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Chapter 39 Cut will win the hearts of the people

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After crossing the mountainous area of Langzhong, the Kang Peng army entered the relatively flat Sichuan Basin. Before Dong Zhuojun attacked Yizhou on a large scale, the life of Yizhou people was still quite good. Most of the people were able to reach the level of adequate food and clothing. The gentry were as rich and luxuriant as those in Yonghe and Liangzhou. The warm and humid climate made Yizhou base have no food production difficulties, and the rich and varied things almost made Yizhou soldiers and civilians self-sufficient. Not only was it famous for its stunning Sichuan brocade, but it was more expensive than gold, well and salt in that era. Panzhihua Iron Mine was a good thing that Kang Peng had long coveted.
Deer are velvet, musk is killed, Yizhou is rich, and its crime has been stared at by two groups of hungry wolves. First, Liu Yan dragged away the road in the imperial court to get the position of Yizhou secretariat. With a group of helpers, he drove away the people’s hearts and won the hearts of the people. Jia Long occupied this rich land, and Liu Yan took the road of splitting the big man. Then Kang Peng adopted the strategy of Jia Xu, not going to war in the Central Plains, and put the first goal of expansion in Yizhou to get the first chance to control the situation in the sky. Yizhou didn’t give the enemy the opportunity to borrow Yizhou for development and growth. Kang Peng also learned the lesson that Cao Cao failed to unify the sky. Before the Chibi War, Jia Xu also suggested that Cao Cao should take Yizhou first and then attack Jiangnan, so that Liu Bei and Sun could kill each other without pressure. Unfortunately, Cao Cao was carried away by Yuan Shao’s victory and insisted that the old scoundrel in the south was extremely slippery. Jia Xu knew that Cao Cao Cao was dealing with Liu Bei and Sun at the same time and pretended to
Kang Peng and Liu Yan fought, but Yizhou dog-eat-dog suffered. The people of Yizhou couldn’t bite Kang Peng and Liu Yan, and I couldn’t get you. Dong Zhuo couldn’t get the idea of burning the richest area of Yizhou into ruins with a fire. Now the towns and towns in Yizhou Basin are in ruins, and the food and clothing of the people are exhausted. People can struggle in the line of life and death.
In the first month of the fourth year of Han Chuping, Yizhou was particularly cold. The heavy snow stopped and the Langzhong mountain area floated out from time to time. The city of Brazil is naturally gone. There are hundreds of thousands of victims sleeping out in the cold and snow. The consequences of people sleeping out in the cold winter can be imagined. Kang Peng took a team of Qinbing to inspect the victims. He didn’t walk three miles and saw nearly 100 frozen stiff bodies on the roadside.
"Jun Ye be kind, my child hasn’t eaten for five days." A poorly dressed woman with several children slowly approached Kang Peng and his party, begging with black and dirty hands. "Jun Ye, please give me some food. The slave children are starving. Please."
Kang Peng looked intently at the woman with four children. The biggest one was under three feet, and the biggest one was yellow snot. His eyes were full of tears. The youngest child was still crying in the woman’s arms. His young face was yellow and his eyes were sunken, and the sallow and emaciated woman had kowtowed to Kang Peng when she saw that Kang Peng didn’t talk. "I beg you, I beg you, I am not hungry. Please give my child some food."
Although it is not the first time to see this scene, Kang Peng is still very uncomfortable in his heart. This woman may have a happy family, and she is responsible for most of her present situation. Kang Peng shook her head and said, "Give her some food and some rice soup for her children." Kang Peng added, "Give them some more clothes."
Kang Peng Qinbing quickly brought food and clothing. The woman was so excited that she kowtowed like a garlic. Before Kang Peng helped her up, she surrounded several refugees. Pairs of skinny or shriveled hands reached out to Kang Peng and begged and wailed. They all begged Kang Peng to give food, old or young, at least seven or ten years old, and the youngest was only seven or ten years old. Kang Peng and his party were surrounded by a large number of floors, while Kang Peng Qinbing brought food and clothing and distributed them in an instant.
"In addition to the military, you have to bring the big tent." In Kang Peng Li Daokang Peng’s big tent, there are many two princesses, Cai Wenji, Fuyu, Xiuer and several little girls, as well as Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao to bring him Chang ‘an food and make clothes for him. These are Kang Peng who can move without going through the army.
Kang Peng carefully looked around at the victims and saw that almost all of them were old, weak, women and children, and looked around at the wilderness. In doubt, he asked his colleague Lu Su, "Where are the young and strong men here? There is also a large number of military food in the first place. Why can’t I see the porridge shed? "
Lu Su also replied inexplicably, "Back to a surname, most young and strong men were recruited to repair and widen the plank road. It is rare for men to see the porridge shed. The villain didn’t know that General Long had rushed to Xichong to recruit young and strong victims."
"Jun Ye, are you asking the white horse general to set up a porridge shed?" A white-haired old man heard Kang Peng Lu Su’s reply and interjected, "When the white horse general was in Brazil, we could eat two masters a day."
Kang Peng wry smile he robbed in front of zhuge liang steamed bread has now become his own head, Kang Peng asked, "the old man that now? Don’t they send it? "
The old man angrily said, "Five days ago, after the white horse general went to Xichong, the military master here changed his mind. The first one didn’t send any money to sell the last money we robbed from the fire, and they ransacked it or the young girl accompanied them to get some food."
"What?" Kang Peng fire emit three zhangs nu way "old man’s house where are they? Take me to see them. "
When Lu Su saw that Kang Peng was angry and knew that another bloody battle was coming, he winked at the captain of Kang Peng Qinbing. Captain Kang Peng Qinbing knew that he would send someone back to move troops and take some food for the old man, so the old man went with him to find Dong Zhuojun’s vanguard.
Dong Zhuojun’s vanguard camped in a dirt mountain outside Brazil. When Kang Peng arrived at the periphery, he found that there were thousands of sallow and emaciated people around the camp. After the food was steamed, the smell was that he didn’t see the camp to release the food. When Kang Peng’s pro-soldiers saw it, they grabbed the gun and held a knife to make way for Kang Peng.
As soon as I arrived at the camp gate, Kang Peng heard a man laughing and a girl screaming delicately in the camp. When the sentry before the camp saw that Kang Peng was scared out of his wits, he quickly ran to Kang Peng and knelt down before Kang Peng without looking at them. "It’s necessary to see who has such a wonderful life?"
The village gate quickly hit Kang Pengxin’s step into the camp, and the people around Yizhou whispered to guess Kang Peng’s identity. At this time, Lu Su sent soldiers to Lu Bu Pound, and they led five thousand fighters to Kang Peng to camp together.
In the tent, dozens of young profit girls were disheveled and wailed. More than a dozen Dong Zhuojun’s middle-ranking officers were laughing obscenity. There were one or two girls in their arms. In front of them, there was a mountain of wine and meat. Kang Peng walked into the tent with a blue face and lights shining in the tent. Kang Peng’s fat face and muscles were twisted, and the eyes were like geese’s eggs, toad’s mouth and lips were chewing, and his long beard was full of anger.
"Mom!" The first scream was not those delicate girls, but Dong Zhuojun, an officer with the highest rank in the account-Lieutenant Zhao Yun, the rest of Dong Zhuojun’s generals looked up and were scared out of their wits. They almost climbed to their knees in front of Kang Peng, while Lieutenant Zhao Yun was motionless. Lu Bu rushed up, but he saw that he was scared to death.
"Pull out the whipping corpse and chop it up to feed the dog!" Tearing his hair out about Kang Peng’s anger, he is trying to gain the hearts of the state, but these bastards are dragging their feet behind him. Kang Peng, a common people in Yizhou, took a bold glance at those guilty Dong Zhuojun officers kneeling in front of him and said, "Pull and cut the military law."
"A surname to forgive! Master, forgive me! " The officers were so frightened that they were incontinent that they shouted, "The young people should die, but please see that you risked your life to spare our lives in ordinary times."
"No mercy!" Kang Peng intended to use these unlucky heads to deter the army from winning the hearts and minds of Yizhou and warned Dong Zhuo’s soldiers to grind their teeth. "Disobedience and dereliction of duty caused the victims to die of hunger and cold! Adultery should be beheaded! Deducting the victims’ life-saving food and plundering the people’s wealth should be cut! Even if you have these three beheadings, you will be ruthless! "
In a moment, more than a dozen bloody heads were hung in the front camp of Dong Zhuojun’s Daying Village, and food clothes for disaster relief were also distributed to Yizhou refugees. Lei Zhen shouted Long live Dong Zhuojun, a surname, but he did not shock the commotion. He tried to make a big profit for Yizhou victims and forced him to go to Kangpeng, and he also ordered Zhao Yunguan to be demoted to punish him for his dereliction of duty.
"Master, are you too heavy on General Long?" Lu Su advised Kang Peng, "It has been found out that General Long didn’t know about it. When he was in Brazil, he also did a good job in organizing relief for refugees. Punishing him again may hurt the morale of General Long."
Kang Peng shook his head and said, "It’s already a light punishment if others don’t supervise it strictly. Can we let it go again?" Kang Peng said again, "Let others dare to commit the same thing in the future, no matter who is from the heavy treatment!"
Lu Su wry smile want to persuade Jia Xu laughed again "respect you dare to bet me? Whoever loses will take out half a year’s salary to help the refugees. I bet Long will ask a surname to drop him by three levels if he learns that he has dropped him by one level. "
Lu Su thought about rolling his eyes and said, "My property in Huainan has been detained by Yuan Shu. I have to rely on my salary to support my family. This kind of gambling is not gambling!"
As Kang Peng, Jia Xu and others expected, the news bullied the honest Zhao Yun. When he heard that it was his fault, he immediately asked Kang Peng to drop his third-level Kang Peng and encouraged him. After that, he announced that he would uphold the original judgment and let Zhao Yun be benefited, but Dong Zhuojun was grateful. The generals distributed all over the country quietly and strictly refused to let the department repeat the same mistakes. When Li Jue heard the letter in Guanghan, he was so scared that nearly a thousand girls in the camp dared to hug the dragon witch and sleep alone every night. However, the people in Yizhou put one in their throats, and the resistance to Dong Zhuojun was also dispelled.
The farther the news went until Yizhou was isolated in the middle of the stack, the position of Li Yan and Li Hui was on the verge of vacillation, which coincided with Zhang’s arrival with Jia Long’s legacy to Li Yan and Li Hui’s wailing and crying, and he took 60 thousand Yizhou troops to the army, which was even worse than Dong Zhuojun’s. Kang Peng had heard for a long time that Li Yan’s name had given them a generous reward and appeased them. Nearly half of the three main corps of Yizhou Army were destroyed by Dong Zhuojun, which expanded the scale of Dong Zhuojun to 400 thousand people and supplemented the shortage of transport manpower.
Chapter 40 Double steamed rice and popcorn
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Borrowing Zhao Yun’s lieutenant’s head to shock the morale of the people and buy off the people’s hearts, he maintained the minimum living guarantee for Brazilian refugees by seizing Jiange’s grain Dong Zhuojun’s base. Kang Peng also scored points to swallow Yizhou county and county, and Ma Chao and Zhang Xiu led 30,000 west cool fighters to take Yunding and Linjiang to defend against the threat of Jingzhou, the last Yizhou army in Yongan. A route led by Gan Ning, Wu Yi and Chen Gong led 50,000 flying Xiong Jun along the Dianjiang River to get Deyang, Ba County, Hongqu and Fuling Kang Peng, and also gave an account of an important Chen Gong to build a warship in Fuling and recruit lean sailors to prepare for the next step. Another 60,000 Yizhou main infantry soldiers were left in Brazil to cooperate with migrant workers to repair and widen the Qinchuan mountain road. Kang Peng himself led Lu Bu, Zhao Yun and others to lead the remaining Dong Zhuojun’s most elite troops, totaling 120,000, to occupy Chengdu and Gui by way of Xichong and prepare to kill Liu Yan in the south.
It’s a lot easier to enter the Sichuan Basin. Although there are hills and slopes, it’s much easier than the steep and rugged Qinling Mountains. However, when Dong Zhuojun went to Kang Peng, Jia Xu and Lyu3 bu4, he became more and more flustered and more afraid to move forward. The reason why Dong Zhuojun passed through the place along the way was that he was starving and frozen corpses were everywhere. Crowds of refugees cried loudly. They all came to Dong Zhuojun to beg for some food for survival, and the number of refugees was getting more and more. In just ten days, Dong Zhuojun distributed more than half of his food and grass.
On the 23rd day of the first month of the fourth year of Chuping, Dong Zhuojun’s brigade arrived in Chengdu, where Yizhou’s government is located, announcing that Dong Zhuojun officially occupied Yizhou. Although it is the capital of Yizhou, it can be poisoned by Liu Yan, it is also the deepest. There is no complete house in Chengdu, and the towering wall was actually burned by fire. Pick up a brick in the ruins of the fire and you can find that the brick was actually burned and half of it was devastated. It can be seen that the fire was fierce that day because Dong Zhuojun arrived late, and the people in Yizhou had a cannibalism tragedy.
Kang Peng inquired from the local people that when Liu Yan’s army retreated, it washed away the grain in Chengdu’s official warehouse, but also burned it, and set fire to all the doors to prevent the people from saving. Yizhou Fu was no exception. It was also an exception to bring some gold beads to escape. Liu Yan’s granary was completely burned because Liu Yan’s soldiers were mostly recruited from Qing Qiang, and the soldiers were recruited from Yizhou. It was rude to burn the city. Yizhou people were a little uncomfortable and painful. The killer made several bloody cases and took advantage of chaos to humiliate women and seize people’s money, which would turn a rich country into a hell.
"How much food do we have left?" Kang Peng, who came back from inspecting refugees, was worried and asked Lu Su, who was in charge of logistics statistics, "See how much we can spare? Give some more to the refugees and meet a dozen starving people when they patrol around. "
"Not much," Lu Su replied morosely. "The army only has enough food to last for ten days."
"How come there is so much?" Kang Peng lost his temper and said, "Four days ago, on the east side of Tuoshui, you said that there were 20 days of grain left. Why are there ten days left now?"
Lu Su yelled and wronged Jia Xu. "A surname, have you forgotten? When you first arrived in Chengdu two days ago, you ordered the distribution of food relief to refugees. Isn’t that counted? "
Kang Peng collapsed in his chair like a deflated ball when he patted his plump forehead. He remembered that two days ago, he did ask Lu Su to allocate food for disaster relief, but there were 350,000 victims near Chengdu alone, and there were 610,000 victims who fled in all directions. His little food was just a drop in the bucket.
"When will Sun Ce escort food arrive?" Kang Peng patted his forehead and closed his eyes and asked in a low voice, "How much can I get?"
"It will take half a month to get to Chengdu at the earliest," Lu Su replied quickly. "It is no problem for us to save some troops until half a month. This time, the allocated food should be enough to last for a while, and some Yizhou rations will be delivered in about 20 days after Li Yan and others surrendered."
"The army is no problem" Kang Peng shook his head and said "but Chengdu people? How many people will starve to death in more than half a month? What will they think? "
Lu Su’s dumb words have Jia Xu’s admonition: "A surname who achieves great things is not limited to small things. If everything gains, it will lose our army. Even if we take out some food to help refugees, how much can we save? How many soldiers can we have left? Can’t we help the refugees and starve our brave soldiers to death? "
This time, it’s Kang Peng’s turn to be speechless. Can Kang Peng, the people of Koo and the army loyal to himself, choose one to protect this bad student as a decision? After a long time, Kang Pengcai said in a low voice, "From today on, the standard of soldiers’ food will be lowered, and the original one catty of food per person per day will be saved to save half a catty, and the Ministry of Food will take it to relieve the urgent needs of refugees."
Jia Xu and Lu Su were frightened and asked, "What if soldiers mutiny if they skimp on foot soldiers’ food? It’s just a drop in the bucket to save food, and it can’t save the people of Chengdu. Will the soldiers and civilians be aggrieved at both ends? "
"Just do it if you have your own idea to take pictures," Kang Peng ordered again. "This matter must not be leaked. General Zhongcang official, refugee Cangguan called to see me, and then Sun Ce and Guo Si told them to send food and grass quickly by any means."
Jia Xu Lu Su doesn’t know what medicine Kang Peng gourd sells, but the military orders have to deal with it. In a moment, Dong Zhuojun’s commissary overseer is responsible for the relief of the victims. The commissary overseer kneels before Kang Peng, and Kang Peng doesn’t ask them to get up and ask "Ask you?" What are all the food in the army? Such as processing? "
Two granary officials inexplicably didn’t know what the big fellow, a surname, suddenly asked about this trivial matter, but they all replied truthfully, "Back to the surname army, there are many grains of wheat, millet, divine rice and divine fruit wheat, millet and divine rice, and the divine fruit can be cooked and eaten together."
Very well’ Kang Peng nodded and was very satisfied with their sound and low voice’ Listen, from today on, I will cook millet porridge twice in the rations for soldiers; Rations for refugees, rice and rice, steamed rice and rice for three times, and hot-sealed fried rice (PS popcorn) are all white? "
Two granary warehouse officials are reluctant to proffering flaming way "back to a surname that millet porridge cooked twice, looking at a large amount of fruit can eat before long will be hungry? In that steamed wheat rice for three times, it is almost a bag of water to eat in less than half an hour and you will be hungry. "
What does Kang Pengxin say about these? You haven’t seen popcorn in a fast food restaurant, which is what cheat people doesn’t spit bones. Kang Peng insisted, "You know better than you do how much food is left in the army! After the job is done, you will be promoted and rewarded. If you let Xiang hear a little bit of wind outside, your family will die … Hum! "
Is Dong Boss threatening to cover it? The next morning, Dong Zhuojun’s soldiers found that we received food and looked at the weight, but before lunch, we were hungry and growled. Fortunately, Master Dong suddenly found that the training standard was greatly reduced, and he also sent an army of singers and dancers to sing and dance. Dong Zhuojun’s soldiers also temporarily put their hunger aside and drooled to appreciate the beauty of singers and dancers. They went to a patrol sentry on duty. Kyle received double rations and a piece of oily fat according to the rules
It’s also strange for Yizhou refugees who queue up to get food. They get a handful of the thumb-sized glistening rice that smells different in the morning and evening. It looks fragrant and crisp when they eat it, but it’s crispy and fragrant when they go out in less than half an hour. But China people are kind. If they want to have a little work, they won’t go to the government to fight against the rescuer. Teacher Dong also considers that the old people and children have bad mouths, especially the steamed rice is delicious, warm and full, and easy to digest.
When Kang Peng abducted Sichuan people in Chengdu with double steamed rice and popcorn pits, Liu Yan, the original owner of Sichuan, was not idle. First, Zheng Du, the messenger of Liu Yan, went to Xiangyang because of Jingzhou’s secretariat of Liu Biao. If Cai Mao was a big man, the people would know that Zheng Du first took a large number of jewels from Chengdu people’s heads to inquire for Cai Mao and Cai Zhong Cai He, and three brothers first got through the Cai Jia San Brothers’ Festival, which was introduced to Liu Biao by Cai Jia brothers.

Qingyang city seeing was not coming.

At the very least, there are 100,000 people left outside Ye State to prevent 200,000 from being stationed on the acropolis.
Now, if we continue to fight Qingyang City, once the soldiers are transferred from China, the fierce king will soon notice.
"Do you think we should fight the Acropolis or Yezhou?" Mushudao
"Wang Hao plan! Even if you can’t take it, you will definitely hit the fierce king! " General laughed
"Give Mukhma an attack on Yezhou immediately!" Wood got up and said
"Yes!" Someone went immediately.
So on this night, Ye Zhou fought again, even though the north wind and others were on guard, they still missed guarding the gate.
"What a woodwork! Really can’t die! " Just lost the Qingyang city war and immediately turned around to play Ye State again.
"Can General Yezhou hold on?" The north wind frowned and asked Lin Bei
"Keep up the bear have to hold! Wang Ye will soon reinforce and it will be fine! " He patted the north wind shoulder way
The north wind nodded his sword and went out.
The same 100,000 but Kitahara was born to be tall and natural, and the fighting capacity is also high.
Plus wood and others have returned with cavalry at that time Ye could be in jeopardy.
The north wind sent more than a dozen guards out of the city to send letters to ask Yan to come back, but when Yan got the news, he took people back to the road or was attacked by wooden infantry. The two sides fought in Songlanpo.
Yezhou North Gate has been broken.
The north wind and Lin Bei are all scarred and encouraged, and they all have faith in their hearts. The report will come soon.
The nationalist army suffered heavy casualties, but no one was afraid to fight.
There is still shame in life, and now if they step back, they will be as miserable as life.
Man is a strange creature.
Most of the time, you can give yourself up.
At this time, the soldiers think that I will die when I die. I can’t call Ye could become a grave like Shouan! I can’t see the second Shouan in my life.
Finally, after noon the next day, the high wind rushed out of Songlanpo with hundreds of people to Ye could.
Ye could north gate has been lost at this time.
Lin Bei led people to fight in the streets in the north.
Good before asking the people to escape from the south gate, there were not many casualties among the people.
Street fighting is one of the cruelest wars.
Almost hand-to-hand combat, whether it is the nationalist army or the northern primitive people, is a flesh body. No one is not afraid of pain or sword.
The north wind has broken up with Lin Bei, and his left arm has been injured and he can’t move, and his leg has also been hit by an arrow, killing two northern natives in front of him and never getting up again.
Sitting in front of a piece of red blood, I can still hear screams not far away.
He felt that his life was over, and slowly all the sounds became far away …
The last thing I heard was a high wind.
"The north wind! !”
The north wind tightly clutched the half jade hairpin and smiled. The flurry came to Ye Zhou. It’s okay.
"The north wind! !” The wind screamed at the top of his lungs with a bloody body.
How many years? How many years?
How many hardships have passed since the four of them fought side by side? At one of the most thrilling times, the four of them were all covered in scars. Even the sovereign was injured, but it’s okay. Now that the situation is good, how could he … how could he?
"The north wind you up! Asshole! Get up! When is this time to pretend to sleep! " The high wind shook the north wind hard, and he didn’t know that he was already covered with tears.
"general! General! General Shuo Feng has gone. Please be sober! " The little bodyguard pulled him.

Followed by a large amount of blood from the nostrils of Master Yang Zhenkui.

A steady stream gushed out, and suddenly Master Yang was covered with bed sheets and turned into a blood red. After the blood was soaked, the place was still slightly steaming.
Just when everyone was scared silly, Yang Zhenkui’s ears also sprayed a lot of blood in the left and right direction! Two blood columns, one left and one right, sprayed far away, splashing the faces of the personal doctors and the growing Yang Shan who landed on the left and right!
So Yang Zhen-kui shook his whole head like a high-pressure device, and the five orifices of his mouth, nose and ears kept spouting blood while looking at the hot blood bed. A private doctor was screamed "Ah" in the face of blood jet.
Everyone was scared and stared at the scene before them. A lot of blood was really like fireworks. Yang Zhenkui’s head was sprayed high and far from left to right, and then it splashed all over the bedroom as if it were red with blood. Everyone’s eyes were covered with scarlet, and they were all scared to death. It was like a horrible dream.
Gradually, the blood column weakened and finally stopped splashing. Everything seemed to be quiet. The whole bedroom was filled with a layer of blood fog, and the walls and the ground were all covered with blood. Everyone was frightened and stared at nothing, and their faces were splashed with blood to varying degrees.
And Yang Zhen-kui and Yang Ye, who is sitting by his bed, are all red blood from head to toe, just like Yang Ye’s hair is still dripping with a drop of blood.
Yang Ye let go of his hand and took a long breath. He wiped his face with blood and stared straight at the bed. His father’s eyes were full of fear and expectation.
Finally lying in bed, Yang Zhenkui coughed gently for two more times, slowly opened his eyes and glanced at Yang Ye. He was startled and sat up with his eyes wide open. Although he was still a little weak, he shouted, "You, who are you!"
Yang spent a night slowly trying to lift his head back and laugh.
After putting it away, Yang Shan rushed over and kneeled, shaking Yang Ye’s arm and tears flowed out. Two tears were washed out of her face in the blood, and she cried excitedly, "Eldest brother! You did it! You did it! "
Everyone hasn’t recovered from the shock. Yang Zhen-kui calmed down and looked at himself. Two people were surprised and asked, "Why? This is … Little late? How did this happen? Are you hurt? " When I was talking, I lost my mind. My eyes got bigger and I looked down. I suddenly looked up and looked around. My expression became more and more exaggerated. I looked around and I could see clearly. Manager Qiu and several private doctors shouted, "You … you … What the hell is going on?"
Everyone slowly showed an expression of surprise, which was particularly ferocious and horrible against the background of blood all over his face.
Yang Shan finally huanguo to god to cry a few times to hug his father crying and shouting "dad! Dad! You’re okay, right? You are ready! Dad! That’s very kind of you! "
Yang Zhenkui wait for a while looked at her arms and her little daughter was at a loss.
Several people around were excited and tearful. They came forward and asked with tears in their eyes. They were excited, "How are you, Sir?" "How are you, my Lord?" "All right, master!" "Master, please!" ……
"Eldest brother! I believe you now! You are really a god! " Growing still clutching Yang Ye’s arm and crying excitedly.
Yang night smiled and felt as if she had been ripped out, struggling to get up, but she almost fell down.
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter with you?" Growing quickly hold the Yang night at this time, Yang Shan also got up from his father’s arms and hugged Yang night’s arm and cried out, "Eldest brother! How did you do that? You are really amazing! "
Yang Zhenkui looked at all this with a blank look and asked curiously, "What’s this, what’s this all about?"
Lu went over and asked softly, "Uncle Yang, don’t you remember at all?"
"Remember what?" Yang Zhenkui is really a completely confused expression. Suddenly, he raised his arm and sniffed before putting his nose. He exclaimed in surprise, "This is really blood! Whose blood? What happened? "
Yang Yexu patted Yang Shanyou in his arms and turned to his father and said with a smile, "Dad, this is your blood!"
Just then, one of those private doctors screamed for no reason, and Yang Shan and Lu all looked back and saw the doctor touching his arm with a painful face, then raised his arm and looked at it carefully and exclaimed, "What is this?"
Chapter one hundred and forty-four "extremely baby blood"
The doctor screamed and attracted everyone’s attention. Yang Yehe looked at each other and walked around the bed and came to the doctor.
"What’s the matter?" Yang night asked
The doctor raised his arm and Yang Ye was a little alarmed and said, "Gentleman, look at this … this …"
Yang night didn’t find anything unusual in the past, but she looked at the horse carefully and exclaimed, "It’s a needle!"
Yang Ye turned around and asked, "What?"
I gently raised my hand and pointed a finger at the doctor’s arm. Yang Ye looked closer and was surprised to find that the doctor’s arm had a hair that was much longer than its hair. It was almost transparent and not soft to the skin, but stood upright.
"This is! Atavism? " Yang night after see more surprised.
Growing thick stretched out his hand to hold the hair and gently pulled it up. The doctor shivered with pain, and then growing thick held the hair and said in front of Yang Ye, "Brother, this is not a hair, but a needle. It’s a unique needle in witchcraft."
"needle?" Yang Ye looked at the needle that was thinner than hair, and it almost crossed his eyes. "What?"
Glancing at Yang Ye’s low voice, he said, "Maybe it’s this needle that injects baby blood into Yang Bobo’s body."
Yang Ye nodded, suddenly turned around, grabbed the doctor’s collar with both hands and shouted, "It was you!" "
The doctor was picked up by Yang Ye, and his feet were off the ground. He was so scared that he looked like crying. "Big, big, big, gentleman, I, I, I, I don’t know what you said!"

"Stealth performance is quite good! Even the Long Yun’s detection of it is very vague, not to mention two other warships lower than it. "Zhuo Qiang has some terror in his heart. If it is not Long Yun’s personal presence, he is afraid that Long Yun II will suffer.

However, it was Zhuo Qiang’s intention that their ships could find Long Yun II. He sent a fighter plane, Long Yun, to rise and fall, just to let the other side find out that otherwise Long Yun II would not be so easy to deal with.
"attention! Pay attention to the body and get ready for the battle immediately. Then Zhuo Qiang may attack again.
He found that the enemy ship was slowing down gradually, which was probably before the attack.
Long Yun II confused the enemy and continued to slaughter the warships in the military port. The four heavy guns of the ship roared one by one. In the distant military port, they lit up from time to time, and when they exploded, they flashed and roared.
At this time, all the light and heavy weapons on the surface of Long Yun and Longyun III are on standby, and each guide can launch a door at any time. The dark muzzle also points to the same place and aims at the guy who is ready to sneak attack on the sea.
Long Yun II, the fighter plane, rises and falls like a crazy teenager who has been beaten with chicken blood, perfectly cooperating with the sneak attacker.
Although there are not many fighters, there is no need to take off and land every ten minutes. This looks like a street prostitute, holding a skirt with one hand and waving a handkerchief with the other, as if to say, "Come on, guest, I am waiting for you to abuse!"
I saw the blood boiling in the morning, and the sneak attacker finally lost his patience. A little smooth rail gun appeared at the front end of the hull, and it seemed that he was ready to attack again.
"attack!" When Zhuo Qiang saw it, it was almost the same. Three warships also successfully formed an encirclement potential for this ship. At this time, don’t attack and wait?
At the same time, Long Yun magnetic gun and laser gun, the fastest and most powerful advanced weapons, issued a thunderbolt and accurately hit the bow position of the enemy ship.
This blow was so powerful that it smashed all the weapons and equipment at the front end of the enemy ship in one volley. Although there was no huge roar, the lethality was extremely amazing
The most powerful weapon on the enemy ship’s surface is the front-end Long Yun. This blow is equivalent to cutting off more than half of its attack firepower.
Of course, this is just one after another, but from the powerful firepower of Long Yun II and Longyun III
Although Long Yun II has been banging on the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, on the other hand, it has always been paying attention to this sneak attacker, and almost all the muzzle sizes have been aimed at this strange ship.
And Long Yun III, the warship, has one tonight, that is, we can throw the gun explosives onto the surface of this huge steel ship and blow it into a pile of standard scrap iron.
Almost at the same time, all kinds of weapons and drugs hit, like this enemy ship lit firecrackers, a series of deafening rumbling sounds resounded through the sky, and the flames instantly lit up more than half of the sky, which was amazing
"The horse approached the attack! Never let it go again! " Zhuojiang shouted a Long Yun, leading the way and swooped down on this strange ship.
Long Yun III followed closely and rushed to the sea at the highest speed.
Just now, I was pretending to bomb the military port. Long Yun No.2 Ma pointed all the guns at the sneak attack ship and approached the past while firing.
Long Yun dived, and at the same time, all kinds of guns or energy were sprayed from light and heavy weapons, and the enemy’s bow was dumped by a group of attacks.
"Give me a good beating!" Zhuo Qiang grabbed the handrail next to him and looked at the enemy ship in front of him, shouting eagerly.
Because of the speed and angle when diving forward, he had to grasp the crossbar at the table to maintain his balance.
The foreground is a bit like watching a large area of the ground being bombed, and the target is burning, but the flame produced by the gun continues to ravage the target.
There is a difference, that is, the enemy doesn’t seem to have the ability to counterattack, even a little anti-artillery, and lacks some excitement.
The commander of the enemy ship was stunned by such a blow. He wanted to do something secretly, but he got into a trap that had already been set up.
The attack comes from three directions, one from the sea, that is, they are going to sneak attack the target tonight, and the other two are coming from more and more dense attacks. When the attack frequency is just one or twenty seconds, the ship that wants to sneak attack the ship has lost its combat effectiveness.
There were a lot of casualties, weapons and equipment were also lost, and the other side seemed to be unscathed. It seems that there is nothing to fight in this battle.
However, Zhuo Qiang didn’t let his guard down at all. I don’t know when you will meet again if you set the tiger free again this time.
The firepower of the Long Yun still maintains the strongest attack power, and the other two warships also throw all kinds of bombs, large and small, to the south of this huge ship.
At this time, this huge ship is like a pot of boiling water, and it is like a small piece of iron poured with strong acid. It is "glug" and braves several large and small waters.
Of course, every water is a gun, which causes flames and shock waves, accompanied by smoke billowing into the sky.
This blow, if it was an ordinary ship, would have fallen apart and sunk to the bottom of the sea in less than ten seconds, but the warship has not broken and disintegrated so far, which further inspired Zhuo Qiang’s determination to tear it apart
"Continue to attack!" Zhuo Qiang screamed in his mouth and looked at the approaching enemy ships. He seemed to have felt the hot smoke coming from his face.
When Zhuo Qiang was looking forward to victory, he suddenly saw that the enemy ship appeared dark and uneven, flashing light, and these strange lights slowly sank.
"Not good! Want to escape again! " Zhuo Qiang shouted a 416 annihilation.
Seeing the enemy ship slowly sinking into the water, Zhuo Qiang didn’t believe that it was sunk in the Arctic Ocean. The battle situation was even worse than today, and the enemy ship was even more traumatized than now. Even then, it could turn over, and nothing can be said this time to give it another chance.
"Give me a close attack!" Zhuo Qiang ordered his two warships to move closer to the enemy ships at the highest speed. Even if the enemy ships entered the water, his two warships could still continue to attack.
It turned out that Zhuo Qiang always felt that the ship’s weapons were enough, but now he feels that the firepower is really poor. It would be best if it could be enhanced by two times, three times, five times and ten times.
Actually, it can’t be said that the firepower of the Long Yun is not real enough. War is not a game. After shelling the enemy ships, it will disappear.
It’s a joke to sink a tens of thousands-ton warship in less than a minute from the most exhibition attack tonight, and this warship is no ordinary warship. Some performances of this warship are more advanced than those of the Long Yun three-stage form. There is a strangeness in it and it is more like some conspiracy doping.
Zhuo Qiang’s fear of this warship does not simply refer to this warship, but to its origin and background behind it.
Only by completely destroying this warship can some forces pursue extreme forces instead of pursuing Zhuo Qiang.

"What’s the matter now?" Little listless way

"How long do you want to imprison us?" An old man said, "I see you look pale and weak. You are also a little magic pawn. I wonder which fiend your master is?"
I’m blue in the face. "I’m … I’m not a demon … Oh, it’s not true. I’m the hand of the lich king."
"the lich king!" The four old men shouted again, "It’s him!"
"Hey, you are not amnesia? How to still know him "little strange way
"Oh yeah, I have amnesia. What will I know about the lich king?" The four old men scratched their heads together and thought for a long time with a confused face. "I seem to have a little impression that we had a fight with him …"
Little quietly, he has learned about the scenery in his childhood. These four old men actually fought with Xiao in those years, so it seems that they are not ordinary people.
However, this word is really interesting. I don’t know if it is right or evil. The most terrible thing is that there seems to be a "amnesia-making" deputy who has lost all his memories.
"Stop it, I’m going to have a rest." The little boy was about to fall, but the four old men cried again, "Wait."
Chapter 55 Weird Mahjong ()
Chapter 55 Weird Mahjong ()
"What’s the matter again?" trail
"Alas, it’s sad to cultivate immortality day. We can still drink a glass to play chess before, but if we need sleep here, please bring us a chess set less." Perhaps the four old men who have just been repaired have talked a lot, although they have not bent.
"Where am I going to get you a game of Go?" Little depressed said, "How many Go games are there these days?" His eyes looked around and he saw a mahjong in the corner. "You can make do with this mahjong." He threw the mahjong in without saying anything.
One-night talk
The first thing I did when I got up the next morning was to get a fright every day. It turned out that the four old men were all half dead sitting in that Gerry, and more than 100 pieces of mahjong tiles were piled up in front of them, which looked like a mess.
"You … what’s the matter?" Small careful way "this is …"
The four old men suddenly looked up and their eyes were red. They didn’t sleep for three days. "How do children play this mahjong thing?"
The four old men were startled when they spoke quietly. The sound was really haggard, hoarse, deep and with some tearing characteristics, as if they had just been severely ravaged.
"You … won’t study this all night?" Hesitate and ask
"Oh, yes," an old man sighed. "We have conducted 957 different experiments in these five hours, but we can’t find this thing to make the method. Has the strength of the underworld developed to this extent over the years? Even a small magic pawn can understand this profound than mahjong. "
"How do you experiment?" Small swallowed hard to ask
"Well," an old man who looked a little more energetic took over. "We found that this pair of things called mahjong has a total of 144 pieces, whether it is 77, 99 or 55. It is not suitable, but the mahjong handwriting and picture are very meaningful, but it is unprecedented to know that the combination of Jiugong divination and this combination of seven kills and Jiugong is an war, and Jiugong is a complete trillion roots. There should be an old man who can’t understand the mystery."
"And this mahjong is far from being so simple." Another old man took over. "In addition to the number of seven kills and nine palaces, according to my understanding, the plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, spring, summer, autumn and winter are a simple prototype of congenital divination, while the first four are the essence of vegetation, and the last four are the natural changes that contain the great wisdom of the universe."
Xiaoshi couldn’t say a word, but it happened that four old men didn’t finish their words, and another old man took the woman’s words. "The number of seven kills is even more strange and unusual, but it is different from what is recorded in ancient books, but the first four words in the southeast and northwest are still understandable, but the last three words are completely understandable, but it is hard to get anything if it is not to mislead our generation."
"This … this … do you think too much?" Trail "real it is to …"
"No, absolutely not!" The fourth old man who hasn’t said anything finally said, "Besides these hidden meanings, this mahjong body is also an absolute fairy!"
I have to say that this sentence has been the most powerful for so long. At that time, I jumped up and lost my way. "Fairy?"
"Nice fairy" The old man looked at the small eyes in surprise. "Is a mere fairy worth your surprise? Although this mahjong is a fairy, it is very strange. It seems that every mahjong card has no attack power. According to my estimation, it should be combined in some way to play its role. "
Small and stunned. Fairy wares are still precious. Although too many fairy wares were destroyed yesterday, according to the current record of the fix-up world, there are only ten fairy wares in the whole fix-up world. If any mahjong in this room is fairy wares, wouldn’t there be eleven fairy wares in the whole fix-up world? But since it is a fairy, why is it inexplicably put in the guest room?
"Young people look at you. You certainly don’t know that this mahjong is a fairy." The old man finally found a little confidence. "This mahjong contains fairy aura, which is very strange but also very indifferent. It is difficult for ordinary people to feel it if the capability level reaches our level."
"So" I feel a little heartbroken. "What’s wrong with it?"
The old man shook his head. "I don’t know."
Small froze.
"Every word of this pair of mahjong tiles contains a strange fairy aura. The distribution of fairy aura is very strange. If I estimate that it is good, when the 144 cards are arranged according to their positions, it will be a rather terrible array. The power of this array should be far more than ten times that of the five thunder heavenly heart sword array." The old man sighed. "It’s a pity that I have only learned a little, and I can’t find out its arrangement order."
Xiao doesn’t know anything about the common sense of the fix true boundary. Of course, he doesn’t know that the five thunder heavenly heart sword array is now the first of the four schools, and the Mount Emei law is almost the transcendence of the fix true boundary law. If he knows, he doesn’t know how he will be shocked.
However, when he heard the old man’s remarks, he was also moved in his heart. "I can try to put this array out."
"Oh, that’s great!" The old man’s voice could not conceal his surprise. "I wonder if Xiaoyou can let the old man see one."
"Of course," Xiao Xinran said, "You watch."
Mahjong is under the control of Xiao Ge’s whole small mind. He doesn’t need to start work. He needs to think about it in his heart and arrange it according to his meaning.
It’s not a small pendulum, and he hasn’t finished more than 100 mahjong cards. He just picked out a dozen cards and put on a standard mahjong Hu card.
The four old men held their breath and looked at the little one. First, they put three tens of thousands side by side, and then they put two, three, four, five, six, seven thousand in turn, and then they put three ninety thousand in succession.
As soon as these thirteen cards were put out, the four old men took a long breath and got up together and drank "wonderful!"
"What’s the matter?" Small by them a drink to pause.
"This array is really powerful!" The four old men said together, "Sure enough, it’s five thunder heavenly hearts sword array … why do you always feel that one piece is missing?"
"So where do you think this piece should be filled?" It’s already very white in my heart, and my expression is getting more and more confident.
"It should be here." The first old man pointed to a place