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She likes meat, but he doesn’t.
Sister-in-law Zhang is very surprised. Why does she eat all meat or so thin? ! Where did she eat?
"Oh sister-in-law! Eat meat! Green vegetables and horses are not delicious ~ "
"Good good!" Looking at her, sister-in-law Zhang will think of her daughter and smile at once. Nothing happened just now.
"For sister-in-law zhang what you have to call me wealthy family? !”
Sister-in-law Zhang wondered, "Is this what the young master said? He asked us all to call you wealthy family because you are our wealthy family. "
Xiao Cheling, what the hell have you done? Her innocence and reputation …
"That housewife, wait for me. I’ll go to the nearby market to buy things."
"good!" As soon as she finished speaking, she took out several hundred-dollar bills from her pocket and handed them to Zhang Sao. "Zhang Sao, this is food money!"
Sister-in-law zhang saw immediately pushed past "wealthy family master has given me a lot enough to buy food! How can you give it to me again! "
"Well, that’s as well! Sister-in-law Zhang seems that I will trouble you to teach me every day during this period! "
"wealthy family, you say this! This is what I should do! "
"There is nothing to do in this world. Please buy more goods."
"Hey, good!"
She didn’t take a rest until sister-in-law Zhang left. At this time, she didn’t have time to play the web. Chicken and Lycium barbarum are very nourishing …
"What are you looking at?" A cold voice overhead came to Han Yiqing’s consciousness and put the pat behind him and said quickly, "No! I didn’t see anything! "
She hid the tribe into those blue eyes so much that he narrowed his beautiful eyes and said, "You shouldn’t be looking at those unhealthy things …"
Poof … Han Yiqing almost gushed out … How can she browse those adult websites if she is not a man!
"I’m not a man. Why browse those things!"
"Women can watch it."
Han Yiqing found that she really couldn’t talk to Leng Ruixi! She will be really angry if she goes like this again!
"Let me see" I don’t know what Leng Ruixi said this time, but I have to see what she just saw.
"Don’t give! Never give it to death! "
If he sees it, then he will definitely laugh at her!
I don’t know why she is so cold-hearted sometimes! Anyway, the injured person is his root, not her!
"Then you are browsing the rubbish."
"Garbage is garbage! I still feel sacred! That is normal physiological education! "
"Forget it." She suddenly remembered something when she was holding something and asked, "Will you have dinner at home tonight?"
LengRuiXi didn’t speak Han Yiqing gave a "whatever you eat or not! Call the cold housekeeper for dinner! "
Chapter Yi Qing wants to kill chickens!
"Why should he come over?" Leng Ruixi couldn’t understand when Han Yiqing, a woman, was so good with people around him. !
Han Yiqing immediately gave him a white look. "The cold housekeeper is so hard that I can’t stand being around you every day!"
What’s more, it can be seen how high the psychological quality of the cold housekeeper is when the young master is around this problem for so long! "
Leng Ruixi approached step by step and suddenly got closer to her when he heard that he was problem of juvenile …
"LengRuiXi you what do you want to do …"
Those blue eyes kept flashing and seemed to be enduring something …
Looked at him some abnormal sample Han Yiqing immediately said "LengRuiXi why do you look at me like this … don’t you forget that you are injured? !”
Leng Ruixi lowered her eyes and said "My house tonight" to her if she really didn’t do anything.
Han Yiqing raised his eyebrows and joked, "You said that you always go out to eat!"
"I can’t fly if I’m injured."
"…" He said directly to the floor and didn’t ask her what she just saw!
I can’t fly if I’m injured … Is this still Leng Ruixi talking? ! Obviously not!
Sister-in-law Zhang has come back after buying vegetables. At the sight of Han Yiqing waiting for her, she immediately worried, "wealthy family, why are you here! Why don’t you all take a rest! "

The little wolf struggled gloomily. Is this late or not?

The man who is going down and out suddenly becomes beautiful, while the Uber male emperor Feng night holds the letter tightly and looks at it again and again, sinking, "Everybody out."
Six months later, the Emperor Phoenix Night was inspired by the peacock and ordered Liu Xiyu to build a sky-high wedding dress, which was extremely luxurious to miss his wife, but there was no news of Liu Xiyu’s night. When he got angry, his wedding dress made people seal in Yinmo Mountain forever, and he and Liu Xiyu prepared the emperor’s mausoleum early.
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Chapter 73 Don’t make me feel guilty
Liu Xixi didn’t wake up at night, but she was still alive. This is a very strange thing, and Emperor Fengye was sick and worried about the country after losing his beloved wife.
People set up temples in various places to pray that Liu Xi would wake up at night.
Another month later, the Buddhist took his white lotus followers to attack and invade Dayong Chaozhan.
The emperor went on a personal expedition at night, but the heroic man lost ten important cities after repeated battles. The Dayong Dynasty was surrounded by white lotus believers from two places, and the people lived in the heat of Lide.
Xuanyuan winds has been slow to rescue. He has a condition in exchange. Liu Xi will show the war to protect the country in the evening.
Emperor Feng was seriously ill at night, and once again divined divination and divination, saying that Liu Xi would never come back again at night, but he almost lost his fighting spirit.
Mo and Mr. Gongsun joined forces to turn the tide and sent someone to Xuanyuan for help.
The situation is urgent. Miss Liu Xiyue, where are you …
Come back …
Please bless our country …
Please go back to the emperor …
We * * * * pray for you to come back to save this disaster every night …
"Call-"Liu Sunseeker woke up from a nightmare again last night and felt cold sweat drenched her skirt.
In my dream, I dreamed that Difeng was ill at night and was in danger. Damn, would I have such a dream?
Liu Xixi took a deep breath last night and got dressed. Today, he will go to see the ancient tomb. Will there be his own body in it if he has his own wedding clothes? Ya Hao Geying heard that Liu Xi, the emperor’s mausoleum, was a little relieved at night, otherwise she would surely die of heartache if she thought that it was possible to bury it there on the night of the Emperor Phoenix.
I patted my face to wake myself up and cheer myself up. The door was pushed at night, and I looked at Liu Xixi impatiently. "Do you really want to go?"
Liu Xi turned his head at night. "You don’t want to go."
See night winds so careless LiuXi night changed the plan "the last time I can’t find I will marry you? “
"I will forget everything and live with you well." Liu Xixi hit the soft underbelly of the night.
It’s a deal-
"Ya, can you not make me feel guilty? "Liu Sunseeker night help forehead.
Night winds chuckle "what? I think this is good. I just want you to owe me more and more, and the next generation will never forget me. "
Sitting in the driver’s seat seriously at night is a pleasant look at Liu Xi at night from time to time
Liu Xixi also sat in and smashed the window at night. Then when Land Rover started, it was like doping. He changed his serious and arrogant image, but leaned back in his seat and let the strong wind blow his black hair and sing a song in a low voice.
Is it spring? William lee with black frown asked Liu Sunseeker night "boss, it really doesn’t matter? Is he in love? "
"I don’t know." Liu Xixi glanced at the newspaper leisurely at night and swept to the end today-her husband was addicted to drugs and her wife was sued by her wife.
Although I didn’t name names, that’s Cui Zhen for such a big photo.
Then there is a small photo next to it showing the embarrassing situation that Cui Zhen and Lu Ren are surrounded by reporters.
Before, she would say excitedly, "What a suck!" At this time, she made a message and donated a sum of money, which was nothing but the most precious child in her belly.
Liu Xixi put away the newspaper late and was still worried that the dream was so real that her heart was still beating nervously.
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Chapter 731 What kind of child is it?
No way, the phoenix night is so fierce. He’s the emperor. How could he be so decadent, but …
I really want to go back-
Liu Sunseeker hit the window at night and let the wind wash away the acidity in her eyes while listening to the piercing wind. What happened? She became so sentimental and almost cried several times.
I miss the children and the phoenix night so much that I can’t see them again. Liu Xixi feels that she is going crazy.
"Why have you cried?" Ye Lin glanced at Liu Xi’s swollen eyelids unhappily. Liu Xi looked up at Ye Lin at night and bowed his head and muttered, "I’m bored. Can’t I save some noodles?"
"Gnome male-"It’s very kind of you two to have a good relationship, but you tricked me into crying, Miss Liu Sunseeker. It turns out that you are the boss who often misses that-"William Lee proudly walked over and saw the night wind and immediately withdrew it. He just almost made fun of it.
Night Lin took a few mouthfuls of cigarettes, threw the cigarette butts to the ground and stepped out the sharp eyes, revealing a trace of unhappiness. "Where are the others?"
"Everything is here." William Li made fun of Liu Xixi and stole a look at the night wind. This guy always has this kind of virtue in front of outsiders, as if he gave her all his good temper. It’s a pity-
She wanted to disappoint him after all.
When she was not sure whether it was a dream to fall in love with Difeng at night, she might still want to persuade herself to marry him if it was nice to her at night, but at this time, when she saw the wedding dress and thought of her lover and children in ancient times, she really couldn’t love anyone else, even her brothers who grew up together.
"Mr. Night, you are so powerful that I am afraid of you." Liu Xixi was so happy at night that his eyebrows narrowed. He held Liu Xixi’s hand. "They are not good people and I am not good people, but you are a good boy."
"Go, go, I’m not a child." Liu Xixi pouted discontentedly at night and slapped her hand.
"Is it twenty-four?" It’s nice to look at Liu Xixi’s sharp eyes at night and laugh.
Liu Xi gave him a white look at night. "What kind of child is twenty-four?"
"Yo, my little girl is angry, she is a child younger than me, and you can take care of yourself at all. She is still a child." Night winds shook her head and sighed. "Hey, hey, do you really want to consider marrying me? I quite like you. You know, I’m rich now and I can finally bring you a happy and prosperous life. I’ll take care of our children, too. Will you marry me? "
"I-what if I already have a husband?" Liu Sunseeker stole a look at the night winds with a full face of depression, and Liu Sunseeker pretended not to see him. No wonder he followed the troops into the cemetery first.
"Here a thousand years ago, it was a huge Moshan mountain, and it was all white all the year round." The night winds slowly followed Liu Xixi, and the man who just lost his manners seemed not to be like him. He also introduced it by the way and then changed his tone. "Really don’t marry me? Think about it. Your husband? Not married? "
"Look at the road, I have a husband, not Cui Zhen. I can’t explain it to you at the moment, but I think it will be proved to you soon." Liu Xixi sighed at night and dared not look at the night wind. The only thing I am sorry about is this person.
"Ah, you have this temper-I’ll like it if you have it." Ye Lian said with a smile, but there was a flash of surprise and worry in her eyes. Since she came back this time, she always blamed herself for the illusion that she would lose her forever?
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Chapter 732 Think the idol looks like you

But they didn’t give up Xiao Tingwei, Suojun, Tengxiong, three Wu Xian, the strong, and instantly controlled the vigorous energy of heaven and earth. The power of heaven and earth was amazing, and the energy of heaven and earth was compressed rapidly toward him around the wind.

The compression of the three forces of heaven and earth has led to amazing visions in this underwater world. In an instant, all the people are thundering, dark clouds are gathering, thunder and lightning are shaking, and everyone is conscious of stopping the attack and looking up.
A mysterious underwater world with no sunshine but still bright as day, no wind and no trees but still clear, unexpectedly, dark clouds, lightning and thunder appeared, which made everyone very shocked.
In the past, when the energy of heaven and earth was compressed toward the wind, the luminous body had crashed into the wind, and at that moment, the wind suddenly became sluggish, but at that moment, the luminous body had already disappeared into the wind, hiding the bright light.
Now, however, it’s not the heart. When this luminous body is submerged in the wind, the wind has also entered a state of sluggishness. The energy of heaven and earth, which carries all the destructive power, has rapidly compressed him towards him.
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and twenty-seven Back to the drunken promenade
Welcome you to come.
When Feng Yang came to her senses, three strands of heaven and earth energy had been compressed to her side, but just before the mysterious luminous body appeared, Feng Yang had already exerted the illusion of Wushu, and it was still necessary to wait for a moment to display it again. However, even though the speed of the phantom of Wushu was impressive, these three strands of heaven and earth energy could not be drilled out because they were patches of roots {Flash Dance Novel Network}
These three deadly heaven and earth energies naturally won’t wait for the wind to rise and the phantom to restart so that he can teleport and escape. At the critical moment, the wind does not show the slightest panic, and the soul force makes his thinking flow rapidly, which can be described as a mind turn.
Just listen to the three powerful horses. The low energy is about to blow up. Everyone agrees that the wind is blowing up. This time, it is inevitable to get the treasure. The horse will spit it out. Suddenly, a strange light flashed in the heart of the wind, and then everyone was horrified to find that three pieces of coercion could crush the people. The energy of heaven and earth formed an attack and poured into the heart of the wind and then disappeared.
For a moment, three pieces of heaven and earth energy were swallowed up and absorbed by the wind and became nothing left.
"What’s that? Is it Wushu? Xiao Tingwei was stunned. Even San Wuxian, he had never seen such a strange thing. The palm of his hand was able to absorb and devour the energy of heaven and earth. If this silver-faced headhunter is really so weird and abnormal, wouldn’t the cultivation speed make people who have requested double cultivation feel pressure?
Suojun, Tengxiong and others also don’t see the slightest clue. They all speculate whether this is some kind of weird Wushu or something else, but they haven’t seen enough to know the secret.
The wind raised his arm across a piece of Xuanqing jade from his chest and put it in the jade hanging around his neck unnoticed.
This piece of Xuanqingyu is impressively getting something that can absorb Wushu and give full play to it.
In times of crisis, this jade can also help Xuansapphire absorb martial arts, and it can avoid attacks at first sight, but it can also release the absorbed martial arts to hurt the enemy. However, it is a sigh that every time this jade is absorbed, it will break a small piece of martial arts, and Xuansapphire can continue to absorb it after it is released.
After all, Wushu and Wushu are different elements. If Wushu is at the same time in Xuansapphire, Wushu fighting will happen, which may lead to the tragedy that Xuansapphire’s bursting messenger is injured by itself.
"This guy is so amazing that he has so much Wushu." Liu Qiang looked surprised and stared at the three pieces of heaven and earth. The wind was still full of consternation and disbelief. Once I thought of this greedy wolf, it turned out to be my own, Liu Qiang was saddened.
There is a thrilling solution to an attack that everyone thinks is mortal. The wind rises easily and flies away to dozens of feet, but it is too late for Suojun and others to pursue it.
Others tried to chase out, but Xiao Tingwei stopped "not chasing"
Others are confused and stop to look at Xiao Tingwei’s heart. When did the head of Xiao’s mercenary group become so generous?
But then they found Xiao Tingwei’s move, which means that there has been a strange corridor in the sight of all people, and it is back to the dreamy corridor.
"Let him go, that thing can be taken back later, but Helen’s Jedi time is not much. We must try our best to pass through this corridor and then enter a good area for practice." Xiao Tingwei forced himself to keep a cool head, and he couldn’t wait to pursue this silver headhunter, but that guy was obviously there at a speed. No one can chase it without two hands. He can temporarily give up the mysterious luminous body and choose to pass this corridor for dozens of feet to reach a pure and rich area of resources and heaven and earth energy.
In the end, Xiao Tingwei added, "The corridor of waking up and getting drunk is far more dangerous than you can imagine. It depends on your nature."
Suo Jun and Teng Xiong also published various skills and experiences of breaking through this corridor. The three men tacitly turned over the matter of just killing each other’s hands.
Although the length of this corridor is dozens of feet, the entrance of the corridor is a boulder, and the whole corridor is slippery, which means that the further you go, the deeper you go.
Some people can’t wait to step into the back-to-dream drunken corridor and walk in from the entrance of the boulder. However, when they enter the back-to-dream drunken corridor, the walking speed suddenly drops like a snail, and every step seems to have done all their strength. The body is gradually bent under pressure, and with the deepening, the legs tremble violently, as if the whole body is under great pressure.
And people who walked about a dozen steps into the back-to-the-dream-drunk corridor spit out one mouthful blood one after another, and blood burst in both legs, splashing out on the corridor and the walls on both sides of the corridor, but the blood was instantly absorbed by the walls and generally disappeared.
Finally, people who entered the back to the dream-drunk corridor can do their best to retreat. However, everyone is ecstatic and finds that they can clearly feel that the vitality has increased with every step back. Until they quit the back to the dream-drunk corridor, they initially entered the people. Although they really suffered a lot of damage, the vitality has increased a lot. The effect brought by those few steps is comparable to that of practicing for more than ten days.
"Oh, my God, I finally broke through the one-year stagnation, and my strength finally broke through." After I first entered the corridor of getting drunk, I was covered in blood, but my face was full of ecstasy. I shouted with excitement that I didn’t make progress for more than a year. It was as if I was stuck, and my strength was limited to this strength level. It was difficult to cross the gap after 20 steps back and forth.
Knowing this exciting news, everyone couldn’t help boiling up. The scene was like frying a pot to hold boiling water, and it entered a state of excitement when a certain animal was in estrus. However, Xiao Tingwei received a sentence and made everyone accept the tragic humanitarian fact in time.
"This passage will open one day, and if you can’t cross it in one day, you can stay here for practice in the rest."
"I wipe beautiful things, so it’s all a passing time. One day," they can’t help sighing and sighing. It takes about half an hour to go back, but this effect is already comparable to the practice speed of ten days and a half months.
If it is from the beginning to the end of Helen’s Jedi, there are more than 20 days left in the practice of this dream-returning and drunken passage, then it is equivalent to the practice of the outside world for 20 years. This kind of practice speed is that people can’t resist the temptation
Of course, everyone’s ideas are a little too good, and their calculation method is obviously incorrect.
Helen’s Jedi resources have no obvious effect on the strong Wuxian. Even if this corridor of returning to sleep and getting drunk will be held at 6 o’clock, it is impossible to keep Helen’s Jedi for more than 20 days. The sufficient amount is to make everyone barely rank among Wuxian, and then the method will have such a strong effect again.
However, everyone has to accept that the cruel fact that this passage can last for a day makes many people’s dreams of martial arts fall apart like fragile glass being hit.
Although I know that it is more horrible to go back to the corridor, I know that the opening time of the corridor is limited. Everyone is rushing back to the corridor. However, everyone has stopped for about ten steps, even if they lift their feet and move their hands, they have no strength.
Even if these people * * defense strongman is only supported to fifteen steps when Nai stopped, and the body was crushed by some kind of gravity, as if it were going to explode or be crushed.
It’s strange to see that no one has come to pursue themselves. According to the desperate struggle of all the people just now, they are all very interested in this thing, but now no one has chased it out, so it can be said that there are still things that can produce great temptation to everyone.
The wind can’t help but stop in astonishment and quietly return to the original road.
Just all the people compete for the mysterious luminous body impressively is the seven great white sharks beast spirit. The first seven fighting capacities of Warcraft are obviously more horrible than his seven fighting capacities of Warcraft. Even the ancient fighting capacities of Warcraft are probably inferior to this great white shark. It is no wonder that Xiao Tingwei, the powerful Wu Xian, and others have tried their best to snatch this beast spirit.
Although this beast spirit level is equivalent to the level of human Wuxian, the fighting capacity of this beast spirit is stronger than that of Wuxian level. There are too many humans, and the successful integration with the beast spirit can change the fighting capacity, which is comparable to the fighting capacity of the strong in the peak period of Wuxian, and it is equivalent to one more life. After all, the beast spirit was seriously injured, and the messenger body has no influence.
Fang Qi’s spirit sank into the wind and Yang Qi’s body. Seven Great White Sharks’ spirit force impacted the wind and Yang Yuan’s spirit force made the wind and Yang Yuan’s spirit force fall into a sluggish state for that moment, which almost killed him in the hands of three strong martial arts. Fortunately, after the spirit force of the seven beasts had a wave of impact on the wind and Yang Yuan’s spirit force, it seemed that they met with the same spirit force spreading around the wind and Yang’s head, waiting for an opportunity to rise.
In the face of the king of viper, the soul force of the spirit beast suddenly died down like a mouse seeing a cat. The wind blows up and the head is as gentle as a little sheep waiting to breed.
Feng Yang was going to find a safe place to devour and fuse these seven animal spirits, but he realized that things had changed.
"Sure enough, if it weren’t for * following those guys, I really couldn’t find the secret here. I’m afraid that when I enter Helen’s Jedi, I’ll be fought by waves and ordinary level 5 Warcraft." Feng Yang hid dozens of feet away and stared at the place where just level 7 Warcraft died, and suddenly saw that everyone was rushing towards a boulder out of the hole and opened the eagle eye pupil. Even if it was dozens of feet apart, he could compare the excitement and eagerness of everyone’s faces, as if everything had happened under his eyelids.
"If you swagger through the past, I don’t know if you will be cut off by those three guys who hate themselves into the ass." Feng Yang thought with great interest that the three major forces had robbed them, and they regarded them as treasures. I’m afraid they couldn’t wait to cramp themselves and skin them, and then tie themselves to the wall of Zheng Ancheng, so that all the three gangs could queue up to explode chrysanthemums, which would vent their hatred.
Hand-written novels

"Although these words are late for a long time, it is still necessary to tell you." Zheng Nuo’s eyes suddenly smiled and made Jingxiang feel some pain in his eyes. "Jingxiang I like you."

"This kind of love has been around for a long time, maybe much earlier than you think."
Jingxiang felt that he had been waiting for this sentence for a long time.
It must have been a long time before she wanted Zheng Nuo to say it.
After all, this man is too proud to live in his life. He can get anything he wants easily. He has everything he wants. It is not easy for him to truly admit and say this like.
Even if Zheng Nuo can white his mood, he may not say these words to Jingxiang.
Perhaps in the past, Zheng Nuo thought that nothing was worth his compromise.
Jing Xiang is not confident either. She knows that she is working hard, but she is not sure whether she can have the desired result.
This seems to be a gamble for Jing Xiang, who has put all her feelings and courage on the table, waiting for Zheng Nuo to take the step she needs.
Jingxiang feels that she and Zheng Nuo are very much like she walked out of the first ninety-nine steps, but the last step needs Zheng Nuo to step out
This man once probably didn’t believe in love at all, and he would recognize that all feelings are just desires and can be exchanged for things of equal value.
But after Jing Xiang, Zheng Nuo’s concept changed step by step.
But it is also a change. It is actually very difficult to get Zheng Nuo out of this step.
Jingxiang knew that it took so long for Zheng Nuo to jump into his trap. She deliberately made him jealous and let him know that he could leave at any time after taking great risks and experiencing so much, and finally came to the present.
There is a feeling that the clouds are scattered. Jingxiang feels that she has finally seen the sun. She is waiting for Zheng Nuo.
Jingxiang didn’t speak again, but held Zheng Nuo’s initiative to kiss his lips and told him how worried he was.
After work, I went to pick a gift with Chenchi, because there was another party in Chenchi circle recently that Chenchi needed to attend, and it was the kind that needed to bring a date.
"It happened that this banquet … quite a few artists also went."
There is another chapter before twelve o’clock.
☆、haper 44
"There are also hosts in our station who are going to attend this banquet?" Qingchen listened to colleagues discussing during the day, and all the financial channels were invited to participate.
"It’s just a birthday party," Chen Chi replied lightly.
"The birthday party is so big?"
Chenchi smiled. "His father was the richest man in the past, and he also got involved in the media and invited many people."
All rich people have always understood the world.
She thought it would be nice to spend her birthday with her closest friends and family. It seems that there is no point in inviting many people to this big party at the end.
Of course, it is not important to Qingchen, but the people who hold this party naturally have his own ideas. Most of their lives are spent eating, drinking and having fun at the party, which is their most important life. It is their business to find business opportunities in those eating, drinking and having fun.
Most of those families also ask whether they can make money or not, which may be the most sincere idea of their elders.
Qingchen met a very rich man, but he killed someone because of drunk driving. The incident was too big to stop and even his family business was defeated in the end.
So many things happen, even in those social news.
"But don’t you feel the waves when you wear a different gift every time on this occasion?"
This is just like a truth in the entertainment circle. If someone in the circle wears the same clothes in succession, they will be laughed at in private.
Qingchen himself is so-called, but Chen’s family status is there. Qingchen will not stubbornly lose Chen Guren’s face because he doesn’t like it.
The appearance of her girlfriend Chen Chi naturally represents Chen’s family.
I finally got the gift ready after I chose it for a long time in a special custom-made gift shop. Only in the morning did I feel that shopping could be so tiring.
"I think you all like shopping." Chenchi saw Qingchen dragging his arm, and he couldn’t help laughing at her.
"No," Qingchen continued to hang in Chenchi’s arm and walked slowly forward. "Before shopping, I needed more. Now everything is bought online. I think I have lost the skill of not being tired of shopping for a day."
They came out of the shopping mall, which happened to be near the business district, and Tongru Company was over there.
Qingchen is still wondering if she will meet TongRu here, but I didn’t expect to meet him, which made her sigh for a lifetime. What a coincidence!
"Hi, Qingchen Chenchi" Tong Ru is still wearing professional clothes. It seems that she just came from the company to solve dinner here.
"Are you alone?" Qingchen asked, "Did you work?"
"I’m the boss, which class makes sense, but I just put things aside to buy something and go back to work overtime." TongRu couldn’t help but smile.
"Then you are really hard."
Chenchi nodded when he saw TongRu, but he didn’t speak. Qingchen was chatting with TongRu.
Green morning corner took a glance at Chenchi although there was no abnormality on the surface, in fact, my heart secretly praised Chenchi’s reaction.
"It’s okay. I’ll go back and continue to work overtime after I buy something. You are busy."
"That line we walked first." Qing Chen didn’t intend to have too many greetings with TongRu.
TongRu nodded and looked at QingChen and ChenChi walked past her and then suddenly shouted "ChenChi".
Chenchi leans slightly. "Huh?"

"Can Herman continue to start the first day?" The first sentence in Rhea’s office after Qinan sat down made Rhea feel a little strange. Qinan had never directly asked a teammate for a starting position beforehand.

"Monica is Herman want you to come and talk to me? How did he know that I wouldn’t let him start? He should know that his state has been really smelly recently. It’s hard to play in the game. I need Alberto in better shape. "
"It was my own idea ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Oh, so there are so many Monica kids. You are becoming more and more competent as a captain now. Hehe, I think Fabio will be at ease in the hospital when he sees your growth." Seeing that Qinan is becoming more and more captain of the team, Rhea is obviously happier than the big Cannavaro. "Thank you, Dominica, because I am the head coach who neglected Herman’s appearance. I have never found out that you are right. The best way to get Herman out of the downturn is to let him score goals to get rid of the world competition. I will continue to let him start."
Thank you. I will try my best to help Herman the day before, and I will ask other teammates to cooperate with him. The best way for a striker to regain confidence is to score goals.
After Dennis pulled into the starting position of heaven and earth, Qinan and Rhea made a series of discussions on the future construction of the team in the office. After seeing Qinan off, Rhea felt luckier when she looked at the beautiful night on the window sill of the office alone. What is there to be satisfied with having a player like Domonica?
In today’s game, according to the agreement with Qinan, Rirea really let Dennis start and Lavezzi partner up front, Qinan goes out of the front waist.
Since the game, Dennis has deliberately sent more earth to Dennis, and Dennis has also shown strong fighting spirit and good state after solving the knot.
In the 21 ST minute at half time, Qinan connected two people on the left side of Lazio’s penalty area. When he had a good enough opportunity to shoot, he didn’t choose to shoot, but gave the ball to someone to guard Dennis, who took the lead with a poke near the penalty spot.
"Thank you, Dominica, thank you …" After the goal, Dennis was excited and tearful. The pressure and sadness of the new season were released at this moment. The Argentine excitedly hugged Zinan and kissed him with saliva to express his gratitude. If Zinan didn’t run fast, it is estimated that Dennis would give a scene of "Brokeback Mountain" to 50,000 Naples fans on the field.
In halftime stoppage time, after Qinan caught Hamsik’s ball at the front of the penalty area, he shot the ball from Lazio goalkeeper Carrizzo, Argentina, and Dennis cleverly stabbed the ball into the door before Carrizzo made another save.
Mei Dui! ! ! Dennis scored two goals at half-time. This time, Dennis wanted to catch Qinan and have a good sex. Fortunately, Qinan played it by ear. After Dennis scored, he had already gone to the defense line to celebrate with Rina Udobiagio and others. Dennis wanted to chase him, but Hamsik gargano had already put him on the ground for a new round of "human flesh pyramid". The next day, a report in Rome Sports newspaper claimed that Dennis’s hat trick was over, and there was a scene of disharmony in Naples. After Dennis scored, Dominica was jealous and didn’t want to celebrate with his teammates.
In the 70 th minute, Qinan scored a standard Beckham-style right in the right side of the penalty area. Dennis jumped high in the Lazio penalty area and pressed the Lazio defender to smash the ball into the goal. For the third time, he asked fellow villager Carrizzo Naidi to pick up the ball from the net.
After the goal, Dennis still rushed to Qinan again, but this time Qinan didn’t escape. He threw the Argentine to the ground with a standard "over the shoulder" and called a bunch of teammates to ravage Dennis again.
In the tenth minute, Reya Zalayeta was replaced by Dennis Argentina, and 50,000 Naples fans were in the palm of their hands.
In the end, Napoli won the game. With Dennis’s hat trick, Napoli beat Lazio 3-1 at home and unexpectedly won four consecutive victories in the league.
When we entered Naples in October, the schedule became more and more dense.
Three days after the victory over Lazio, Naples once again ushered in the Champions League. This time, they will go to Marseille, France to challenge the third place in Ligue 1.
Volume III
Chapter two hundred and sixty-three The finale
Unexpected 3:! ! ! ! ! !
Qinan’s neat hat trick turned what should have been a hard game for major media into a one-sided game, and Qinan also shocked the whole of Europe.
After the game, Qinan became the hottest topic in the world football. The French newspaper L ‘Equipe sadly declared that "our Marseille team is not strong enough to attack the Serie A champions." Today, the Marseille March (Marseille team song) was sung in Marseille, which is more like a funeral music. "Sports Daily, Italy’s largest sports newspaper, proudly said that" a great victory in Naples told the world that Serie A is still the world’s number one, and the gap between Ligue 1 and Serie A is at least 100,000 light years away ". Titan sports’s title is more direct: "Duomonica, Manica, Cardmonica, Monika", and Naples Sports Daily simply "whispers" to form Qinan.
After defeating Marseille for three weeks, Qinan led his troops to win another 4-2 victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in London. Qinan scored two goals and assisted one goal again.
If the slaughter of Werder Bremen and the defeat of Marseille have not made the whole of Europe realize the horror of Naples, then the victory over Chelsea finally made the whole of Europe truly realize the horror of Naples, and Qi Nan, who scored seven goals in three Champions League matches, has become the focus of world football. If the season of Qi Nan is still known to Italians, then Qi Nan has been known to the whole of Europe and the whole world after three Champions League group matches.
Two weeks later, he returned to Naples, the home of Chelsea, with the same score as the first leg, and defeated his opponent again. The result and process were almost strikingly similar. In this game, Zinan not only scored two goals again, but also assisted two others. In the first two rounds, Naples advanced from the so-called "death group" before the game.
In the Champions League, the scenery is limited in the league. Naples is also inexorably promoted to the top 16 of the Champions League. In the first seven rounds, they scored six wins and one draw. In the twelve rounds, Naples scored ten wins, two draws and 32 points unbeaten, ranking first in the league standings and second. The gap between Inter Milan’s points has widened to six points. So far, Naples has become the only team in the five major leagues in Europe that has not lost in the league. It is counted as the Champions League and Italy’s new season. Naples has been unbeaten for ten consecutive games.
Who can stop crazy Naples? This is a topic that has been discussed unanimously in Italian football and European football circles at present. In the first poem by Mourinho and Ancelotti in Italy, the Italian coaching team has been "studying" this topic day and night, but practice has proved that their research results are obviously different from what they imagined because both Milan and Milan lost in the Napoli League match.
Contrary to the super-high goal rate in the Champions League, Napoli fans found that Domenica’s goal momentum was not so crazy in the league matches. After twelve rounds of the league matches, Domenica only scored five goals, but they also noticed that Domenica’s direct assists in these twelve games reached an astonishing 14 times, not counting the planned goals. If Domenica is a terminator in the Champions League, Domenica is a perfect organizer in the league, which can be well seen from the goals scored by Naples strikers.
Gilardino scored 12 goals, Dennis scored 11 goals, Lavezzi scored 1 goal, and even played seven goals in a day. Zalayeta scored four goals in the top five scorers list. Gilardino ranked first in the scorer list, and Dennis Lavezzi ranked second and third respectively. Inter Milan Ibrahimovic was tied for third place with Lavezzi.
Do you say that Dominica is not good when you score less goals in the league? Coach Rhea knows it’s not! ! ! What is the difference between Domenica in the league and Domenica in the Champions League? Rhea knows that in Serie A, the coaches of various teams have already got a better understanding of Domenica through the research in these two seasons. They also already know that even if he is arrogant like Mourinho, he will arrange special personnel to guard Domenica in the league, so it is naturally more difficult for Domenica to score goals, while in the Champions League, it is different for those coaches in other European leagues who are not familiar with Domenica, just like Bremen-they all despise Domenica, so it is easier for Domenica to score goals than in the league.
Another important reason is that other European league teams are much worse in defense than Serie A teams. After all, Serie A defense is recognized as the first in Europe.
In the last two games of the Champions League group stage, Naples has already qualified and discharged a large number of substitutes, but even so, Marseille and Bremen still failed to take three points from Naples because that is like a nightmare for both teams, and Dominica is still there.
In these two games, Qinan came off the bench at home against Marseille. In the game before Qinan, Naples was 12 behind, but in the remaining 25 minutes, Qinan scored a goal and assisted henggongbangzhu, a beautiful girl, and Naples achieved the overtaking. Finally, Naples was at home 3; 2 narrowly beat the opponent’s beautiful girl away against Bremen. Qinan scored another goal at the last minute. Naples equalized the score, and this goal completely ruined Bremen’s Champions League. In another game, Chelsea defeated Marseille by two points and formed the second expenditure team in the group.
During the draw ceremony for the Champions League quarter-final, when UEFA President Platini raised the draw ball in his hand, Naples fans were in an uproar in front of the camera. Because the number in the hands of the French indicated that Naples would meet one of the best giants in Europe-Real Madrid, some old Naples fans will always remember that Naples was eliminated from the European Cup for the first time and once again met this famous Spanish giant in the knockout round. They could not help but feel a little worried.
Shortly after the lottery results came out, Serie A officially entered the winter break. Naples was unbeaten without any suspense, and the record of beautiful girls became Serie A and half Cheng Guanjun. They were more than eleven points ahead of the second Inter Milan.
Napoli didn’t buy any players this winter. The team is in good condition, and there is no need to make any changes to the well-functioning team.
Italy Shili on January 15th, 2011, a beautiful girl was named the best player of the year by the Italian Players’ Association Oscar. Qinan and his Naples became the biggest winners. Qinan beat AC Milan Kaka, Inter Milan Ibrahimovic as the best foreign player and won the title of the best player of the year in one fell swoop. He also won the best goal award for his stunning volley goal from 40 meters away in Bologna.
In addition, coach Rhea was elected as the best coach of the season, and Napoli captain Cannavaro also won the best defender award. Neapolitans accounted for almost half of all the awards, and the Neapolitan team where Qinan was located was naturally in the limelight at the "Serie A Oscar" awards evening.
The "Serie A Oscar" was founded in 1997 to commend the best player in Serie A in the previous season. The coach and referee voted by Serie A players for each award, and the best player was the best native player and the best foreign player. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most prestigious award in Italian football.
At the beginning of each year, the results of various international football awards are announced, and this year is no exception. After winning several awards in the "Serie A Oscar", Qi Nan has also become the most popular figure in other most prestigious football awards.
Although Qinan narrowly lost to Bazaar Rona Messi in the European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year award, it is not easy for a player who has not played professional football for two years.
However, although he failed to win the European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year, Qi Nan still gained a lot from other awards. Among the "best players in the world in 1921" selected by the International Federation of Players, he was named the best midfielder of the year. In the Asian Footballer of the Year, he defeated South Korean players such as Park Ji-sung and Jundi Rinakamura with great advantage, thus Qi Nan became the second China player to win the honorary title of Asian Footballer of the Year after Fan Zhiyi for 21 years.
However, several China fans can’t understand that Qi Na actually lost to a player who played for the Super League in the selection of the Chinese Footballer of the Year. Fortunately, the fans all know that this is mostly a "great" China Football Association’s good deed, and they don’t care too much about the selection result. Most of them choose to laugh it off. In their opinion, isn’t Qi Na an Asian Footballer better than a Super League Footballer?
The wheel of history is still at its inherent speed. In rolling time, the water rushes forward like a long river, and it never stops for half a minute. As in previous years, Serie A has rekindled the war after a short pause of 20 days.
After the winter break, Naples continued its strength in the first half of the season. After 20 rounds of the league, they were still unstoppable in the league. Ten wins and two draws, Naples never lost in the league.
At this time, some media and fans finally speculated whether Naples would finish the season undefeated, but in fact, their speculation finally came true. Naples successfully defended the league in the thirtieth round of the season. Naples beat Inter Milan at home on the 21st, and the gap between the top two teams in the league widened to an incredible point. As a result, the front wheel in prehistoric times lost the suspense of the Serie A championship. Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho also took the initiative to take the blame after the game. After the game, he announced to the media that he had resigned as coach of Inter Milan.
"Serie A has entered the Napoli era, or more precisely, Serie A has entered the Domenica era. I have never regretted doing anything wrong in Italy these few seasons, but at this moment I have a feeling of regret. That is why I didn’t talk about what means and conditions to dig Domenica to Inter Milan next season. In that case, the scenery should be limited to our Inter Milan. Now everything is late because Domenica is already priced! ! ! ! ! !”
Mourinho’s remarks can be said to speak out the hearts of most Serie A coaches. Almost all fans are jealous of the good life of Napoli coach Rhea. They have also played against the beautiful girl Burroughs, and the European rivals Bremen, Chelsea, Marseille, felt the same way. Two months later, the team coach added Real Madrid coach and Bayern coach. Because Napoli once again defeated these two giants in the Champions League quarter-finals and quarter-finals, Qinan scored five goals and assisted three goals.
After winning the Serie A championship last season, Naples can finally devote all its energy to the Champions League, which also makes their semi-final opponent Manchester United lose heart because Ferguson Manchester United is being chased by Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool in the Premier League.
On April 25th and May 3rd, 2011, as the Naples Sports Daily said, Naples was "very normal" with a total score of six to four, which eliminated the Red Devils and Manchester United advanced to the Champions League final with their heads held high. For the Naples Sports Daily, it was "very normal", but there were not many media in other countries who disagreed, because the perfect performance of Naples was there in the season. At this time, no one would think that Naples is not as good as Manchester United now.
Naples won the duel with Manchester United, and Qinan also won the duel with Cristiano Ronaldo. In these two world-renowned semi-final matches, before the major sports media in the world, they were hotly engaged in a "fate" duel. Everyone wanted to know which of these two young people with the same gorgeous skills and handsome appearance could win the final victory. After two games, the answer was revealed. Domenica won completely and Cristiano Ronaldo defeated Manchester United.
On May 24, 2011, the eyes of the world fans focused on Wembley Stadium in London, England, because it is the venue of the annual Champions League final for beautiful girls, where Naples will compete with the semi-final elimination of AC Milan and Barcelona for the final championship.
Just as the match between Qinan and Cristiano Ronaldo triggered several bets and speculations, the match between Qinan and Messi also became the biggest attraction of the game, because it was they who ranked the top two in the selection of the European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year last year that Qinan lost to Messi in the selection last season because they didn’t participate in the European Champions Cup and the World Cup, so in the 211 season without the World Cup, the European Champions Cup naturally became the most important chip that could affect the annual selection. It can be said that whoever can lead the team to win the annual European Champions Cup, then the attribution of the European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year has already been pocketed by whoever.
Ninety minutes later, the biggest suspense in European football of the year was revealed. Qinan led him to beat Messi Bazaaro in Naples, which reached the peak of European football.
The two teams played a high-score and high-quality battle against each other. The world fans staged an epic feast and scored a hat trick in the individual performance competition. Qinan also scored two goals. Messi was elected as the best player in the game. Qinan also became a hat trick player in the Champions League final after Real Madrid Pushkas and Di Stefano aC Milan Plati.
Sure enough, in the 2011 European Golden Globe Award and the World Footballer of the Year award, Qinan beat Messi Cristiano Ronaldo to win the absolute advantage, and this year Naples also became the hottest club in the world.
However, even with the brilliant achievements of Qinan Naples, some people still regard Naples as an explosive second-rate team, but they don’t know that it is just a dynasty and belongs to the Napoli era

After a fierce ideological struggle, I joined hands with the mayor of Kippbimi, a neighboring friendly city, and found that the other party had also received a message from someone who claimed to be an emissary of the revolutionary army. After some discussion, they decided to believe it.

The mayor of Iceberg issued a compulsory administrative order, abandoning the protesters from businessmen, fishermen and other people whose interests were damaged, and the citizens were forced to enter a special state of preventing typhoons and tsunamis.
Natural disasters come as scheduled.
Originally, I was still complaining about the mayor’s life, and the citizens hid at home and began to praise the mayor’s decisiveness.
"Is there any problem with the disaster prevention measures in Kalifa?"
"This is the seventh time you have asked the same question today. You have personally checked all the disaster prevention measures on the island, and there will be no problem." Wearing a tight bag and hip skirt, the blonde secretly pushed her glasses and took pains to answer the mayor’s question.
"Well … no problem."
Iceberg mayor embarrassed smile.
It is not that he is forgetful, but that the typhoon is so terrible that people are not worried about any omissions.
The storm roared outside the window.
The dark sea of clouds is very low, just like pressing it on the top of the city hall official residence. You can reach out and touch the ink-splashed dark sea of clouds. The thunder is so deafening that it becomes extremely loud. In a flash, the light will shine through the cracks in the shutters.
Such a scene
It’s really scary
Water is scared to pee its pants. Children are not one or two.
There are many people who are worried about this terrible typhoon, and the mayor of iceberg is one of them. Besides him, many people feel more pressure from this storm. In the final analysis, water is the unfortunate one who has been hit by the storm.
The real goal is floating in the sea!
"Ruo Ruo got off to a bad start! Mr. Zephyr, this storm has come at a really bad time. "Sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed on the bridge, Franco gave a gloating smile. He did not hide his pleasure at seeing the navy unlucky."
Even he himself is in this unlucky category.
"Shut your mouth."
Zephyr coldly seems to be not angry.
Violent momentum rushed over and let Franco stir up this disabled old man. He still maintained such majesty. Even if he retired, he should not be underestimated! It’s not a good time to get angry and find a chance to settle accounts with this old guy later!
"Mr. Zephyr, this storm may not be an accident."
The garden suddenly opened its mouth
The storm and waves outside the window reminded her of the situation she had encountered off the coast of the kingdom of Alabama.
Storm roar
rain cats and dogs
The waves are monstrous.
"The revolutionary army also launched a surprise attack in the storm."
"I know"
Zephyr nodded.
His face showed a little distress. "Long Xiao was also trained in my hand. His ability is as dangerous as Bai Hu. Alas! It’s too late to say anything. Since the storm hit, we said that all our actions were seen through. "
"I’m afraid the situation is not optimistic, Bo Rusali."
Zephyr eyes rested on the general wave Rusali.
No matter how bad the mentor and the apprentice are, the overall situation in Zephyr does not allow the navy to be in conflict at this time. Although the old man has bewitched the great ideal of overthrowing the world government in Eluz, he still needs to stay in the navy until he sees enough signs of victory
As far as possible, rebel against the strong navy, and through the world government, the hen hatched a new navy.
He is now thinking from the standpoint of the navy.
This time, he didn’t expect the revolutionary army, such as Monkey D. Dragon, to be his student-he didn’t see through the ambition in the student’s heart at that time, but with rich educational experience, he believed that the dragon was able to rank in the top three among all the students he had taught
It is difficult to defeat the revolutionary army.
Being able to successfully recapture the devil is already the greatest achievement.
In addition, he should try his best to ensure that the naval forces do not let these brave sailors sacrifice meaningfully because of the conflict with the revolutionary army. Even if they die, they should die in the battle with pirates rather than fall in the fight with the revolutionary army.
"At this time, there is no room for hard work!"
Wave Rusali leisurely responded.
Hearing this, the naval generals showed their serious faces one after another. If they can see the enemy, even the four emperors, they are not without the courage to wield their swords. It is natural disasters such as typhoons and tsunamis that make people very tired. Typhoon and tsunami are more troublesome than the four emperors.
"Gion Stolobery Dalmaisi Arakvar Steles, you go to other ships to sit, whether you cut the waves with swords or blow a path with your fists, always remember that you protect the warships and I don’t like to call them casualties."
Zephyr stared at the five lieutenant general.
Although the real commander of this operation is Bo Rusali Nuo, there is no one who will not be available to point out that even Bo Rusali Nuo, who was robbed, is a muddy and careless person.
This is ambiguous justice.
If it doesn’t go against the justice in his heart, he is glad that someone is willing to stand up and share the responsibility for him.
"It’s teacher Zephyr."
"Instructor, leave it to me."
"Promise that nothing will happen to my people."
The five lieutenants should be in harmony.
Although the answer is not very uniform, it is called either a teacher or an instructor, which means that all five of them have been trained and instructed by Zephyr … Elus can be described as an eye-opener. Zephyr’s old man’s connections are really amazing
"and you"
Zephyr’s eyes turned and fell on Elus and others.
"You, too, didn’t call you here to watch the fun and go to work." The old man gave orders rudely.
The command is not difficult for the seven seas. It is Zephyr’s old man’s imperative tone that makes the arrogant female emperor somewhat dissatisfied. Franco also smiled strangely for two times

It doesn’t make sense!

"Yanyan, don’t you like him?" Walking in May, he looked askance at Jin Yan and saw that his little face panic had faded, so he asked 1.
Wenjinyan serious look back at a few steps outside burn assumed the glass sipping mouth shook his head "no! I don’t know him! "
"Are you afraid?" May then asked 1
Hearing this, Jin Yan twisted his brow and thought hard until his eyes were full of doubts before he said weakly, "It’s not afraid! I haven’t seen him, but I always feel that he is a little familiar with Sister May. Am I sick? "
May Wen squinted at Jinyan’s white face and bright eyes, turned slightly and leaned close to Jinyan’s ear and said, "Don’t you think you two look alike?"
"Ah?" In an instant, Jin Yan just stood there.
Along the May words, he unexpectedly looked back and also decided to burn the three-dimensional glass and immediately stretched out his hand and touched his little face and murmured, "Is that right? Sister May, are we really alike? "
"Have I ever lied to you?" In May, she raised her eyebrows for a moment, and then Jin Yan and Huang Yin-li were equally stunned, and she had a plan in her heart.
It seems that she has to ask someone!
Jinyan is aunt Xue and uncle Lou, but it doesn’t make sense to be so like this self-proclaimed good man Huang Yin Li!
After noticing such strange facts, May’s eyes suddenly crossed the ground.
Great! I finally have something to do again!
Recently, after returning to the state of Qi and Chu, she felt that the day was as calm as white water!
Dazed leng burn three-dimensional glass with negative force will naturally talk to Jin Yan in May.
It turned out that he didn’t think the little boy was similar to him!
It’s not what it feels like to say that when he looks at Jinyan, he always feels that his face seems to be a bit far away.
Maybe things have been complicated recently and he’s thinking again? !
This compartment burn three-dimensional glass arrived at the dust palace early in the morning and checked in directly without any command.
The news soon came back to Toffee in the East Palace.
In the main hall of the East Palace, Toffee Yosuke was fiddling with the table and a maid-in-waiting dressed woman hurried in and whispered a word in her ear, and the porcelain bowl in Yosuke’s hand instantly fell to the ground.
"What did you say?"
"Toffee is true! It was too dark just now, and it was reported that when it was too close, it would stay in the dusty palace and not return to the East Palace for a short time! "
Maid-in-waiting looked at the sunrise with a face of disbelief and gave her all the slang.
And on the sunrise eyes looking at broken porcelain bowl eyebrows tight cu "what’s the matter? How can I suddenly stay in the dusty palace! "
"Taifei heard that it seems that this morning, King Dust and Princess Dust went to help them take care of their children except for going away from home and their little princess and little prince were left unattended!"
At first, however, I heard the words of the maid-in-waiting on the sunrise and immediately sneered at the cheek. "What a joke! Is Tang Tai going to look after the children for others? Can this matter be taken seriously? "
"Taifei handmaiden dare not talk nonsense!"
Seeing this, Youxi’s eyes flashed cold light, and then he wiped his palm with a gauze towel and threw it on the table at random. He immediately ordered, "You want to arrange a palace to see what kind of child can make Taitai so happy!"
"Toffee really want to go? After all, it was the dust king and the dust princess child and … "
"What nonsense! Palace can’t win the East Palace. Can those women still lose to two teenagers? Go and arrange the palace and you will know that this Su Ling will make waves once she comes back. It’s a disaster! "
Thanks to the sunrise, outsiders can’t see that the main hall of the East Palace is a jade cheek, but at this time it is ferocious and ugly because of hearing this news.
She suffered so much injustice when she went to Huangyin Glass East Palace that he embarrassed her in front of Su Ling that day!
How can she swallow this tone!
I’ve long heard that Su Ling was found by Huang Lao, and she also took two children!
She won’t see her in the East Palace. Now if he really goes to the Dust Palace, how can she continue her plan!
What a nuisance!
This is the second watch after 7 o’clock, and there are three chapters, 437, and the glass has been silent for five years!

Chapter 39 Cut will win the hearts of the people

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After crossing the mountainous area of Langzhong, the Kang Peng army entered the relatively flat Sichuan Basin. Before Dong Zhuojun attacked Yizhou on a large scale, the life of Yizhou people was still quite good. Most of the people were able to reach the level of adequate food and clothing. The gentry were as rich and luxuriant as those in Yonghe and Liangzhou. The warm and humid climate made Yizhou base have no food production difficulties, and the rich and varied things almost made Yizhou soldiers and civilians self-sufficient. Not only was it famous for its stunning Sichuan brocade, but it was more expensive than gold, well and salt in that era. Panzhihua Iron Mine was a good thing that Kang Peng had long coveted.
Deer are velvet, musk is killed, Yizhou is rich, and its crime has been stared at by two groups of hungry wolves. First, Liu Yan dragged away the road in the imperial court to get the position of Yizhou secretariat. With a group of helpers, he drove away the people’s hearts and won the hearts of the people. Jia Long occupied this rich land, and Liu Yan took the road of splitting the big man. Then Kang Peng adopted the strategy of Jia Xu, not going to war in the Central Plains, and put the first goal of expansion in Yizhou to get the first chance to control the situation in the sky. Yizhou didn’t give the enemy the opportunity to borrow Yizhou for development and growth. Kang Peng also learned the lesson that Cao Cao failed to unify the sky. Before the Chibi War, Jia Xu also suggested that Cao Cao should take Yizhou first and then attack Jiangnan, so that Liu Bei and Sun could kill each other without pressure. Unfortunately, Cao Cao was carried away by Yuan Shao’s victory and insisted that the old scoundrel in the south was extremely slippery. Jia Xu knew that Cao Cao Cao was dealing with Liu Bei and Sun at the same time and pretended to
Kang Peng and Liu Yan fought, but Yizhou dog-eat-dog suffered. The people of Yizhou couldn’t bite Kang Peng and Liu Yan, and I couldn’t get you. Dong Zhuo couldn’t get the idea of burning the richest area of Yizhou into ruins with a fire. Now the towns and towns in Yizhou Basin are in ruins, and the food and clothing of the people are exhausted. People can struggle in the line of life and death.
In the first month of the fourth year of Han Chuping, Yizhou was particularly cold. The heavy snow stopped and the Langzhong mountain area floated out from time to time. The city of Brazil is naturally gone. There are hundreds of thousands of victims sleeping out in the cold and snow. The consequences of people sleeping out in the cold winter can be imagined. Kang Peng took a team of Qinbing to inspect the victims. He didn’t walk three miles and saw nearly 100 frozen stiff bodies on the roadside.
"Jun Ye be kind, my child hasn’t eaten for five days." A poorly dressed woman with several children slowly approached Kang Peng and his party, begging with black and dirty hands. "Jun Ye, please give me some food. The slave children are starving. Please."
Kang Peng looked intently at the woman with four children. The biggest one was under three feet, and the biggest one was yellow snot. His eyes were full of tears. The youngest child was still crying in the woman’s arms. His young face was yellow and his eyes were sunken, and the sallow and emaciated woman had kowtowed to Kang Peng when she saw that Kang Peng didn’t talk. "I beg you, I beg you, I am not hungry. Please give my child some food."
Although it is not the first time to see this scene, Kang Peng is still very uncomfortable in his heart. This woman may have a happy family, and she is responsible for most of her present situation. Kang Peng shook her head and said, "Give her some food and some rice soup for her children." Kang Peng added, "Give them some more clothes."
Kang Peng Qinbing quickly brought food and clothing. The woman was so excited that she kowtowed like a garlic. Before Kang Peng helped her up, she surrounded several refugees. Pairs of skinny or shriveled hands reached out to Kang Peng and begged and wailed. They all begged Kang Peng to give food, old or young, at least seven or ten years old, and the youngest was only seven or ten years old. Kang Peng and his party were surrounded by a large number of floors, while Kang Peng Qinbing brought food and clothing and distributed them in an instant.
"In addition to the military, you have to bring the big tent." In Kang Peng Li Daokang Peng’s big tent, there are many two princesses, Cai Wenji, Fuyu, Xiuer and several little girls, as well as Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao to bring him Chang ‘an food and make clothes for him. These are Kang Peng who can move without going through the army.
Kang Peng carefully looked around at the victims and saw that almost all of them were old, weak, women and children, and looked around at the wilderness. In doubt, he asked his colleague Lu Su, "Where are the young and strong men here? There is also a large number of military food in the first place. Why can’t I see the porridge shed? "
Lu Su also replied inexplicably, "Back to a surname, most young and strong men were recruited to repair and widen the plank road. It is rare for men to see the porridge shed. The villain didn’t know that General Long had rushed to Xichong to recruit young and strong victims."
"Jun Ye, are you asking the white horse general to set up a porridge shed?" A white-haired old man heard Kang Peng Lu Su’s reply and interjected, "When the white horse general was in Brazil, we could eat two masters a day."
Kang Peng wry smile he robbed in front of zhuge liang steamed bread has now become his own head, Kang Peng asked, "the old man that now? Don’t they send it? "
The old man angrily said, "Five days ago, after the white horse general went to Xichong, the military master here changed his mind. The first one didn’t send any money to sell the last money we robbed from the fire, and they ransacked it or the young girl accompanied them to get some food."
"What?" Kang Peng fire emit three zhangs nu way "old man’s house where are they? Take me to see them. "
When Lu Su saw that Kang Peng was angry and knew that another bloody battle was coming, he winked at the captain of Kang Peng Qinbing. Captain Kang Peng Qinbing knew that he would send someone back to move troops and take some food for the old man, so the old man went with him to find Dong Zhuojun’s vanguard.
Dong Zhuojun’s vanguard camped in a dirt mountain outside Brazil. When Kang Peng arrived at the periphery, he found that there were thousands of sallow and emaciated people around the camp. After the food was steamed, the smell was that he didn’t see the camp to release the food. When Kang Peng’s pro-soldiers saw it, they grabbed the gun and held a knife to make way for Kang Peng.
As soon as I arrived at the camp gate, Kang Peng heard a man laughing and a girl screaming delicately in the camp. When the sentry before the camp saw that Kang Peng was scared out of his wits, he quickly ran to Kang Peng and knelt down before Kang Peng without looking at them. "It’s necessary to see who has such a wonderful life?"
The village gate quickly hit Kang Pengxin’s step into the camp, and the people around Yizhou whispered to guess Kang Peng’s identity. At this time, Lu Su sent soldiers to Lu Bu Pound, and they led five thousand fighters to Kang Peng to camp together.
In the tent, dozens of young profit girls were disheveled and wailed. More than a dozen Dong Zhuojun’s middle-ranking officers were laughing obscenity. There were one or two girls in their arms. In front of them, there was a mountain of wine and meat. Kang Peng walked into the tent with a blue face and lights shining in the tent. Kang Peng’s fat face and muscles were twisted, and the eyes were like geese’s eggs, toad’s mouth and lips were chewing, and his long beard was full of anger.
"Mom!" The first scream was not those delicate girls, but Dong Zhuojun, an officer with the highest rank in the account-Lieutenant Zhao Yun, the rest of Dong Zhuojun’s generals looked up and were scared out of their wits. They almost climbed to their knees in front of Kang Peng, while Lieutenant Zhao Yun was motionless. Lu Bu rushed up, but he saw that he was scared to death.
"Pull out the whipping corpse and chop it up to feed the dog!" Tearing his hair out about Kang Peng’s anger, he is trying to gain the hearts of the state, but these bastards are dragging their feet behind him. Kang Peng, a common people in Yizhou, took a bold glance at those guilty Dong Zhuojun officers kneeling in front of him and said, "Pull and cut the military law."
"A surname to forgive! Master, forgive me! " The officers were so frightened that they were incontinent that they shouted, "The young people should die, but please see that you risked your life to spare our lives in ordinary times."
"No mercy!" Kang Peng intended to use these unlucky heads to deter the army from winning the hearts and minds of Yizhou and warned Dong Zhuo’s soldiers to grind their teeth. "Disobedience and dereliction of duty caused the victims to die of hunger and cold! Adultery should be beheaded! Deducting the victims’ life-saving food and plundering the people’s wealth should be cut! Even if you have these three beheadings, you will be ruthless! "
In a moment, more than a dozen bloody heads were hung in the front camp of Dong Zhuojun’s Daying Village, and food clothes for disaster relief were also distributed to Yizhou refugees. Lei Zhen shouted Long live Dong Zhuojun, a surname, but he did not shock the commotion. He tried to make a big profit for Yizhou victims and forced him to go to Kangpeng, and he also ordered Zhao Yunguan to be demoted to punish him for his dereliction of duty.
"Master, are you too heavy on General Long?" Lu Su advised Kang Peng, "It has been found out that General Long didn’t know about it. When he was in Brazil, he also did a good job in organizing relief for refugees. Punishing him again may hurt the morale of General Long."
Kang Peng shook his head and said, "It’s already a light punishment if others don’t supervise it strictly. Can we let it go again?" Kang Peng said again, "Let others dare to commit the same thing in the future, no matter who is from the heavy treatment!"
Lu Su wry smile want to persuade Jia Xu laughed again "respect you dare to bet me? Whoever loses will take out half a year’s salary to help the refugees. I bet Long will ask a surname to drop him by three levels if he learns that he has dropped him by one level. "
Lu Su thought about rolling his eyes and said, "My property in Huainan has been detained by Yuan Shu. I have to rely on my salary to support my family. This kind of gambling is not gambling!"
As Kang Peng, Jia Xu and others expected, the news bullied the honest Zhao Yun. When he heard that it was his fault, he immediately asked Kang Peng to drop his third-level Kang Peng and encouraged him. After that, he announced that he would uphold the original judgment and let Zhao Yun be benefited, but Dong Zhuojun was grateful. The generals distributed all over the country quietly and strictly refused to let the department repeat the same mistakes. When Li Jue heard the letter in Guanghan, he was so scared that nearly a thousand girls in the camp dared to hug the dragon witch and sleep alone every night. However, the people in Yizhou put one in their throats, and the resistance to Dong Zhuojun was also dispelled.
The farther the news went until Yizhou was isolated in the middle of the stack, the position of Li Yan and Li Hui was on the verge of vacillation, which coincided with Zhang’s arrival with Jia Long’s legacy to Li Yan and Li Hui’s wailing and crying, and he took 60 thousand Yizhou troops to the army, which was even worse than Dong Zhuojun’s. Kang Peng had heard for a long time that Li Yan’s name had given them a generous reward and appeased them. Nearly half of the three main corps of Yizhou Army were destroyed by Dong Zhuojun, which expanded the scale of Dong Zhuojun to 400 thousand people and supplemented the shortage of transport manpower.
Chapter 40 Double steamed rice and popcorn
(PS data chivalrous people join hands to recommend Speed Life No.1529, a new genre of racing car. Friends who like sports can go and see "Towards those things". I, II and III shocked the landing numbers 15475, 15477 and 15492. Lao Lang loves humorous style to describe serious history.)
Borrowing Zhao Yun’s lieutenant’s head to shock the morale of the people and buy off the people’s hearts, he maintained the minimum living guarantee for Brazilian refugees by seizing Jiange’s grain Dong Zhuojun’s base. Kang Peng also scored points to swallow Yizhou county and county, and Ma Chao and Zhang Xiu led 30,000 west cool fighters to take Yunding and Linjiang to defend against the threat of Jingzhou, the last Yizhou army in Yongan. A route led by Gan Ning, Wu Yi and Chen Gong led 50,000 flying Xiong Jun along the Dianjiang River to get Deyang, Ba County, Hongqu and Fuling Kang Peng, and also gave an account of an important Chen Gong to build a warship in Fuling and recruit lean sailors to prepare for the next step. Another 60,000 Yizhou main infantry soldiers were left in Brazil to cooperate with migrant workers to repair and widen the Qinchuan mountain road. Kang Peng himself led Lu Bu, Zhao Yun and others to lead the remaining Dong Zhuojun’s most elite troops, totaling 120,000, to occupy Chengdu and Gui by way of Xichong and prepare to kill Liu Yan in the south.
It’s a lot easier to enter the Sichuan Basin. Although there are hills and slopes, it’s much easier than the steep and rugged Qinling Mountains. However, when Dong Zhuojun went to Kang Peng, Jia Xu and Lyu3 bu4, he became more and more flustered and more afraid to move forward. The reason why Dong Zhuojun passed through the place along the way was that he was starving and frozen corpses were everywhere. Crowds of refugees cried loudly. They all came to Dong Zhuojun to beg for some food for survival, and the number of refugees was getting more and more. In just ten days, Dong Zhuojun distributed more than half of his food and grass.
On the 23rd day of the first month of the fourth year of Chuping, Dong Zhuojun’s brigade arrived in Chengdu, where Yizhou’s government is located, announcing that Dong Zhuojun officially occupied Yizhou. Although it is the capital of Yizhou, it can be poisoned by Liu Yan, it is also the deepest. There is no complete house in Chengdu, and the towering wall was actually burned by fire. Pick up a brick in the ruins of the fire and you can find that the brick was actually burned and half of it was devastated. It can be seen that the fire was fierce that day because Dong Zhuojun arrived late, and the people in Yizhou had a cannibalism tragedy.
Kang Peng inquired from the local people that when Liu Yan’s army retreated, it washed away the grain in Chengdu’s official warehouse, but also burned it, and set fire to all the doors to prevent the people from saving. Yizhou Fu was no exception. It was also an exception to bring some gold beads to escape. Liu Yan’s granary was completely burned because Liu Yan’s soldiers were mostly recruited from Qing Qiang, and the soldiers were recruited from Yizhou. It was rude to burn the city. Yizhou people were a little uncomfortable and painful. The killer made several bloody cases and took advantage of chaos to humiliate women and seize people’s money, which would turn a rich country into a hell.
"How much food do we have left?" Kang Peng, who came back from inspecting refugees, was worried and asked Lu Su, who was in charge of logistics statistics, "See how much we can spare? Give some more to the refugees and meet a dozen starving people when they patrol around. "
"Not much," Lu Su replied morosely. "The army only has enough food to last for ten days."
"How come there is so much?" Kang Peng lost his temper and said, "Four days ago, on the east side of Tuoshui, you said that there were 20 days of grain left. Why are there ten days left now?"
Lu Su yelled and wronged Jia Xu. "A surname, have you forgotten? When you first arrived in Chengdu two days ago, you ordered the distribution of food relief to refugees. Isn’t that counted? "
Kang Peng collapsed in his chair like a deflated ball when he patted his plump forehead. He remembered that two days ago, he did ask Lu Su to allocate food for disaster relief, but there were 350,000 victims near Chengdu alone, and there were 610,000 victims who fled in all directions. His little food was just a drop in the bucket.
"When will Sun Ce escort food arrive?" Kang Peng patted his forehead and closed his eyes and asked in a low voice, "How much can I get?"
"It will take half a month to get to Chengdu at the earliest," Lu Su replied quickly. "It is no problem for us to save some troops until half a month. This time, the allocated food should be enough to last for a while, and some Yizhou rations will be delivered in about 20 days after Li Yan and others surrendered."
"The army is no problem" Kang Peng shook his head and said "but Chengdu people? How many people will starve to death in more than half a month? What will they think? "
Lu Su’s dumb words have Jia Xu’s admonition: "A surname who achieves great things is not limited to small things. If everything gains, it will lose our army. Even if we take out some food to help refugees, how much can we save? How many soldiers can we have left? Can’t we help the refugees and starve our brave soldiers to death? "
This time, it’s Kang Peng’s turn to be speechless. Can Kang Peng, the people of Koo and the army loyal to himself, choose one to protect this bad student as a decision? After a long time, Kang Pengcai said in a low voice, "From today on, the standard of soldiers’ food will be lowered, and the original one catty of food per person per day will be saved to save half a catty, and the Ministry of Food will take it to relieve the urgent needs of refugees."
Jia Xu and Lu Su were frightened and asked, "What if soldiers mutiny if they skimp on foot soldiers’ food? It’s just a drop in the bucket to save food, and it can’t save the people of Chengdu. Will the soldiers and civilians be aggrieved at both ends? "
"Just do it if you have your own idea to take pictures," Kang Peng ordered again. "This matter must not be leaked. General Zhongcang official, refugee Cangguan called to see me, and then Sun Ce and Guo Si told them to send food and grass quickly by any means."
Jia Xu Lu Su doesn’t know what medicine Kang Peng gourd sells, but the military orders have to deal with it. In a moment, Dong Zhuojun’s commissary overseer is responsible for the relief of the victims. The commissary overseer kneels before Kang Peng, and Kang Peng doesn’t ask them to get up and ask "Ask you?" What are all the food in the army? Such as processing? "
Two granary officials inexplicably didn’t know what the big fellow, a surname, suddenly asked about this trivial matter, but they all replied truthfully, "Back to the surname army, there are many grains of wheat, millet, divine rice and divine fruit wheat, millet and divine rice, and the divine fruit can be cooked and eaten together."
Very well’ Kang Peng nodded and was very satisfied with their sound and low voice’ Listen, from today on, I will cook millet porridge twice in the rations for soldiers; Rations for refugees, rice and rice, steamed rice and rice for three times, and hot-sealed fried rice (PS popcorn) are all white? "
Two granary warehouse officials are reluctant to proffering flaming way "back to a surname that millet porridge cooked twice, looking at a large amount of fruit can eat before long will be hungry? In that steamed wheat rice for three times, it is almost a bag of water to eat in less than half an hour and you will be hungry. "
What does Kang Pengxin say about these? You haven’t seen popcorn in a fast food restaurant, which is what cheat people doesn’t spit bones. Kang Peng insisted, "You know better than you do how much food is left in the army! After the job is done, you will be promoted and rewarded. If you let Xiang hear a little bit of wind outside, your family will die … Hum! "
Is Dong Boss threatening to cover it? The next morning, Dong Zhuojun’s soldiers found that we received food and looked at the weight, but before lunch, we were hungry and growled. Fortunately, Master Dong suddenly found that the training standard was greatly reduced, and he also sent an army of singers and dancers to sing and dance. Dong Zhuojun’s soldiers also temporarily put their hunger aside and drooled to appreciate the beauty of singers and dancers. They went to a patrol sentry on duty. Kyle received double rations and a piece of oily fat according to the rules
It’s also strange for Yizhou refugees who queue up to get food. They get a handful of the thumb-sized glistening rice that smells different in the morning and evening. It looks fragrant and crisp when they eat it, but it’s crispy and fragrant when they go out in less than half an hour. But China people are kind. If they want to have a little work, they won’t go to the government to fight against the rescuer. Teacher Dong also considers that the old people and children have bad mouths, especially the steamed rice is delicious, warm and full, and easy to digest.
When Kang Peng abducted Sichuan people in Chengdu with double steamed rice and popcorn pits, Liu Yan, the original owner of Sichuan, was not idle. First, Zheng Du, the messenger of Liu Yan, went to Xiangyang because of Jingzhou’s secretariat of Liu Biao. If Cai Mao was a big man, the people would know that Zheng Du first took a large number of jewels from Chengdu people’s heads to inquire for Cai Mao and Cai Zhong Cai He, and three brothers first got through the Cai Jia San Brothers’ Festival, which was introduced to Liu Biao by Cai Jia brothers.

"Ha ha, I have thought of this for a long time. To be honest, I just came to see you today. I think the two of us haven’t joined hands for a long time. Just give it a try this time!" Ye Tianxiao smiled and didn’t reject the words of the white-haired old man. He threw his arms Ye Han into the middle and then rushed him to inject a vitality. This just looked at the white-haired old man with a smile on his face.

The white-haired old man nodded his head and sighed bitterly. "Alas! Yes, you and I haven’t really been together since that time. Today, we will join hands again to see if we old guys can achieve anything big. "
For the white-haired old man, Ye Tian naturally agrees with him very much, but he doesn’t agree with him completely. It seems that this white-haired old man obviously wants to take this opportunity to compete with himself to see who is repairing high strength.
It’s not that the white-haired old man doesn’t know that he has long wanted to compete with Ye Tian to see who is stronger. Both of them are at the same level now. From the surface, you can’t see who is stronger.
We can’t say that they are at the same level of cultivation, but we can’t tell that they are at the same level of cultivation. This kind of thing is almost invisible, but we have to compete to see it.
It’s outrageous to see that two people are worried about each other on the lake, but it’s enough to save Ye Han’s life. These two old guys should still take this matter to block it up!
[19] [Force rescue] II
Xing yuan Jie er
Heart dark scold a two people don’t take life when back later, the woman also dare not licentious, after all, I now face is his grandpa and Ye Hanzeng grandpa offended which on the one hand is not good.
The white-haired old man and Ye Tian’s eyes fell on the female face at the same time. Seeing that the female face was ashamed and angry, they all felt funny. Knowing that she felt unworthy for Ye Han, she was actually used as a bet to play.
However, both of them didn’t mind. After all, what they did was a bit too much. They treated people’s names as a child’s play, and a strong sense of self-blame came to their hearts. However, now things have decided that they should make changes again, and quietly appease Ye Han with kindness to redeem their sins.
Seeing that two old men are going to start work, the woman on the lake is naturally very nervous, but she finds that the white-haired old man suddenly stopped and her eyes fell on her again.
"Grandpa, what’s the matter with you? Why are you looking at me like that? " Feel the white-haired old man’s eyes are a little abnormal, and suddenly he glanced at the same weird leaf day, and asked with a face of surprise.
The white-haired old man wanted to tell the truth, but Ye Tian suddenly burst out laughing and said, "It’s really greedy of you to want to turn this sentence into three things at once!"
The white-haired old man was scolded by people, but he was not in a hurry to get angry. He still stared at the woman for a long time and didn’t say anything. It seemed that he had finished seeing the things around him.
The woman looked at him and was puzzled. Ye Tian didn’t continue to talk to the white-haired old man. At this moment, Ji has become Woodenhead, and he can’t see anger except his face changing all the time.
Immersed for a while, the white-haired old man finally decided to laugh and immediately shouted at Ye Tian, "Old guy, it seems that you are going to defeat me this time. Oh? Still want to bet with me? "
Ye Tianwen immediately laughed, but instead of facing the white-haired old man, she couldn’t stop nodding at the lake and then shook her head.
The two old men’s actions made the lake woman feel surprised, but the two old men’s faces found a little bit of confidence, so they didn’t want to say anything.
"It’s not necessarily. I know you want to use this small body cold to restore your daughter’s normal body, but have you ever thought that if you do this, the consequences will be unimaginable?" Ye Tian laughed at the white-haired old man after seeing that the woman had no opinion. You must think twice about it.
White-haired old man smiled and looked at one side. The woman immediately nodded to Ye Tian. "To be honest, I have also considered this matter for a long time. I dare not mess around before I am fully sure, otherwise I would have caught this little one."
It’s also true that the white-haired old man said that if he had decided to cheat Ye Han, Ye Han would have been in his pocket. Why do you need to wave so many words here?
For the white-haired old man, Ye Tian has no doubt. After all, the other party is as strong as himself, and it is not difficult to take Ye Han away.
"That you are sure enough now? Then let’s do it, but even if you are sure enough, I won’t lose to you. Then I’ll show you how I won the competition! " Ye Tian refused to lose a good word, and he didn’t want to break the defense line in the white-haired old man’s heart, but at the same time he had to motivate himself to win. But despite this, Ye Tian was not sure of winning.
"Okay, okay, today we’ll have a fair fight, but we agreed that no matter who wins or loses, it can’t hurt this little guy. Now he’s not only you, Ye Jiasun, but also my granddaughter’s husband!" The white-haired old man is not really fully sure of what he said before, but also wants to crush the other side’s psychological defense line with the same mind as Ye Tian, and also encourages himself to do all this. Yuzryha Tian is willing to lose.
Ye Tian nodded his head and said that he knew that discretion would never cause accidental harm to Ye Han. Those who come here are likely to hurt it, so he can take it one step at a time.
It doesn’t matter if you lose, but if you lose your own spirit, you will really lose. The most important thing for a practitioner, especially a master, is not to cultivate high or low, but to cultivate your spirit.
The white awn on the horizon is getting stronger and stronger, and it is already dawn. The early morning sun shines on the earth, which brings warmth to the earth and peace to the people of the earth.
At the moment, there is a girl in the mansion that Ye’s family got in Xingyuan City. She is so tired that she sits on the grass and looks at the sky for a while and never returns to her mind!
"Cold son where the hell are you? Sister misses you so much! " For a long time, the woman finally came to her senses and looked around as if she were looking for something, but she didn’t find what she was looking for, so she turned her attention to the sky again and muttered to herself
"Rou Er, don’t be too sad. Since the ancestors took Han Er away, they must have thought of a way to treat him. We will see Han Er when the ancestors come back!" Not far away, Ye Mu also looked tired. After that incident last night, her face became haggard overnight, but she never let go of the last trace, hoping to firmly believe that Ye Han would not die so easily.
Leaf soft smell speech immediately withdrew her eyes and stared at a face of bitterness not far away. Ye Mu’s eyes showed a dim color.
Although Ye Mu’s words comforted him to some extent, they didn’t show much because he found that Ye Mu didn’t have any comforting color in his eyes when he appealed to himself.
"Madam, you don’t advise me. Although there are many high-skilled people in this world, Grandpa Zeng is also a master after all. Even he has no way to treat Han Er. The hope is very slim!" Ye Rou didn’t mean to hit Ye Mu, who is also a sad person. She has no reason to hit people because the blow in his heart is enough!
Originally, she was able to see Ye Han this Singapore Festival, but she didn’t want to see it, and then she had to go through a life-and-death parting.
Ye Muwen’s face suddenly moved and Ye Rou said that she had been most worried about this Xingyuan Empire Ye Tianxiu, although it was not the strongest, but it was also a very strong one. It was also a prominent figure in the whole empire.
If Ye Tianfa finished saving Ye Han, it’s still said in the past, but I learned from Ye Tiankou that he couldn’t do anything about Ye Han’s injury.
I wonder if a strong man can’t even do anything. Even if he is stronger than him, it can’t be too strong, and the chance of saving Ye Han will not increase much.
"alas! Ok, Rou Er, let’s not worry so much, but there are some things I don’t know if I should tell you. After all, these are your family affairs, and it is not good for me to intervene as an outsider! " Immersed for a long time, Ye Mu finally sighed and decided to leave Ye Han alone. However, at this time, she remembered another worrying thing.
Leaf soft smell speech suddenly one leng hesitated for a moment and guessed that the meaning in Ye Mu’s words must be with yourself and also with your engagement.
At the beginning, when Yan Yunzong lived, she left because of a paper house, and the meaning of this paper house is very obvious, that is, her parents betrothed her to someone else and wanted her to go back to fulfill her engagement.
This not only forced him to leave Yan Yunzong and return to the family, but also made her understand one thing. He and Ye Han can never be together again, and the brothers and sisters can become the end point of their feelings.
"Madam, I know what you are trying to say, and I also understand that Han Er and I are in love, but it is impossible to get together, but it is enough to see Han Er safely!" Ye rou quietly looked at Ye Mu’s face and showed a little smile that she had never shown for a long time. This smile was very sincere but also very nai.
In addition to sincerity, Ye Mu’s natural white leaf soft smile has a little more nai. For such a situation, others also feel what nai is
However, in her heart, she is also very clear that some things are often like this, but there is no way to change what she can do to keep it going.
Leaf smiled softly and looked at it for a long time before sighing bitterly, "I haven’t slept for a good night, and I don’t know when Han Er will come back. Let’s go and have a rest, or we will be tired when he comes back. He will be sad when he sees it."
As she spoke, Ye Rou got up and walked towards her room, but Ye Mu got the answer she wanted, although she didn’t really ask anything, and she didn’t intend to continue pestering Ye Rou, and she also walked towards her room after she left.

Although Zhan Xi tried to kiss Zhang Ting’s ass, Zhang Ting didn’t believe this little word in his heart.

"All right, let’s talk about it when you really do it. Go back and pack your things quickly." Zhang Ting twisted his eyebrows and waved with an impatient expression.
Zhan Xi hey hey smiled, his heart was white, and his sister didn’t really hate herself.
"The small court elder sister I went to pack my things, I won’t bother you to get along with eldest brother Hao Ren." Say that finish this sentence, Zhan Xi smiled at Zhang Ting side and turned around and left here without looking back.
Zhang Ting yawned, only to find that they had spent a lot of time here.
Hao Ren, she was yawning, and the horse lovingly took her waist and pushed the door with one hand, and took her in the direction of their room.
Jumping tonight, they all let Princess Hong and his wife arrange to sleep there.
"I’m so sleepy." At the sight of sleeping in this big bed at ordinary times, Zhang Ting immediately went to lie down in the face.
Hao Ren chuckled and squatted down to lift her feet gently to help her take off her feet and wear two shoes.
Take off your feet and gently put them into the warm quilt cover.
Touched his bed, Zhang Ting felt sleepy and felt his feet hidden in the quilt.
Her heart soon turned white. The man beside her must have helped her take off her shoes.
"Hao Ren, you also come and sleep with us." Zhang Ting stretched out his hand to the position next to him with his eyes closed and patted the man behind him.
Hao Ren smiled and replied, "I’ll be right there. You fall asleep first and I’ll take off my coat first."
In a short time, half asleep and half awake, Zhang Ting vaguely heard him undressing behind the screen.
It wasn’t long before a perm leaned over to her side.
Smelling the fragrance of his wife around him, Hao Ren felt that there was a hot flow in his body.
Deep eyes flashed.
Force took a deep breath, then vomited a breath, and soon these deep-eyed horses became a lot clearer.
Looking down, I almost leaned my whole body into his arms. My wife looked at her small lips and these closed eyes.
Suddenly Hao Ren’s lips bent and his smile was full of love for his wife in front of him.
Chapter 34 When the general!
As soon as the long arm stretched out and took hold of his wife in his arms, Hao Ren closed his eyes and fell asleep.
The couple had a good night’s dream
When I woke up the next morning, it was already dark outside.
Wash your face and get dressed. When the couple walked to the dining room, everyone had already had breakfast.
"Mrs. Deng, didn’t you sleep well last night? You don’t look very well." Just sitting in Zhang Ting, I found that Mrs. Deng’s face sitting next to me was a bit ugly
When Mrs. Deng heard Zhang Ting’s question, she stretched out her hand and touched her face with a wry smile. "Old people are not as good as you young people when they sleep."
At this moment, Zhang Nao suddenly said beside Mrs. Deng, "Miss Zhang Ting, in fact, my old lady misses Master Xiaobao. She hasn’t had a good sleep for several nights. Miss Zhang Ting, you are a doctor. Can you help my old lady get a good sleep medicine?"
Mrs. Deng glanced at Zhang Nao, shook her head and smiled. "Zhang Nao, you are just too nervous. I just haven’t slept well these days. I can sleep well after a few days when I get used to it."
Just after Xiaobao’s birthday, Han Hao took him to Fucheng, saying that he would go there to live for a while and then send Xiaobao back after a while.
In view of the fact that the family is Xiaobao’s biological father, everyone can’t say something to stop it. If you look at Xiaobao, you also want to get along with Hanhao’s father, and everyone agrees to let Hanhao take Xiaobao back to Fucheng.
After hearing Zhang Nao’s words, Zhang Ting twisted her eyebrows and looked at Mrs. Deng and said, "Old lady, you can’t do this. You can’t stay up like this now. I’ll give you some sedatives later."
Zhang Nao’s face smiled happily and said several words of thanks to Zhang Ting.
Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.
Now I’m clamoring to go to Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting heard the noise of three little guys, and Ma Chao waited on them and told them to "bring them here."
People got this command from Zhang Ting. Naturally, they didn’t dare to stay and jump. The three of them came along.
Three little guys were sitting in chairs next to Zhang Ting, and that stopped them from quarreling just now.
Princess Hong watched and said with a smile, "These three children are inseparable from their mother. This small court followed Xiaoren to the military camp. These three little guys have been crying for a while."
At this time of war Hao looked up at Zhang Ting with a face of surprise.
"Sister Zhang Ting, are you going to the military camp with Brother Hao?" After asking this sentence, Zhan Hao looked at Zhang Ting with envy.
Zhang Ting smiled and nodded with him. "Well, when you go there for a while, you should be good at home and don’t mess around. No one can take care of you if I’m not home. Be good."