. Zhang Boju, the fourth nominal of the Republic of China, who accounts for almost half of them. This You Chuntu is donated by him, and there is a reply to the "Magic Emperor". It is with this reply that the collection of paintings in the Forbidden City in Beijing is complete, and all the paintings in the past dynasties can be compared with the National Palace Museum in Taipei. "
"Hum, when Zhang Boju got the reply, the Japanese were crazy, but Mr. Zhang Boju just didn’t give the Japanese much money and didn’t sell it. He was kidnapped and would rather die than sell it. He fled thousands of miles in the quilt. This didn’t let the Japanese succeed. What kind of spirit is this?
If he didn’t lay down his life to protect the so-called Fattie Zu’s reply, it wouldn’t appear in the Forbidden City in Beijing now. "
"Ha-ha, now people always like to say that a few gentlemen and young masters in Beijing are simply weak compared with him."
"Well, in fact, whether it’s in Taipei or Beijing, it’s still in our China. Taiwan Province will come back. I’m just waiting for the remaining mountain map of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the division volume of the Forbidden City in Taipei to be exhibited again. It’s a pity that Fuchun Shan Jutu’s enlightened master is divided into two halves."
Cultural relics are not cold. Now we are lucky enough to see every cultural relic in the museum. The theory behind them is whether to create these sages who have become national treasures or to restore and protect them. There are too many stories for craftsmen and collectors to tell.
At the end of the film, I played the theme song of repairing cultural relics in the Forbidden City when I was here.
"One of them.
Silence is crossing the feather coat.
Smell Qiu Guang.
Bathing cicada singing
Where were you when you were there
And here I am.
You have been waiting for me for a long time.
Finally meet as bosom friends
Cherish the snow
Hear yang Xu
Where were you when you were there
And here I am.
Hands weave time.
Gentleness brightens the vicissitudes of life.
Sighing at the context
Today is the evening.
The fact is that the audience has been numb with the music accompaniment head, and the crisp knock is the pair of copper-plated country music water clock collected by Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty.
The fragments in the program flashed back one by one, and then listened to this poetic word. When the theme song singer Yuxuan Leng had a long charm and a spiritual voice, the tear glands exploded and tears could not stop flowing.
At the end of the program, the camera gives a photo. The wall is a group photo of the members of the Cultural Relics Restoration Institute, which has long been yellowed.
Then an old hand hung a new photo, which was a photo of Jia Fu, a member of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Wenbao, and the picture was finally fixed here.
End of film
Chapter five hundred and ninety "artisan spirit" into a hot word.
Weibo fan riot
"Pit master, get out of here."