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The little wolf struggled gloomily. Is this late or not?

The man who is going down and out suddenly becomes beautiful, while the Uber male emperor Feng night holds the letter tightly and looks at it again and again, sinking, "Everybody out."
Six months later, the Emperor Phoenix Night was inspired by the peacock and ordered Liu Xiyu to build a sky-high wedding dress, which was extremely luxurious to miss his wife, but there was no news of Liu Xiyu’s night. When he got angry, his wedding dress made people seal in Yinmo Mountain forever, and he and Liu Xiyu prepared the emperor’s mausoleum early.
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Chapter 73 Don’t make me feel guilty
Liu Xixi didn’t wake up at night, but she was still alive. This is a very strange thing, and Emperor Fengye was sick and worried about the country after losing his beloved wife.
People set up temples in various places to pray that Liu Xi would wake up at night.
Another month later, the Buddhist took his white lotus followers to attack and invade Dayong Chaozhan.
The emperor went on a personal expedition at night, but the heroic man lost ten important cities after repeated battles. The Dayong Dynasty was surrounded by white lotus believers from two places, and the people lived in the heat of Lide.
Xuanyuan winds has been slow to rescue. He has a condition in exchange. Liu Xi will show the war to protect the country in the evening.
Emperor Feng was seriously ill at night, and once again divined divination and divination, saying that Liu Xi would never come back again at night, but he almost lost his fighting spirit.
Mo and Mr. Gongsun joined forces to turn the tide and sent someone to Xuanyuan for help.
The situation is urgent. Miss Liu Xiyue, where are you …
Come back …
Please bless our country …
Please go back to the emperor …
We * * * * pray for you to come back to save this disaster every night …
"Call-"Liu Sunseeker woke up from a nightmare again last night and felt cold sweat drenched her skirt.
In my dream, I dreamed that Difeng was ill at night and was in danger. Damn, would I have such a dream?
Liu Xixi took a deep breath last night and got dressed. Today, he will go to see the ancient tomb. Will there be his own body in it if he has his own wedding clothes? Ya Hao Geying heard that Liu Xi, the emperor’s mausoleum, was a little relieved at night, otherwise she would surely die of heartache if she thought that it was possible to bury it there on the night of the Emperor Phoenix.
I patted my face to wake myself up and cheer myself up. The door was pushed at night, and I looked at Liu Xixi impatiently. "Do you really want to go?"
Liu Xi turned his head at night. "You don’t want to go."
See night winds so careless LiuXi night changed the plan "the last time I can’t find I will marry you? “
"I will forget everything and live with you well." Liu Xixi hit the soft underbelly of the night.
It’s a deal-
"Ya, can you not make me feel guilty? "Liu Sunseeker night help forehead.
Night winds chuckle "what? I think this is good. I just want you to owe me more and more, and the next generation will never forget me. "
Sitting in the driver’s seat seriously at night is a pleasant look at Liu Xi at night from time to time
Liu Xixi also sat in and smashed the window at night. Then when Land Rover started, it was like doping. He changed his serious and arrogant image, but leaned back in his seat and let the strong wind blow his black hair and sing a song in a low voice.
Is it spring? William lee with black frown asked Liu Sunseeker night "boss, it really doesn’t matter? Is he in love? "
"I don’t know." Liu Xixi glanced at the newspaper leisurely at night and swept to the end today-her husband was addicted to drugs and her wife was sued by her wife.
Although I didn’t name names, that’s Cui Zhen for such a big photo.
Then there is a small photo next to it showing the embarrassing situation that Cui Zhen and Lu Ren are surrounded by reporters.
Before, she would say excitedly, "What a suck!" At this time, she made a message and donated a sum of money, which was nothing but the most precious child in her belly.
Liu Xixi put away the newspaper late and was still worried that the dream was so real that her heart was still beating nervously.
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Chapter 731 What kind of child is it?
No way, the phoenix night is so fierce. He’s the emperor. How could he be so decadent, but …
I really want to go back-
Liu Sunseeker hit the window at night and let the wind wash away the acidity in her eyes while listening to the piercing wind. What happened? She became so sentimental and almost cried several times.
I miss the children and the phoenix night so much that I can’t see them again. Liu Xixi feels that she is going crazy.
"Why have you cried?" Ye Lin glanced at Liu Xi’s swollen eyelids unhappily. Liu Xi looked up at Ye Lin at night and bowed his head and muttered, "I’m bored. Can’t I save some noodles?"
"Gnome male-"It’s very kind of you two to have a good relationship, but you tricked me into crying, Miss Liu Sunseeker. It turns out that you are the boss who often misses that-"William Lee proudly walked over and saw the night wind and immediately withdrew it. He just almost made fun of it.
Night Lin took a few mouthfuls of cigarettes, threw the cigarette butts to the ground and stepped out the sharp eyes, revealing a trace of unhappiness. "Where are the others?"
"Everything is here." William Li made fun of Liu Xixi and stole a look at the night wind. This guy always has this kind of virtue in front of outsiders, as if he gave her all his good temper. It’s a pity-
She wanted to disappoint him after all.
When she was not sure whether it was a dream to fall in love with Difeng at night, she might still want to persuade herself to marry him if it was nice to her at night, but at this time, when she saw the wedding dress and thought of her lover and children in ancient times, she really couldn’t love anyone else, even her brothers who grew up together.
"Mr. Night, you are so powerful that I am afraid of you." Liu Xixi was so happy at night that his eyebrows narrowed. He held Liu Xixi’s hand. "They are not good people and I am not good people, but you are a good boy."
"Go, go, I’m not a child." Liu Xixi pouted discontentedly at night and slapped her hand.
"Is it twenty-four?" It’s nice to look at Liu Xixi’s sharp eyes at night and laugh.
Liu Xi gave him a white look at night. "What kind of child is twenty-four?"
"Yo, my little girl is angry, she is a child younger than me, and you can take care of yourself at all. She is still a child." Night winds shook her head and sighed. "Hey, hey, do you really want to consider marrying me? I quite like you. You know, I’m rich now and I can finally bring you a happy and prosperous life. I’ll take care of our children, too. Will you marry me? "
"I-what if I already have a husband?" Liu Sunseeker stole a look at the night winds with a full face of depression, and Liu Sunseeker pretended not to see him. No wonder he followed the troops into the cemetery first.
"Here a thousand years ago, it was a huge Moshan mountain, and it was all white all the year round." The night winds slowly followed Liu Xixi, and the man who just lost his manners seemed not to be like him. He also introduced it by the way and then changed his tone. "Really don’t marry me? Think about it. Your husband? Not married? "
"Look at the road, I have a husband, not Cui Zhen. I can’t explain it to you at the moment, but I think it will be proved to you soon." Liu Xixi sighed at night and dared not look at the night wind. The only thing I am sorry about is this person.
"Ah, you have this temper-I’ll like it if you have it." Ye Lian said with a smile, but there was a flash of surprise and worry in her eyes. Since she came back this time, she always blamed herself for the illusion that she would lose her forever?
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Chapter 732 Think the idol looks like you

But they didn’t give up Xiao Tingwei, Suojun, Tengxiong, three Wu Xian, the strong, and instantly controlled the vigorous energy of heaven and earth. The power of heaven and earth was amazing, and the energy of heaven and earth was compressed rapidly toward him around the wind.

The compression of the three forces of heaven and earth has led to amazing visions in this underwater world. In an instant, all the people are thundering, dark clouds are gathering, thunder and lightning are shaking, and everyone is conscious of stopping the attack and looking up.
A mysterious underwater world with no sunshine but still bright as day, no wind and no trees but still clear, unexpectedly, dark clouds, lightning and thunder appeared, which made everyone very shocked.
In the past, when the energy of heaven and earth was compressed toward the wind, the luminous body had crashed into the wind, and at that moment, the wind suddenly became sluggish, but at that moment, the luminous body had already disappeared into the wind, hiding the bright light.
Now, however, it’s not the heart. When this luminous body is submerged in the wind, the wind has also entered a state of sluggishness. The energy of heaven and earth, which carries all the destructive power, has rapidly compressed him towards him.
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Chapter four hundred and twenty-seven Back to the drunken promenade
Welcome you to come.
When Feng Yang came to her senses, three strands of heaven and earth energy had been compressed to her side, but just before the mysterious luminous body appeared, Feng Yang had already exerted the illusion of Wushu, and it was still necessary to wait for a moment to display it again. However, even though the speed of the phantom of Wushu was impressive, these three strands of heaven and earth energy could not be drilled out because they were patches of roots {Flash Dance Novel Network}
These three deadly heaven and earth energies naturally won’t wait for the wind to rise and the phantom to restart so that he can teleport and escape. At the critical moment, the wind does not show the slightest panic, and the soul force makes his thinking flow rapidly, which can be described as a mind turn.
Just listen to the three powerful horses. The low energy is about to blow up. Everyone agrees that the wind is blowing up. This time, it is inevitable to get the treasure. The horse will spit it out. Suddenly, a strange light flashed in the heart of the wind, and then everyone was horrified to find that three pieces of coercion could crush the people. The energy of heaven and earth formed an attack and poured into the heart of the wind and then disappeared.
For a moment, three pieces of heaven and earth energy were swallowed up and absorbed by the wind and became nothing left.
"What’s that? Is it Wushu? Xiao Tingwei was stunned. Even San Wuxian, he had never seen such a strange thing. The palm of his hand was able to absorb and devour the energy of heaven and earth. If this silver-faced headhunter is really so weird and abnormal, wouldn’t the cultivation speed make people who have requested double cultivation feel pressure?
Suojun, Tengxiong and others also don’t see the slightest clue. They all speculate whether this is some kind of weird Wushu or something else, but they haven’t seen enough to know the secret.
The wind raised his arm across a piece of Xuanqing jade from his chest and put it in the jade hanging around his neck unnoticed.
This piece of Xuanqingyu is impressively getting something that can absorb Wushu and give full play to it.
In times of crisis, this jade can also help Xuansapphire absorb martial arts, and it can avoid attacks at first sight, but it can also release the absorbed martial arts to hurt the enemy. However, it is a sigh that every time this jade is absorbed, it will break a small piece of martial arts, and Xuansapphire can continue to absorb it after it is released.
After all, Wushu and Wushu are different elements. If Wushu is at the same time in Xuansapphire, Wushu fighting will happen, which may lead to the tragedy that Xuansapphire’s bursting messenger is injured by itself.
"This guy is so amazing that he has so much Wushu." Liu Qiang looked surprised and stared at the three pieces of heaven and earth. The wind was still full of consternation and disbelief. Once I thought of this greedy wolf, it turned out to be my own, Liu Qiang was saddened.
There is a thrilling solution to an attack that everyone thinks is mortal. The wind rises easily and flies away to dozens of feet, but it is too late for Suojun and others to pursue it.
Others tried to chase out, but Xiao Tingwei stopped "not chasing"
Others are confused and stop to look at Xiao Tingwei’s heart. When did the head of Xiao’s mercenary group become so generous?
But then they found Xiao Tingwei’s move, which means that there has been a strange corridor in the sight of all people, and it is back to the dreamy corridor.
"Let him go, that thing can be taken back later, but Helen’s Jedi time is not much. We must try our best to pass through this corridor and then enter a good area for practice." Xiao Tingwei forced himself to keep a cool head, and he couldn’t wait to pursue this silver headhunter, but that guy was obviously there at a speed. No one can chase it without two hands. He can temporarily give up the mysterious luminous body and choose to pass this corridor for dozens of feet to reach a pure and rich area of resources and heaven and earth energy.
In the end, Xiao Tingwei added, "The corridor of waking up and getting drunk is far more dangerous than you can imagine. It depends on your nature."
Suo Jun and Teng Xiong also published various skills and experiences of breaking through this corridor. The three men tacitly turned over the matter of just killing each other’s hands.
Although the length of this corridor is dozens of feet, the entrance of the corridor is a boulder, and the whole corridor is slippery, which means that the further you go, the deeper you go.
Some people can’t wait to step into the back-to-dream drunken corridor and walk in from the entrance of the boulder. However, when they enter the back-to-dream drunken corridor, the walking speed suddenly drops like a snail, and every step seems to have done all their strength. The body is gradually bent under pressure, and with the deepening, the legs tremble violently, as if the whole body is under great pressure.
And people who walked about a dozen steps into the back-to-the-dream-drunk corridor spit out one mouthful blood one after another, and blood burst in both legs, splashing out on the corridor and the walls on both sides of the corridor, but the blood was instantly absorbed by the walls and generally disappeared.
Finally, people who entered the back to the dream-drunk corridor can do their best to retreat. However, everyone is ecstatic and finds that they can clearly feel that the vitality has increased with every step back. Until they quit the back to the dream-drunk corridor, they initially entered the people. Although they really suffered a lot of damage, the vitality has increased a lot. The effect brought by those few steps is comparable to that of practicing for more than ten days.
"Oh, my God, I finally broke through the one-year stagnation, and my strength finally broke through." After I first entered the corridor of getting drunk, I was covered in blood, but my face was full of ecstasy. I shouted with excitement that I didn’t make progress for more than a year. It was as if I was stuck, and my strength was limited to this strength level. It was difficult to cross the gap after 20 steps back and forth.
Knowing this exciting news, everyone couldn’t help boiling up. The scene was like frying a pot to hold boiling water, and it entered a state of excitement when a certain animal was in estrus. However, Xiao Tingwei received a sentence and made everyone accept the tragic humanitarian fact in time.
"This passage will open one day, and if you can’t cross it in one day, you can stay here for practice in the rest."
"I wipe beautiful things, so it’s all a passing time. One day," they can’t help sighing and sighing. It takes about half an hour to go back, but this effect is already comparable to the practice speed of ten days and a half months.
If it is from the beginning to the end of Helen’s Jedi, there are more than 20 days left in the practice of this dream-returning and drunken passage, then it is equivalent to the practice of the outside world for 20 years. This kind of practice speed is that people can’t resist the temptation
Of course, everyone’s ideas are a little too good, and their calculation method is obviously incorrect.
Helen’s Jedi resources have no obvious effect on the strong Wuxian. Even if this corridor of returning to sleep and getting drunk will be held at 6 o’clock, it is impossible to keep Helen’s Jedi for more than 20 days. The sufficient amount is to make everyone barely rank among Wuxian, and then the method will have such a strong effect again.
However, everyone has to accept that the cruel fact that this passage can last for a day makes many people’s dreams of martial arts fall apart like fragile glass being hit.
Although I know that it is more horrible to go back to the corridor, I know that the opening time of the corridor is limited. Everyone is rushing back to the corridor. However, everyone has stopped for about ten steps, even if they lift their feet and move their hands, they have no strength.
Even if these people * * defense strongman is only supported to fifteen steps when Nai stopped, and the body was crushed by some kind of gravity, as if it were going to explode or be crushed.
It’s strange to see that no one has come to pursue themselves. According to the desperate struggle of all the people just now, they are all very interested in this thing, but now no one has chased it out, so it can be said that there are still things that can produce great temptation to everyone.
The wind can’t help but stop in astonishment and quietly return to the original road.
Just all the people compete for the mysterious luminous body impressively is the seven great white sharks beast spirit. The first seven fighting capacities of Warcraft are obviously more horrible than his seven fighting capacities of Warcraft. Even the ancient fighting capacities of Warcraft are probably inferior to this great white shark. It is no wonder that Xiao Tingwei, the powerful Wu Xian, and others have tried their best to snatch this beast spirit.
Although this beast spirit level is equivalent to the level of human Wuxian, the fighting capacity of this beast spirit is stronger than that of Wuxian level. There are too many humans, and the successful integration with the beast spirit can change the fighting capacity, which is comparable to the fighting capacity of the strong in the peak period of Wuxian, and it is equivalent to one more life. After all, the beast spirit was seriously injured, and the messenger body has no influence.
Fang Qi’s spirit sank into the wind and Yang Qi’s body. Seven Great White Sharks’ spirit force impacted the wind and Yang Yuan’s spirit force made the wind and Yang Yuan’s spirit force fall into a sluggish state for that moment, which almost killed him in the hands of three strong martial arts. Fortunately, after the spirit force of the seven beasts had a wave of impact on the wind and Yang Yuan’s spirit force, it seemed that they met with the same spirit force spreading around the wind and Yang’s head, waiting for an opportunity to rise.
In the face of the king of viper, the soul force of the spirit beast suddenly died down like a mouse seeing a cat. The wind blows up and the head is as gentle as a little sheep waiting to breed.
Feng Yang was going to find a safe place to devour and fuse these seven animal spirits, but he realized that things had changed.
"Sure enough, if it weren’t for * following those guys, I really couldn’t find the secret here. I’m afraid that when I enter Helen’s Jedi, I’ll be fought by waves and ordinary level 5 Warcraft." Feng Yang hid dozens of feet away and stared at the place where just level 7 Warcraft died, and suddenly saw that everyone was rushing towards a boulder out of the hole and opened the eagle eye pupil. Even if it was dozens of feet apart, he could compare the excitement and eagerness of everyone’s faces, as if everything had happened under his eyelids.
"If you swagger through the past, I don’t know if you will be cut off by those three guys who hate themselves into the ass." Feng Yang thought with great interest that the three major forces had robbed them, and they regarded them as treasures. I’m afraid they couldn’t wait to cramp themselves and skin them, and then tie themselves to the wall of Zheng Ancheng, so that all the three gangs could queue up to explode chrysanthemums, which would vent their hatred.
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"Ha ha, I have thought of this for a long time. To be honest, I just came to see you today. I think the two of us haven’t joined hands for a long time. Just give it a try this time!" Ye Tianxiao smiled and didn’t reject the words of the white-haired old man. He threw his arms Ye Han into the middle and then rushed him to inject a vitality. This just looked at the white-haired old man with a smile on his face.

The white-haired old man nodded his head and sighed bitterly. "Alas! Yes, you and I haven’t really been together since that time. Today, we will join hands again to see if we old guys can achieve anything big. "
For the white-haired old man, Ye Tian naturally agrees with him very much, but he doesn’t agree with him completely. It seems that this white-haired old man obviously wants to take this opportunity to compete with himself to see who is repairing high strength.
It’s not that the white-haired old man doesn’t know that he has long wanted to compete with Ye Tian to see who is stronger. Both of them are at the same level now. From the surface, you can’t see who is stronger.
We can’t say that they are at the same level of cultivation, but we can’t tell that they are at the same level of cultivation. This kind of thing is almost invisible, but we have to compete to see it.
It’s outrageous to see that two people are worried about each other on the lake, but it’s enough to save Ye Han’s life. These two old guys should still take this matter to block it up!
[19] [Force rescue] II
Xing yuan Jie er
Heart dark scold a two people don’t take life when back later, the woman also dare not licentious, after all, I now face is his grandpa and Ye Hanzeng grandpa offended which on the one hand is not good.
The white-haired old man and Ye Tian’s eyes fell on the female face at the same time. Seeing that the female face was ashamed and angry, they all felt funny. Knowing that she felt unworthy for Ye Han, she was actually used as a bet to play.
However, both of them didn’t mind. After all, what they did was a bit too much. They treated people’s names as a child’s play, and a strong sense of self-blame came to their hearts. However, now things have decided that they should make changes again, and quietly appease Ye Han with kindness to redeem their sins.
Seeing that two old men are going to start work, the woman on the lake is naturally very nervous, but she finds that the white-haired old man suddenly stopped and her eyes fell on her again.
"Grandpa, what’s the matter with you? Why are you looking at me like that? " Feel the white-haired old man’s eyes are a little abnormal, and suddenly he glanced at the same weird leaf day, and asked with a face of surprise.
The white-haired old man wanted to tell the truth, but Ye Tian suddenly burst out laughing and said, "It’s really greedy of you to want to turn this sentence into three things at once!"
The white-haired old man was scolded by people, but he was not in a hurry to get angry. He still stared at the woman for a long time and didn’t say anything. It seemed that he had finished seeing the things around him.
The woman looked at him and was puzzled. Ye Tian didn’t continue to talk to the white-haired old man. At this moment, Ji has become Woodenhead, and he can’t see anger except his face changing all the time.
Immersed for a while, the white-haired old man finally decided to laugh and immediately shouted at Ye Tian, "Old guy, it seems that you are going to defeat me this time. Oh? Still want to bet with me? "
Ye Tianwen immediately laughed, but instead of facing the white-haired old man, she couldn’t stop nodding at the lake and then shook her head.
The two old men’s actions made the lake woman feel surprised, but the two old men’s faces found a little bit of confidence, so they didn’t want to say anything.
"It’s not necessarily. I know you want to use this small body cold to restore your daughter’s normal body, but have you ever thought that if you do this, the consequences will be unimaginable?" Ye Tian laughed at the white-haired old man after seeing that the woman had no opinion. You must think twice about it.
White-haired old man smiled and looked at one side. The woman immediately nodded to Ye Tian. "To be honest, I have also considered this matter for a long time. I dare not mess around before I am fully sure, otherwise I would have caught this little one."
It’s also true that the white-haired old man said that if he had decided to cheat Ye Han, Ye Han would have been in his pocket. Why do you need to wave so many words here?
For the white-haired old man, Ye Tian has no doubt. After all, the other party is as strong as himself, and it is not difficult to take Ye Han away.
"That you are sure enough now? Then let’s do it, but even if you are sure enough, I won’t lose to you. Then I’ll show you how I won the competition! " Ye Tian refused to lose a good word, and he didn’t want to break the defense line in the white-haired old man’s heart, but at the same time he had to motivate himself to win. But despite this, Ye Tian was not sure of winning.
"Okay, okay, today we’ll have a fair fight, but we agreed that no matter who wins or loses, it can’t hurt this little guy. Now he’s not only you, Ye Jiasun, but also my granddaughter’s husband!" The white-haired old man is not really fully sure of what he said before, but also wants to crush the other side’s psychological defense line with the same mind as Ye Tian, and also encourages himself to do all this. Yuzryha Tian is willing to lose.
Ye Tian nodded his head and said that he knew that discretion would never cause accidental harm to Ye Han. Those who come here are likely to hurt it, so he can take it one step at a time.
It doesn’t matter if you lose, but if you lose your own spirit, you will really lose. The most important thing for a practitioner, especially a master, is not to cultivate high or low, but to cultivate your spirit.
The white awn on the horizon is getting stronger and stronger, and it is already dawn. The early morning sun shines on the earth, which brings warmth to the earth and peace to the people of the earth.
At the moment, there is a girl in the mansion that Ye’s family got in Xingyuan City. She is so tired that she sits on the grass and looks at the sky for a while and never returns to her mind!
"Cold son where the hell are you? Sister misses you so much! " For a long time, the woman finally came to her senses and looked around as if she were looking for something, but she didn’t find what she was looking for, so she turned her attention to the sky again and muttered to herself
"Rou Er, don’t be too sad. Since the ancestors took Han Er away, they must have thought of a way to treat him. We will see Han Er when the ancestors come back!" Not far away, Ye Mu also looked tired. After that incident last night, her face became haggard overnight, but she never let go of the last trace, hoping to firmly believe that Ye Han would not die so easily.
Leaf soft smell speech immediately withdrew her eyes and stared at a face of bitterness not far away. Ye Mu’s eyes showed a dim color.
Although Ye Mu’s words comforted him to some extent, they didn’t show much because he found that Ye Mu didn’t have any comforting color in his eyes when he appealed to himself.
"Madam, you don’t advise me. Although there are many high-skilled people in this world, Grandpa Zeng is also a master after all. Even he has no way to treat Han Er. The hope is very slim!" Ye Rou didn’t mean to hit Ye Mu, who is also a sad person. She has no reason to hit people because the blow in his heart is enough!
Originally, she was able to see Ye Han this Singapore Festival, but she didn’t want to see it, and then she had to go through a life-and-death parting.
Ye Muwen’s face suddenly moved and Ye Rou said that she had been most worried about this Xingyuan Empire Ye Tianxiu, although it was not the strongest, but it was also a very strong one. It was also a prominent figure in the whole empire.
If Ye Tianfa finished saving Ye Han, it’s still said in the past, but I learned from Ye Tiankou that he couldn’t do anything about Ye Han’s injury.
I wonder if a strong man can’t even do anything. Even if he is stronger than him, it can’t be too strong, and the chance of saving Ye Han will not increase much.
"alas! Ok, Rou Er, let’s not worry so much, but there are some things I don’t know if I should tell you. After all, these are your family affairs, and it is not good for me to intervene as an outsider! " Immersed for a long time, Ye Mu finally sighed and decided to leave Ye Han alone. However, at this time, she remembered another worrying thing.
Leaf soft smell speech suddenly one leng hesitated for a moment and guessed that the meaning in Ye Mu’s words must be with yourself and also with your engagement.
At the beginning, when Yan Yunzong lived, she left because of a paper house, and the meaning of this paper house is very obvious, that is, her parents betrothed her to someone else and wanted her to go back to fulfill her engagement.
This not only forced him to leave Yan Yunzong and return to the family, but also made her understand one thing. He and Ye Han can never be together again, and the brothers and sisters can become the end point of their feelings.
"Madam, I know what you are trying to say, and I also understand that Han Er and I are in love, but it is impossible to get together, but it is enough to see Han Er safely!" Ye rou quietly looked at Ye Mu’s face and showed a little smile that she had never shown for a long time. This smile was very sincere but also very nai.
In addition to sincerity, Ye Mu’s natural white leaf soft smile has a little more nai. For such a situation, others also feel what nai is
However, in her heart, she is also very clear that some things are often like this, but there is no way to change what she can do to keep it going.
Leaf smiled softly and looked at it for a long time before sighing bitterly, "I haven’t slept for a good night, and I don’t know when Han Er will come back. Let’s go and have a rest, or we will be tired when he comes back. He will be sad when he sees it."
As she spoke, Ye Rou got up and walked towards her room, but Ye Mu got the answer she wanted, although she didn’t really ask anything, and she didn’t intend to continue pestering Ye Rou, and she also walked towards her room after she left.

Lin Yu did notice something, but he always thought it was the result of the merger of parallel and Cangyu mainland. I didn’t expect it to be that the artifact became extraordinarily abundant without vitality

"I’m old-fashioned," Lin Yu said very calmly. "I want to ask if even if I protect this continent, will our continent be destroyed if the Cangyu God War fails?"
Cang Tianlong said bitterly, "We little people should just do our own little people’s things, and God should leave the things to God himself to solve. If we want to live for one day, we must struggle with our relatives and friends until the end of the world, Lin Yu. I believe you can understand what I said."
"I understand," Lin Yu nodded. "Thank you for your help. I’ll do my own thing."
Looking at Lin Yu back into his "battle", Sky Dragon is very gratified. "God Cangyu has to say that you have a good eye …"
At the same time, Yoda respectfully knelt down in front of the Yuan Emperor in the Palace of the Yuan Emperor and said, "The pursuit can be confirmed that the ghost azure is either dead or seriously injured. When the man was killed in Yun He City, the ghost azure did not appear, but the hateful dragon appeared and blew the old thing away."
"Is the old guy Cang Tianlong still alive?" Yuan emperor face flashed a ferocious color "very well! Find me this guy’s hiding place, and I’ll make him stunned! "
"Yes, Emperor Yuan’s position" Yoda got up and bowed respectfully toward the Emperor Yuan before turning away.
"Yuan Fan, Yuan Chuan, you two are leaving for the Far North, where there are still three Cangyu Shenhuoli people. Go and get them back for me so that we can recover our strength as soon as possible!" Yuan dynasty toward his boss and Laojiu ordered.
"Yes, father," the two men bowed to the Yuan Emperor and immediately set off for the Far North.
If Lin Yu heard the Yuan Emperor’s command at this time, he would be frightened to disgrace.
Cang Yu God still keeps three fires. Lin Yu has never told anyone, but Yuan Huang actually knows!
"Hey hey cangyu god? It’s just a defeated general from another plane! " Yuan Huang’s cold face is full of cruelty. "Since you don’t choose me as the overlord of this continent, don’t blame me for getting it myself!"
Yun He City
"Is there any news about the top ten demons and the three demons and seven demons?" Lin Yu towards Liu Man and Zhang Xiaorou asked.
"Yes, but their situation doesn’t seem so good." Liu Man frowned. "They two brothers are trapped with residual inferno in Yunyan Mountain near dusk city. The allied forces of each family are encircling them. If they didn’t want to attract the rest of the top ten demons, these two brothers would have been destroyed. But Sigong, why do you ask these two people?"
Lin Yu said slowly, "There is nothing I want to save them."
"What?" Zhang Xiaorou one leng she obviously didn’t expect Lin Yu to have such a state of mind.
"Nothing" Lin Yu calmly looked at Zhang Xiaorou almost word for word "because the big devil is me now"
Looking around at the top of Yunyan Mountain, there are many Terran warriors. Magic seven little hands wipe their faces and blood toward the side of Magic three little. "Old three, you are stronger than me. I will cover you and kill you. Go to Yun He City to find Lin Yu to see five sisters and six sisters. I believe he is willing to secretly take you in."
Mo San Shao shook his head. "No, since you know that I’m stronger than you, I should cover you, and I’m a brother, so there’s no reason for my brother to sacrifice for me."
"Three elder brother when I beg you? !” Magic Seven Little roared, "If we don’t leave, we can’t escape!"
"Let’s die together," said Mo San, who was neither too cold nor too hot. "Anyway, our other brothers are all dead, and they are still stunned. Being brothers is really a life without an afterlife!"
Magic seven little never thought that his third brother had become so sentimental, and he could not help sighing slightly. "Good third brother, let’s break through and see who is lucky?"
"Uh-huh," Magic San Shao finally agreed. "The living one must live for the dead brothers! Rush! "
"Kill the clan!" Magic seven drank wildly, "Even if we die, we inferno soldiers will never bend!"
Hundreds of thousands of Terran warriors surrounded by Magic Seven Little and Magic Three Little led their few tens of thousands of inferno teams from the hills to the mountains.
See inferno ready to desperately this battle commander Luo Zhong toward several family leaders around him said, "Look, the big demon is not going to save their younger generation, and there is nothing to kill them with these two magic pups."
Several of him nodded, "Good Lord Luo, everything is up to you."
Looking at the inferno team didn’t do protection and went to the mountain to wipe Luo Zhong’s face with a mocking sneer and shouted to drink "SPAR gunner prepares the gun. 453 The Great Devil reappears."
Facing the SPAR cannon coming towards them, the magic three little powers will be close to him and the magic seven little SPAR cannons will slow down immediately when they are put to use.
"Old Seven, hurry out!" Magic three little toward the magic seven little roar loud and shoving the magic seven little together.
"Third brother!" Magic seven gave a hysterical roar. He wanted to stay and live and die with his third brother, but he was pushed out by his third brother.
"Your life is your parents’ return. Don’t let them down!"
Half-magic seven little looked back at his third brother.
His third brother’s eyes are firm, which is a kind of eyes that never look back once you decide.
"Three elder brother-"
Boom boom-magic three little power eventually failed to withstand the sky SPAR gun magic seven little eyes thousands of inferno soldiers and his third brother disappeared together in the fire, a mass of blood fog and meat sauce flying around.
"Fight with them!" Magic seven little hoarse roar with more than tens of thousands of inferno soldiers rushed to surround them hundreds of thousands of terran soldiers.
See the magic seven little Luo Zhong face towards himself with a cruel "broken magic arrow!"
"Swish swish ….." With the roaring wind and the locust-like broken magic arrow flying towards the magic seven little team.
"Protect seven little!" Seeing that they are doomed, all the inferno fighters will tightly surround the magic seven little ones, and all of them will release their magic vitality and connect with each other to form a powerful red magic vitality shield.
Poop, poop, poop …
The first batch of broken magic arrows were blocked by tens of thousands of inferno fighters Qi Xin, but the red magic shield disappeared with the first batch of broken magic arrows.
When the second batch of broken magic arrows fell, those inferno soldiers had fallen to them from resisting the rain of arrows all over the sky.

"Go to you, you big * *!" The little witch stretched out her little hand and scolded elder brother Yi.

Brother Gan can’t go like this at first sight, otherwise he will commit a crime tonight. Now his lower abdomen is hot and he feels that his little brother is hard in his crotch, so he quickly covers his crotch and says, "That little Xuan, I’m going to sleep, you’ll see …" He says, and he goes to the bedroom. Before he walks a few steps, he is hugged by the little witch. Two semicircular spheres are soft enough to touch his shoulders. From time to time, he rubs his eyes and asks, "Don’t go? I love you since the train saw you pick up that punk … "
Brother Gan was provoked by the little witch at this moment, and it was almost dark in his heart. His grandmother didn’t know that she was soft-hearted, so she turned to dry the little witch’s tears, held her and looked at her sexy lips and couldn’t help kissing. At this time, the little witch no longer pretended to be a lady, holding the head of brother Gan and kissing …
Dry elder brother kiss while holding the little witch petite body walked to the bedroom and went to the front of the bed, put the little witch on the bed and lay flat with a pair of big hands like the palm of your hand. The little witch’s plump body invaded her mouth and kept kissing there, panting and wheezing …
For a while, the little witch was naked except for the pink cotton pants in the last line of defense. In front of the dry brother, the dry brother stroked and kissed the attractive body, which was not simply an art. The dry brother gently took off the pink pants of the little witch and gently stroked …
See dry elder brother lay down the little witch seems to feel something jiao panting said, "Xiao dry is the first time you tap …"
Brother Gan smiled at her and kissed her. Then the tiger was shocked and heard a charming song. Chapter 17 A symphony of lasting joy came from the bedroom. Yesterday was a good day.
The next morning, Brother Gan didn’t get up so early for the first time. This night is really a lot of sex. Brother Gan didn’t have much to do, but he was bitter for the little witch. Brother Gan was still very fond of jade. He just couldn’t stand the temptation of this little fox and couldn’t help it. After Ke Mengxuan tasted the sweetness, he was called a insatiability. He lost his vitality. Otherwise, he would have to let this little bitch pay her off!
Brother Gan opened his eyes and saw that the little witch was lying in his arms like a kitten. Brother Gan stared at the little witch, but somehow after this night’s baptism, the little witch was getting better and better. To be exact, it should be feminine. Brother Gan carefully moved his body, then quietly got into bed, put on his clothes, gently pulled out the door, and took out his mobile phone. At first, he dialed a message to Hu Debiao and said that he had something to do later today.
Chen Hu next to listen walked over and said, "Hey, hey, tiger, don’t ask the dry elder brother. He must have worked too hard last night and was estimated to have been paid by his woman …"
"Ha ha roll calves for me! Hurry up and train your brothers! Don’t mess with those! " Hu Debiao laughed and scolded according to the evidence. He estimated that it was the same thing. It was all men who had been there before!
Brother Gan came to the building to buy breakfast, but the thought of last night’s little witch girl * * I’d better give her a nutritional supplement on the hour, so I took out the eggs from the refrigerator and peeled two onions from the kitchen to wash and cut the fried eggs, and went to sleep. The little witch was attracted by the fragrance, but she felt sore. When I saw that I was lying in bed, I was not my own bed. I was quickly lifted by a single beach of blood, and I woke up. I didn’t dream of dying last night. It was a real thing to think that I had treasured things for more than 20 years. It was difficult to be sad, but it was a little sad to think that my second sister-in-law told myself something. I smiled shyly again. Anyway, it was voluntary and not taken away by others. What’s the pity? So I got up and just wanted to get dressed in bed, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain. I almost fell to the ground when I heard the little witch "Ouch" …
Brother Gan heard the little witch scream and quickly caught fire. He ran from the kitchen to the bedroom and saw the little witch holding the edge of the bed. Brother Gan picked her up and put her on the bed and said, "Why don’t you go to work today if you are uncomfortable?"
Listen to the dry elder brother pity and a little overbearing words. The little witch was sweet but shy and scolded, "You said I was you! You were like a cow last night! "
I don’t know who shouted "I want me …" in my heart, but this woman is always weak. A big man can’t kiss and tell. Let’s put up with it, so he smiled and said, "Hehe, blame me. Now you have a rest and my breakfast horse will be ready …"
"You can’t let people lie here naked for a day. It’s just a little painful. It’ll be all right in a minute. You go and cook. I’ll go and wash first …" The little witch girl said with a charming look at the dry elder brother.
"Are you sure you can do it?" Dry elder brother still not trust asked.
"Oh you hurriedly busy you go! How to grind and haw is like an old lady! " The little witch was dissatisfied with pushing the elder brother to go out. She was so sticky and uncomfortable that she quickly sent the smelly man away so that she could take a bath in the bathroom.
Gan Kenai walked out of the bedroom and finally told her to be careful, while she went to the kitchen and was busy. The eggs were not fried yet! At this time, the little witch also wore pajamas to her bedroom, took a set of clothes and went into the bathroom to wash.
After about half an hour, Brother Gan made breakfast, and the little witch also finished washing. At this time, both of them were polite, especially before the little witch, they all scrambled to eat, but the lady there could no longer be a lady. Finally, the gentlemen had to go out and break the embarrassment. "That little Xuan was tired all night last night. Let’s eat quickly …"
Brother Gan, let’s not say that things were fine last night. Let’s say that the little witch’s face is red and ripe like an apple. She is ashamed to think that she was crazy last night. She really didn’t expect a big lady to seduce a man one day, but on second thought, she didn’t hook up with another man. She didn’t love him and gave it to him! So I picked up chopsticks and put a big piece of egg in my mouth, not to mention that I was really hungry.
Brother Gan looked at there and ate fried eggs. The little witch picked up chopsticks and ate while saying, "Don’t worry about that little Xuan, I will be responsible for you …" But after saying this, I felt a little fake and responsible for what. I remember saying this to Sun Mei a few weeks ago, but now it’s another woman. Brother Gan has nodded his head.
"Hmm …" The little witch asked me, "Do you love me, Xiao Gan?"
"Make love …" Brother Gan was a little guilty in his heart, but his mouth did not hesitate to answer.
"Hey hey, I love you too! Then hurry to eat! " The little witch replied with a smile, hey hey, but brother Gan is not in the mood to eat at this moment. You can’t let yourself marry two. This matter will be exposed sooner or later. Let’s take it one day at a time. In the end, things will work out!
It didn’t take long for Brother Gan to finish this love breakfast in vain, but the little witch looks in a big mood and tastes delicious. After eating, Brother Gan was just about to pick up the chopsticks when the little witch stopped him, and the sisters said, "Now that you are my man, how can you do what these women should do?" You have to do your career well outside, just leave it to me at home! "
After listening to the little witch’s words, Brother Gan felt cold in his heart all night, and the change was too fast. I can’t blame myself for being enslaved for years. I didn’t think of myself as one of my own. If I had known that I wouldn’t have eaten you long ago, I would have to suffer for such a long time. But at the thought of the little witch’s "excellent" cooking, I quickly begged for mercy. "Hey, hey, I shouldn’t take care of you. Besides, I like to cook for you .."
The little witch was attracted by the delicious food of Brother Gan, and said, "Well, it’s not a matter of a day or two. You should cook the food. I’ll take care of it after he washes the dishes and mops the floor …"
"Ha ha good! Why don’t you take a day off at home today, Xiaoxuan? I’m out of work … "Brother Gan said with a smile and walked to the door and suddenly remembered." Xiaoxuan, you weren’t pregnant last night, were you? "
By dry elder brother so ask little syren face brush a red Chen scold a way "to you! You, you are so good that you can get pregnant once! I calculated the safety date yesterday … "
"Mr. Hey, hey, that’s good, that’s good. I’m leaving. You take good care of your home …" Brother Gan, hey, hey, smiled and knocked on the door and went out, thinking that I think your little witch is almost the same as Sun Mei’s little bitch! Twice you say which time is always not passive, shame, shame and shame. Brother Gan thinks about shaking his head and going upstairs. Chapter 18 A city conscience ()
Brother Gan has just arrived at the building and hasn’t hit the BMW door yet when the cell phone bell rings in his pocket, Brother Gan takes out his cell phone and takes a look. Suddenly, his head is big. This is really afraid that someone will come. It’s not someone else. Brother Sun Mei is really a young woman. He is guilty and connected. "Hey, hey, what can I do for Sister Mei?"

Everyone at the scene held their breath. Will this beautiful goal be scored since Dominica passed? Everyone wants to know the answer, which has not kept them waiting too long. The suspense has been solved.

"Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal," Moreau growled for a minute to let people know the answer "Sexy! ! ! I think it’s time to have this word to explain the wonderful goal of Domonica. Think about how long it’s been since we saw such a sexy goal. This goal is "Sexy will make you cry"! I promise that maybe in 50 years, France will burst into tears again … We will no longer choose Serie A as the world’s best goal of the year, and it has been born. What can we do but worship? "The fans in Naples cheered hysterically and echoed Moro’s words, drowning him in the waves." Vesuvius "spewed hot magma again.
The beauty of this goal is that the ball never falls in the process from passing to shooting. The whole movement is extremely gorgeous and smooth in one go, giving people a feeling of naturalness and roundness. This is the result of Qi Nan’s painstaking thinking these days. He was ready to do this from the moment he caught the ball. In the Song Dynasty, his head, shoulders, back, chest, knees, legs, A complete set of kicking skills, such as feet, can make the ball not fall all day long, which is something that many cuju masters can do. From this, it can be seen that the ball control technology of Cuju in Song Dynasty is exquisite, and it is certainly handy for Qi Nan to seal the title of "the first person in Cuju" to do this. Just now, he actually blended in the "beating in vain" movement and turned Kun Yan back to his nest. These movements can be carried out in situ, but Qi Nan improved them to run at a high speed, and this goal can also be used, which indicates that Qi Nan finally blended the essence of Cuju to truly combine with
Volume II
Chapter 17 Inter Milan equalized again
Zinan’s goal dealt a great blow to Inter Milan’s momentum. It was so beautiful that even Munnio had to praise it in his heart. Munnio stared at Zinan and was celebrating with his teammates crazily. His face didn’t look like anger or resentment. If Rhea could read minds, he would immediately call Dellaurentis and ask him to refuse all requests from Inter Milan to buy Domenica. That’s right. At this time, Munnio thought about how to snatch this Domenica from Naples.
Vieira’s face is as black as it can be. His face is as black as a whistle. No matter how black it is, it can stain his teeth. Now he is thinking that if he had defended Dominica, maybe the goal would not have been scored.
Relying on Zinanmei twice, Naples finally surpassed the pressure again in the sixty-fifth minute of the game and returned to Inter Milan. Napoli fans shouted Zinanmei’s Italian name for ten minutes, and the sound of "Domo-Nica" was heard all over Sao Paulo. No one doubted the talent and skill of this strange player wearing protective gear for several times, which is inevitable.
Inter Milan’s offensive was silent for ten minutes because of Zinan’s goal, and then he looked up. Munnio was dancing there like a landlord urging his parents to work in the fields. He urged Inter Milan players to attack with his hands, and he hoped he could also go to strictly come dancing.
Lampard is Lampard’s long-range shot in front of the restricted area in Naples. This fellow looks like a blacksmith. The blacksmith knows how to swing a sledgehammer, but he knows how to swing his thigh. Lezo almost wants to scold his mother. If possible, he wants to tell Lampard, eldest brother, if you have a problem, just say it to me. Is it worthwhile to have a cold leg if you have something to do? It’s not easy for me to earn these two pennies as a goalkeeper, and I have to be tortured by people whose desire to shoot is stronger than your desire to have sex.
Fortunately, Lampard couldn’t hear Lezo’s heart, or he would turn around and show Lezo his "Lampard" omega supreme leg with two feet.
Quaresma still runs as joyfully as a horse. Although the physical strength of a "Quarez" horse is thousands of miles faster than that of a bloodless BMW, it is more than enough to run 10,000 meters in a race. Little Cannavaro and maldonado almost want to cut off a pair of "horse legs" of Quarez horse like Yue Jiajun did when dealing with the gold man. If quaresma knew what they thought, he would certainly buy tens of millions of insurance for his legs like Beckham before he dared to come.
It is well known that Mourinho likes to attack from the wing. When he was at Chelsea, he liked Ronaldinho and Wright-Phillips to break through the bottom of the wing or cut his own shot. His love for quaresma is understandable, but it is far from enough to have quaresma as a winger. Now Inter Milan is like a bird flying on the right, and there is nothing to change on the left side of Inter Milan.
Sure enough, in the 70 th minute, with a wave of his hand, Muninho replaced Mancini Jr. for Stankovic, letting him focus on the left, altruistic speed and technical impact. On the left of Naples, Mancini Jr. can play in the middle or on the left. He is also a very technical talent. He was also the key player to be introduced by Muninho after he moved into Inter Milan. He was asked to sit on the bench because he was in poor condition recently. Muninho had to put him on the bench.
Mancini caused a lot of trouble to Naples after the game. He and quaresma left and right, which overwhelmed the defense of Naples.
You have a good plan. I have had a wall. Tirea is not stupid. He waved the flag and changed Zalayeta to Montevino. savigny returned to the full-back position again. The Napoli formation changed back to 5-3-2 to strengthen the defense on the side.
In the last ten minutes of the game, the two coaches fought wits and fought bravely. Munnio changed people again in response to the change of Rhea. Suazo changed the so-called bench. Cruz came off the bench several times to save Inter Milan.
Inter Milan put forward the tactics of the center twin towers: 1.92 meters Ibrahimovic and 1.99 meters Cruz Muni? o held high in the Premier League style and played high on two flanks. In the restricted area of Naples, the two center Naples defenders can sigh that "high" is really "high"
Inter Milan attacked quaresma and once again broke through savigny’s defense. In a middle, Ibrahimovic grabbed a point sideways in a restricted area. A slight rub on the outside of his foot almost broke Lezzo’s ten fingers, "Captain Viking". The machete was inadvertently wielded, and Ibrahimovic was enchanting. Although he was 1.92 meters tall, he never went to grab the point. He preferred to break the opponent’s door in various difficult ways in the restricted area, just like his famous "scorpion wagging his tail"
Lezzo yelled at his teammates to make them pay attention. Domic knew that he had just lost his position, but he didn’t refute that he was closer to Ibrahimovic. If possible, he wanted to hang himself on Ibrahimovic.
The ball reached gargano’s foot, which was the same height as Diego Maradona’s. The Uruguayan was about to start the ball, but it was already defended in place. Vieira broke off and was old enough to be taller than the young Uruguayan. Vieira gave the ball to Lampard. Lampard didn’t take the ball to the middle this time. He gave it to Mancini Jr., and several dazzling cyclists broke through grava. Instead, he chose to cut to maldonado to make up for it. He was very experienced in pulling the little Mancini jersey. Trying to stop Mancini from slowing down like this is very common in Serie A, and the general referee will not punish Mancini for staggering out to meet him when maldonado pulled him. Cruz made a slight adjustment and chose to shoot hard.
"DuDu" referee Luo Saidi whistled, and Naples hissed four times because he awarded a penalty to Inter Milan because hand ball in the restricted area of Domic awarded a penalty to Inter Milan and Luo Saidi gave Domic a yellow card. Domic explained to Luo Saidi that the ball really hit him, but he didn’t mean Luo Saidi didn’t listen to him, insisting on his penalty. Mickey knew that it would be a waste of time to mix it up. If Mickey knew this sentence, he would stick it as a motto. He scored two penalties at the front of the bed and returned one at the home.
Ibrahimovic withstood a Napoli fan’s hush and steady penalty, and scored twice as well as Domonica. Ten minutes later, Inter finally equalized the score again with a penalty.
Volume II
Chapter 10 The curtain of Serie A falls
Five minutes after Ibrahimovic’s penalty equaliser, Luo Saidi blew the whistle for the end of the game. The Italian eye-catching game ended in a draw. Napoli got a valuable point and relegation was successful. Inter Milan was not so happy, because at the same time as this game, the result of Siromas’ game had come out. Rome won, which means that Inter Milan’s lead was reduced to one point by Rome, and the final ownership of the championship became more and more suspenseful. After the Inter Milan people almost heard their butts, the Roman gladiators gasped heavily.
Who is the champion of Serie A this season? These are not Neapolitans who need to pay attention. They now know that they have successfully avoided relegation. After the game ended, a grand celebration ceremony was held at Sao Paulo Stadium after Inter Milan left.
Although the success of relegation is not a very glorious thing, it is indeed a celebration event compared with relegation. Naples fans sang the Naples team song Ninodangele, and Naples players held hands and bowed to the 70,000 Naples fans.
Singers, waves, wild youth, passionate dreams and rational words meet in this noisy stadium. At this time, Sao Paulo Stadium is like a dream theater, playing the joys and sorrows of life. This scene reminds some old fans that Sao Paulo Stadium was always so lively in the Diego Maradona era. This scene makes people who don’t know the truth not celebrate relegation but celebrate winning the championship.
Qinan bowed to the fans among his teammates. Like everyone else, he felt excited and excited. At this moment, he thought he was a Neapolitan after all.
The next day, Italian media and newspapers introduced the game in a big chapter. The title of Naples Sports Daily was "Saint Dominique Appears Again". The article was three-fifths in length to praise Qinan’s two golden goals. Qinan himself felt that it was a bit exaggerated, but Naples people liked to watch the Naples Sports Daily printed twice that day to meet the needs of Naples people.
Rome Sports newspaper "Thanks to Domenica" sang praises for scoring two goals to help them draw with Inter Milan. Italian national television also released Domenica’s second goal again and again in the current Serie A brocade. The survey in the current program shows that 10% of Italian fans think that Domenica’s goal can be elected as the best goal of the year in Serie A.
Gazzetta dello Sport "Domenica" Snipers Inter Milan "They also have to admit that Domenica’s two goals, especially the second goal, are really beautiful. The article even broke the news that they learned from Muni? o that Inter Milan is going to show the acquisition of Domenica at the end of the season, which caused an uproar.
On the day when the Gazzetta dello Sport article was published, thousands of Naples fans staged a sit-in demonstration at the entrance of Naples Club against the club selling their Domenica. By noon, the number increased to 10,000. Finally, Delaurentis had to personally promise that he would never sell Domenica to disperse the sit-in crowd in the eyes of Naples people. Domenica was already the second Diego Maradona, who could lead Naples football to rise again. They had not been so happy for a long time as in the past month.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
Dellaurentis has two people in his office at this time, he and Rhea. Dellaurentis pushes a document in front of him to Rhea.
"Ai Du Yaduo, this is the document just sent by Inter Milan. As the Gazzetta dello Sport broke the news, they really want to buy Domenica at a price of 15 million euros. Do you think this business can be done?" Rhea didn’t answer him immediately. She looked at the boss deeply, hoping to see his real meaning in his eyes. He knew that the boss had called him to talk, which proved that he was definitely interested in the business. Rhea bowed his head and thought for a while about how to say that Delaudius didn’t sell Dominica.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “