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She likes meat, but he doesn’t.
Sister-in-law Zhang is very surprised. Why does she eat all meat or so thin? ! Where did she eat?
"Oh sister-in-law! Eat meat! Green vegetables and horses are not delicious ~ "
"Good good!" Looking at her, sister-in-law Zhang will think of her daughter and smile at once. Nothing happened just now.
"For sister-in-law zhang what you have to call me wealthy family? !”
Sister-in-law Zhang wondered, "Is this what the young master said? He asked us all to call you wealthy family because you are our wealthy family. "
Xiao Cheling, what the hell have you done? Her innocence and reputation …
"That housewife, wait for me. I’ll go to the nearby market to buy things."
"good!" As soon as she finished speaking, she took out several hundred-dollar bills from her pocket and handed them to Zhang Sao. "Zhang Sao, this is food money!"
Sister-in-law zhang saw immediately pushed past "wealthy family master has given me a lot enough to buy food! How can you give it to me again! "
"Well, that’s as well! Sister-in-law Zhang seems that I will trouble you to teach me every day during this period! "
"wealthy family, you say this! This is what I should do! "
"There is nothing to do in this world. Please buy more goods."
"Hey, good!"
She didn’t take a rest until sister-in-law Zhang left. At this time, she didn’t have time to play the web. Chicken and Lycium barbarum are very nourishing …
"What are you looking at?" A cold voice overhead came to Han Yiqing’s consciousness and put the pat behind him and said quickly, "No! I didn’t see anything! "
She hid the tribe into those blue eyes so much that he narrowed his beautiful eyes and said, "You shouldn’t be looking at those unhealthy things …"
Poof … Han Yiqing almost gushed out … How can she browse those adult websites if she is not a man!
"I’m not a man. Why browse those things!"
"Women can watch it."
Han Yiqing found that she really couldn’t talk to Leng Ruixi! She will be really angry if she goes like this again!
"Let me see" I don’t know what Leng Ruixi said this time, but I have to see what she just saw.
"Don’t give! Never give it to death! "
If he sees it, then he will definitely laugh at her!
I don’t know why she is so cold-hearted sometimes! Anyway, the injured person is his root, not her!
"Then you are browsing the rubbish."
"Garbage is garbage! I still feel sacred! That is normal physiological education! "
"Forget it." She suddenly remembered something when she was holding something and asked, "Will you have dinner at home tonight?"
LengRuiXi didn’t speak Han Yiqing gave a "whatever you eat or not! Call the cold housekeeper for dinner! "
Chapter Yi Qing wants to kill chickens!
"Why should he come over?" Leng Ruixi couldn’t understand when Han Yiqing, a woman, was so good with people around him. !
Han Yiqing immediately gave him a white look. "The cold housekeeper is so hard that I can’t stand being around you every day!"
What’s more, it can be seen how high the psychological quality of the cold housekeeper is when the young master is around this problem for so long! "
Leng Ruixi approached step by step and suddenly got closer to her when he heard that he was problem of juvenile …
"LengRuiXi you what do you want to do …"
Those blue eyes kept flashing and seemed to be enduring something …
Looked at him some abnormal sample Han Yiqing immediately said "LengRuiXi why do you look at me like this … don’t you forget that you are injured? !”
Leng Ruixi lowered her eyes and said "My house tonight" to her if she really didn’t do anything.
Han Yiqing raised his eyebrows and joked, "You said that you always go out to eat!"
"I can’t fly if I’m injured."
"…" He said directly to the floor and didn’t ask her what she just saw!
I can’t fly if I’m injured … Is this still Leng Ruixi talking? ! Obviously not!
Sister-in-law Zhang has come back after buying vegetables. At the sight of Han Yiqing waiting for her, she immediately worried, "wealthy family, why are you here! Why don’t you all take a rest! "

"Although these words are late for a long time, it is still necessary to tell you." Zheng Nuo’s eyes suddenly smiled and made Jingxiang feel some pain in his eyes. "Jingxiang I like you."

"This kind of love has been around for a long time, maybe much earlier than you think."
Jingxiang felt that he had been waiting for this sentence for a long time.
It must have been a long time before she wanted Zheng Nuo to say it.
After all, this man is too proud to live in his life. He can get anything he wants easily. He has everything he wants. It is not easy for him to truly admit and say this like.
Even if Zheng Nuo can white his mood, he may not say these words to Jingxiang.
Perhaps in the past, Zheng Nuo thought that nothing was worth his compromise.
Jing Xiang is not confident either. She knows that she is working hard, but she is not sure whether she can have the desired result.
This seems to be a gamble for Jing Xiang, who has put all her feelings and courage on the table, waiting for Zheng Nuo to take the step she needs.
Jingxiang feels that she and Zheng Nuo are very much like she walked out of the first ninety-nine steps, but the last step needs Zheng Nuo to step out
This man once probably didn’t believe in love at all, and he would recognize that all feelings are just desires and can be exchanged for things of equal value.
But after Jing Xiang, Zheng Nuo’s concept changed step by step.
But it is also a change. It is actually very difficult to get Zheng Nuo out of this step.
Jingxiang knew that it took so long for Zheng Nuo to jump into his trap. She deliberately made him jealous and let him know that he could leave at any time after taking great risks and experiencing so much, and finally came to the present.
There is a feeling that the clouds are scattered. Jingxiang feels that she has finally seen the sun. She is waiting for Zheng Nuo.
Jingxiang didn’t speak again, but held Zheng Nuo’s initiative to kiss his lips and told him how worried he was.
After work, I went to pick a gift with Chenchi, because there was another party in Chenchi circle recently that Chenchi needed to attend, and it was the kind that needed to bring a date.
"It happened that this banquet … quite a few artists also went."
There is another chapter before twelve o’clock.
☆、haper 44
"There are also hosts in our station who are going to attend this banquet?" Qingchen listened to colleagues discussing during the day, and all the financial channels were invited to participate.
"It’s just a birthday party," Chen Chi replied lightly.
"The birthday party is so big?"
Chenchi smiled. "His father was the richest man in the past, and he also got involved in the media and invited many people."
All rich people have always understood the world.
She thought it would be nice to spend her birthday with her closest friends and family. It seems that there is no point in inviting many people to this big party at the end.
Of course, it is not important to Qingchen, but the people who hold this party naturally have his own ideas. Most of their lives are spent eating, drinking and having fun at the party, which is their most important life. It is their business to find business opportunities in those eating, drinking and having fun.
Most of those families also ask whether they can make money or not, which may be the most sincere idea of their elders.
Qingchen met a very rich man, but he killed someone because of drunk driving. The incident was too big to stop and even his family business was defeated in the end.
So many things happen, even in those social news.
"But don’t you feel the waves when you wear a different gift every time on this occasion?"
This is just like a truth in the entertainment circle. If someone in the circle wears the same clothes in succession, they will be laughed at in private.
Qingchen himself is so-called, but Chen’s family status is there. Qingchen will not stubbornly lose Chen Guren’s face because he doesn’t like it.
The appearance of her girlfriend Chen Chi naturally represents Chen’s family.
I finally got the gift ready after I chose it for a long time in a special custom-made gift shop. Only in the morning did I feel that shopping could be so tiring.
"I think you all like shopping." Chenchi saw Qingchen dragging his arm, and he couldn’t help laughing at her.
"No," Qingchen continued to hang in Chenchi’s arm and walked slowly forward. "Before shopping, I needed more. Now everything is bought online. I think I have lost the skill of not being tired of shopping for a day."
They came out of the shopping mall, which happened to be near the business district, and Tongru Company was over there.
Qingchen is still wondering if she will meet TongRu here, but I didn’t expect to meet him, which made her sigh for a lifetime. What a coincidence!
"Hi, Qingchen Chenchi" Tong Ru is still wearing professional clothes. It seems that she just came from the company to solve dinner here.
"Are you alone?" Qingchen asked, "Did you work?"
"I’m the boss, which class makes sense, but I just put things aside to buy something and go back to work overtime." TongRu couldn’t help but smile.
"Then you are really hard."
Chenchi nodded when he saw TongRu, but he didn’t speak. Qingchen was chatting with TongRu.
Green morning corner took a glance at Chenchi although there was no abnormality on the surface, in fact, my heart secretly praised Chenchi’s reaction.
"It’s okay. I’ll go back and continue to work overtime after I buy something. You are busy."
"That line we walked first." Qing Chen didn’t intend to have too many greetings with TongRu.
TongRu nodded and looked at QingChen and ChenChi walked past her and then suddenly shouted "ChenChi".
Chenchi leans slightly. "Huh?"

When we got to that precipice, everyone looked at it. It was a huge canyon. It was like a huge knife. It split a mountain into two peaks. The cliff was smooth as a mirror, and nothing was growing. Everywhere, it looked desolate and harsh. The boulder at the bottom of the cliff was full of rubble. However, in the broken stone of Ling luàn, an ancient architectural relic was faintly revealed. I m: oi m: o corner, everyone was practicing for generations. From a distance, you could see that the corner of the relic was unique in style and full of ancient and magnificent atmosphere.

Look at it, it seems that it took an inexplicable geological change to form such a landform.
"When it’s really changed" has never spoken. Saint nv’s eyes showed movement and sighed with emotion. "The entrance to the temple actually appeared here. If it weren’t for an earthquake, I’m afraid it would be history forever."
Listening to that feeling made my heart move, and I thought that this so-called temple should be very old. It is not a big place for a few years, but it is a very interesting thing for a place with a soul tree inside. Sure enough, the Bones Devil also listened to the shortness of breath and the greed in his eyes flashed by.
Soul tree is a strange thing in heaven and earth. It was born in the spirit of heaven and earth. Even in the ancient times, it was a rare natural material and treasure. After ten thousand years of ordinary planting, the soul tree is already a treasure, but if it is more than 100 thousand, even a leaf is very great. What’s more, there may be no other natural material and treasure where the soul fruit grows?
"Brother Lei’s foolish brother asks for something that can increase Shou Yuan’s natural resources and treasures." Bones, the demon king steadies his expression and says, "Don’t ask Brother Lei to calculate that Brother Yu owes you a great favor."
Reluctance sank slightly. Yin replied solemnly, "Please rest assured that if Lei Mou can nòng to nature, you won’t lose your share." But my heart is as clear as a mirror that if I come out of that temple, I’m afraid it’s really a seasoned road if I dare to meet the Bones Devil.
Bones demon king’s heart is also depressed. If you want to deal with a person, he must be banned for him. Then he can’t help himself, but willy bones demon king is not sure that he can stop him, but if he can keep an eye on this temple, Men will not be afraid that willy can disappear.
But he didn’t dare to ban each other with willy. It’s no joke that Jiu You eats souls and becomes famous.
"Prophet B and they come out," said San nv.
The Prophet Kukas called out a crystal-clear sphere with a careful expression, and squeezed the method to condense a white light. It seems that there are a lot of light waves that can’t spread outward, but the sphere has emerged two images in succession. One is two aliens with one-horned heads, the other is a generation wrapped in black fog and unable to see clearly, and a young man is also following.
"Come out, we both have considerable strength, and it’s also meaningful to hide again." Kukas muttered something to the crystal ball.
Sure enough, two low-key dun light low prey to the cliff all dozens of zhangs cold eyes stared at the old alien swept all sneer at a way "indeed as expected still didn’t deceive you library kass not the kui is a barbarian prophet but you and zhao people seem to have been sworn enemies this time? Can’t your family even get out of a mere Yuan Ying elder? "One-horned clan elders in this day is also extremely depressed in the heart. The original party was lucky to find the entrance to this relic. While there are still times, I want to study whether a dollar baby monk can enter, but only to find out how long it took. The barbarian prophet arrived.
Cass stared at them with some hatred. "You one-horned people really have a keen sense of smell. When it comes to hating our guardians and your one-horned people, they are the real enemies." Kukas lived for nearly a thousand years. During his life, I don’t know how many relatives and friends died in the hands of the one-horned people. It can be said that the two families have a deep hatred, even if it is a blood feud.
"Little useless talk, since we can enter by the Godsworn in the foundation period," the Bones Devil said with cold hands, "Let them all go in early. We old guys are waiting for you outside." The Bones Devil is confident in willy and willing to escape from him. The Godsworn in the foundation period can’t find a few in Zhaozhou.
Others also objected to this. A group of people flew into the canyon and went directly to the corner of the ruins.
I don’t feel it when I look at the cliff, but when I get here, I feel the grandeur of this relic. Even if I just show a corner, I can infer that the monument is great. I don’t know how many years it has gone through, but it looks old. It is still tall and straight, and there is not much loss of light. This column is already a hundred feet high.
Bro, I hope you are a wise man. "Bones demon king Y and N side tones directly go to throb’s ears.
Willy smiled in my heart. It seems that the Bones Devil is really helpless with himself. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to repeat himself repeatedly. However, in my heart, it is extremely convenient to take off directly once something is wrong. Although the baby is good, it still needs to have a life to enjoy.
There is not much nonsense. Four young people today have to enter the temple through a crack. The rest of the Yuan infant monks have occupied the cliff. Four people are guarding four people in turn, and they are not afraid to attack each other outside this temple. After all, those Yuan infant monks are still watching.
As soon as he entered the throb, he felt the darkness in front of him. However, he didn’t care about raising his hand and there appeared a Lingshi. Injecting the true qi, Lingshi sent out a bright and white light, and directly took dozens of zhangs around him as if it were still a day. Saint nv and two one-horned youths also cast spells to form a light.
The four people are far from each other’s vigilance.
However, at this time, the temple suddenly lit up, and several stars appeared overhead. The general fluorescence filled every corner of the whole hall with soft brilliance, mystery and brilliance.
The ancient ruins are really extraordinary.
Willy is also some regrets. I don’t know how many years ago, the forbidden circle was still able to move as before. At that time, people really had the ability to pass through the sky. At the same time, a place deep in the temple was like a whirlpool of stars, and willy saw it slowly. Naturally, it was sent to the entrance. Obviously, the real place of the temple is definitely not in this mountain range. It is very likely that it is similar to willy’s temple of demons in an independent monarch.
Now, the monks have made a statement that only those who have great ability in ancient sects can form the whole sect and create independence in heaven and earth. Of course, sects can do such earth-shattering things, and they are definitely not the second-and third-rate goods, Se.
"Ghost Evil" said the young master in a cold voice. "I didn’t expect the Shadow Elder to take you with him when he followed secretly."
Se, a young god named Ghost Evil One-horned, said in a cold and calm voice, "Young Master, now is not the time for emotional struggle. Neither the barbarian Saint nv nor the human being in Zhaozhou is simple. Please ask me to make a big deal in your family. If you like to fight for the Hui nationality, I will accompany you to fight for enough."
"However, the little master is not a fool. After a cold look at throb, he said," I am the one-horned little master. Let’s get a chance to kill the Zhaozhou I m: o in the holy nv. "
Waiting for their two respective sounds, throb and San nv are also slowly leaning together to sound each other. Obviously, they are also preparing to find opportunities to kill the two one-horned people first and then talk about other things according to the previous agreement.
They have no jiāo feeling naturally few words directly flew to the send vortex mouth ready to enter.
This temple is our guardian clan’s ancient holy land, where outstanding brothers of the younger generation of Men are trained. "Saint nv said to throb," Only after passing the trial can you be qualified to see the emissary, so as to prevent people from getting together and assassinating. This array will send people everywhere at random. This is a positioning bead. We can sense each other meeting as soon as possible after one pill per person. "
Willy hands holding that piece of jade beads, the third one jumped into it, and when his mind was slightly faint, he had already appeared in a wilderness. However, with his pupil constricted, he was a giant animal with huge body and dozens of feet of wild teeth, and stepped on him hard.
"Join the sign for easy reading"
Chapter three hundred and six Yellowbird in the back
Chapter three hundred and six Yellowbird in the back
Almost at the same time, the prophet Kukas, who was guarding four Yuan infant monks outside, first opened his eyes with an open face, and Lu gave an incredible surprise. In the eyes of the rest of the people, several huge horses were suddenly and violently turned into a series of shock waves, shaking and seeing that a human figure appeared at the entrance of the temple.
"A few predecessors have offended many places, but also asked Haihan to take care of you over the years." After she appeared, her back suddenly had a pair of huge wings with white light, and her cold look was very calm, almost without being impacted by the Yuan Baby Godsworn, and a charming body disappeared into the temple.
"A surname ice cloud" Bones Devil, after all, she got along with each other for a long time, and her face was very surprised. I really didn’t expect that a surname ice cloud should have such a strong stealth ability that it almost put them all in the drum.

"Empress, don’t say that. Who believes it? Green leaves, you come to you, your great aunt and your son are sisters. "The imperial concubine laughed.

It’s true that Su Mian keeps a good body and skin, and it’s really two sisters to be together.
However, it’s also that Qingye’s recent dress tends to be more mature.
"Really? Now that you mention it, I’m happy. Even the little guy in my stomach is happy. "Su Mian touched her belly with a smile.
"The more powerful the male and female servants are, the more fun they can make the little princess have." The imperial concubine smiled even more.
Everyone praised them for their harmonious atmosphere
After a while, I saw the bluebird come in and said, "The master is here and wants to come in."
"Then come in." Su Mian said.
This time, the Queen Mother’s affair, Yuyun, gave her a noble position when she was promoted to the harem. I have to say that this promotion speed is the first one.
Yu Guiqi came in and blessed himself with a smile. "Greet the sisters of the Empress and the Imperial concubine."
"Get up" Su Mian pointed to one side and "sit down"
"Thank you, Empress, for listening to the lively inquiries in the imperial garden, saying that the princess entertained her friends and the Empress also came." Actually, it was a chat …
"It would be nice to be a good man" Su Mian laughed.
"Green leaves, did you call the palace musicians? Don’t dance and listen to music today, or write and draw without delay. "Su Miandao
"Yes, I’ll ask them to come." Green leaves went to direct people cheerfully.
It seems that it is not difficult to host a banquet. Let’s have a laugh and then have a laugh.
Where did she know that she was a princess and Su Mian was in town? Who dared to make trouble? Where is it so simple for ordinary people to treat?
Soon the musicians came and sat outside the pavilion to play music after paying their respects.
Zhao Wanru was curious when she heard someone blowing a black thing for the first time.
Yan Zhenyue doesn’t know if it’s okay. She always sees her coming over like this and says, "Doesn’t sister know that?"
"County king temple … I haven’t seen" Zhao Wanru got up and said.
"Sit down," said Yanzhenyue. He also sat down 84. Chapter 84.
"It’s called" Yun ".It’s not bad for us to have this here before things in the North Desert, right?" Yanzhenyue avenue
"Well, listen, what is this made of?" Now that people have puzzled her, she will not be entangled.
"Auntie Huang, who baked clay, said that it would be better to play some sad songs in this fung," said Yan Zhenyue.
"It turned out to be clay, and there are good things in the North Desert. I used to have nothing there." Liangzhou is ridiculous. What else can there be further north?
"That’s not a big world. There are good things everywhere. It’s almost hopeless to go back to Su ‘an Gong’s serious injury. It’s a northern desert child who took out the medicine. The medicine has a particularly good hemostatic effect only in North Mobei. It’s the medicine that saved Su ‘an Gong. Now the child named Barry lives in Su ‘an Gong’s house. Call him back and take you out to meet him. He has been learning Chinese badly but he is a good person." Yan Zhenyue said.
"Kitahara … northern desert people?" She was a little surprised by the name of the people in the northern desert. That’s not too bad
"There are good people in Beimo. Don’t be afraid of Barry. He rides better than Surin and me." Yan Zhenyue said.
"That’s amazing. I’ll see you that time if I have the chance." Zhao Wanru smiled and narrowed her eyes like a crescent moon
"Sister looks really good-looking" Yanzhenyue blinked and stared.
"County Wang Dian …" Zhao Wanru was embarrassed again and said that her appearance is also a handsome one, right? Don’t say that there is an empress who is truly beautiful, that is, Qi Yueying … is actually more beautiful than her.
Su Mian looked at the two of them talking for a while and turned to the imperial concubine. "Why do I look at Yueer?"
The imperial concubine followed her to see it for a while. "You shouldn’t have said that Pingjun Wang was only eleven years old, but … male and female servants looked at it … like it."
"Is it like our county king Pingsu doesn’t like to talk?" Zhenzhaoyi trail
"I don’t know if Wan Ru’s child has this heart. It’s bigger than Yueer. It will take at least three years. Then the girl will be sixteen." Su Mian shook her head gently.
"That doesn’t matter. Sixteen years old is not too big when there is a change. Now there are not many seventeen monks?" The imperial concubine said, "At that time, our county king will be fourteen. It’s time to be sensible."
"I have to ask about going to this child’s marriage later. I’m really not at ease," Su Mian said.
"Empress doesn’t prevent Zhao from living in Beijing, even if they don’t have a good choice for the girl in a few years. Just don’t leave Zhang in these years," Wan Xiuyuan said.
When she opened her mouth, everyone couldn’t help being stunned for a whole day. Today, she came. It was purely Lu Yu.
She’s not a former Wan Jingyuan now. She’s low-key and can’t remember this person.
"The male and female servants are wrong?" Wan Jing Luca brasi see them see her uneasy way
"Yes, that’s settled." Su Mian smiled. Who said Wan Jingyuan wouldn’t change? Isn’t that changed?
At lunch time, the green leaves were placed outside directly to look at the dishes, but there was no problem. Even Su Mian was satisfied with her arrangement of dishes now.
After lunch, Su Mian and several concubines got up. "Go on, I can’t go back to bed."
"Great aunt Huang go slowly and send great aunt Huang" Green leaves just drank a few glasses of wine and were slightly tipsy.
After all busy ready and send Sue cotton with people out of the imperial garden and went back.
I learned that Su Mian had returned to Hele Hall and Yan Gui had also returned.

The wave chapter stays still in the body and tries its best to make itself strong, so as to feel the warm, moist, slippery and closed contraction of the chapter.

At the same time, Zhang Yi also feels the perseverance of the waves, the fullness and satisfaction, the pain and numbness, and the pain and happiness at the same time! Is to close your eyes without moving and enjoy the time of this era.
-this moment is the end of virginity, Zhang Yi’s twenty-two-year girlhood!
The waves stopped the male glory, and his mind was calm again, holding his breath and paying attention to the development of the situation.
The footsteps in the corridor are getting closer and closer, and the sound of the search door is getting closer and closer. It will be at the door of this room in a while.
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The footsteps in the corridor are getting closer and closer …
When the waves hugged Zhang Yi and kissed him, Zhang Yi’s legs were strong, and the male glory was slow, gentle but firm, and he broke through Yumen and went straight into Zhang Yi’s body.
He didn’t dare to attack vigorously for fear that Zhang Yi couldn’t stand making too much noise before he entered slowly and gently.
Just like this, Zhang Yi, the vanguard troops, was in pain and trembled to push the waves, but she was pinned down by the waves, and her mouth was kissed by the waves. She couldn’t move or scream, and she couldn’t emit a little cold air from her nostrils. Fine sweat oozed from her body and she was soaked.
The waves felt Zhang Yi’s moist, slippery and tight contraction, and did not dare to be hard, for fear that Zhang Yi would cry out in pain and stop temporarily, so that Zhang Yi could adapt and listen to the movement in the corridor at the same time.
Three people in the corridor suddenly stopped, and a woman said coldly, "You two search one room at a time from this side. Don’t let go of every room. If you can’t find anyone, you know what will happen."
It’s sakura!
The two men immediately said, "Hi!"
Although the two men sounded cold, they were afraid. It was Sakura’s last sentence that made them afraid. This shows how cold Sakura is to her family at ordinary times!
Two people on the third floor, each room in turn, search up …
The waves estimate that it will take them ten minutes to find this room. What they need to do is to hurry up and let Zhang Yi wake up in ten minutes. The way to wake her up is to bring her to justice …
He felt that Zhang Yi was not so tight, which means that she may have adapted to the decision to cut the gordian knot and sink into a strong male glory and go deep into the deepest rock-solid stop.
A huge and indescribable moist, wet, tight, tight, constricted, tightly wrapped in the waves, limp and numb, like a blade, rowing straight from his back vertebrae, and hitting the top of the skull everywhere, like a thrill hitting his cerebral cortex …
The waves stopped moving, feeling Zhang Yi’s moist, slippery and closed contraction, matching Zhang Yi’s lips and listening to the movement in the corridor.
Zhang Yi was hard and tall by the waves, and the male glory was full of a kind of tearing impact pain, which made her body tense tightly, and her eyebrows tightened tightly. Because her mouth was blocked by Hai Xia, she could breathe from her nostrils, and cold sweat seeped out and soaked the sheets.
Look at that wonderful person, with her eyebrows raised, her lips open and her peach face red, why not let people fly!
The waves took root and stood still in the depths of the Peach Blossom Garden. Looking at Zhang Yi’s blushing tide, his white face was as beautiful as a layer of rouge.
-Some people talk about women when they are the most beautiful. Do you still talk about idiots? Of course, it is * *!
The wave chapter stays still in the body and tries its best to make itself strong, so as to feel the warm, moist, slippery and closed contraction of the chapter.
At the same time, Zhang Yi also feels the perseverance of the waves, the fullness and satisfaction, the pain and numbness, and the pain and happiness at the same time! Is to close your eyes without moving and enjoy the time of this era.
-this moment is the end of virginity, Zhang Yi’s twenty-two-year girlhood!
The waves stopped the male glory, and his mind was calm again, holding his breath and paying attention to the development of the situation.
The footsteps in the corridor are getting closer and closer, and the sound of the search door is getting closer and closer. It will be at the door of this room in a while.
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"Uh …" Gegen quickly followed the pursuers and disagreed, but he couldn’t say it at the moment.

A line of people went to the first floor GeGen pointing to the direction of the cell. "People are over there …"
Wang Yibing listened to a wave of his hand and said, "Lead the way ahead!" Talking, he turned to a player and said, "Cao Xin, you stay here and the others come in with me …"
Gegen looked strangely at the man who stayed there, but he still took more than four people to the cell.
The jailer is an old jǐng who is also familiar with Ge Gen. When I saw him, I smiled, "Xiao Ge, are you here to see my old Li?"
Gegen see old jǐng member also relaxed to say with smile "with the mainland special operations team officials to see …"
"Oh?" The old member jǐng heard that Wang Yibing and others were officials of the mainland special operations group, and his face became ugly. He has been guarding the cell here these days, but he has no less conflicts with those ga7 members.
"Who told you to bring them?" Old member jǐng looks like business is business.
"Is. jǐng department …" GeGen don’t know how he changed face some uneasy tunnel.
".? What qualifications does he have to let people come to the cell … "This old jǐng is determined that it is difficult for a Wang Yibing and others." Didn’t you say that you have to have an order from jǐng to enter this cell? "
Wang Yibing and Xie Cunguan couldn’t help looking at each other, but they fell short here but were stopped.
Chapter seventy-four Save lives
Wang Yibing’s eyes couldn’t help but see that Xie Cunguan’s plan was formulated by Xie Cunguan at his side, so he didn’t make a good claim.
Looking at Wang Yibing turned to look at Xie Cunguan, some angry and funny, and looked at that face of serious old jǐng.
Plans are all conceived in advance, and conceptual things can never catch up with realistic changes. Plans can’t be too detailed and detailed, and plans can’t be realized. Most plans are direction plans.
Xie Cunguan’s plan is just to transfer jǐng Inspector of Kowloon jǐng Bureau from jǐng Bureau as far as possible and then try to get Cai Fengfan out as little as possible.
The old janitor, jǐng Cha, was not considered in his plan.
Looking at this old jǐng’s body, he went to the table and said to him, "sir Li?"
"Not bad!" Old jǐng looked at him with a reserved look on his face.
"I said, what are you doing in these two fairy fights?" Xie Cunguan asked with a smile
"What?" Old jǐng was just about to grasp the meaning of his words. Xie Cunguan had swung the palm edge with his right hand and hit his left ear door with a bang. At the same time, he put his left hand on his right neck and put his crooked body gently on the table.
"You-"Gegen couldn’t help but be surprised. Wang Yibing put his left hand into the cup as early as possible, and his right hand caught his throat and called him to hold it.
Two jǐng inspectors in the video surveillance room of the building just saw that something was wrong. They told Wang Yanghan to stun one with one punch, and the other was caught by his pistol, and then they immediately started to stun the surveillance video, and then deleted some of the parts that had just been recorded.
At this time, Xie Cunguan has quickly picked up the key plate from the old jǐng clerk’s desk and threw it to a fierce knife mercenary by the door. The Han took the key and looked at it and immediately found a stab into the FRP door lock hole.
The door was pushed as soon as it rang.
Wang Yibing’s fingers were strong at this time, and Gegen felt that his head was dizzy and he was unconscious
This is a secret service! Wang Yibing put unconscious GeGen gently on the table, and Xie Cunguan looked at the two jǐng members who fainted at the table behind him.
The fierce knife mercenary nodded and looked at two people at the table quickly.
Wang Yibing and Xie Cunguan glances followed the Han in front into the cell door.
There is a long passage in the gate, obviously the cell is in the innermost part, and there is a steel fence door in the passage. The mercenary with the key disc went over and closed the door again.
Three people quickly move down to the front of the channel head office.
This time, when the key was just inserted into the lock hole, two people suddenly appeared at the door, one of whom pointed a gun at the three people. "Who are you?" Ask them and look at the direction of the gate.
Wang Yibing stretched out his hand and took out his certificate from his pocket. When he whisked away, he threw it into the gap in the fence door and said, "One of our own! I was ordered to take Cai Fengfan away! "
"Don’t move yet!" A man said that he was shot in the right hand and didn’t move, pointing to them. As soon as he stretched out his left hand, he caught Wang Yibing, threw it over and took a look at it. It was something he was familiar with. It was indeed a ga7 certificate. He couldn’t help but tilt his head toward it and shouted, "Come and see, Han Tou!"
Smell it and a few more people will come out from inside.
Just then, Wang Yibing’s body suddenly flashed to the side, showing that Xie Cunguan came to his hands behind him. Two Type 67 geological pistols instantly spewed out two salamanders. The right hand shot the ga7 member with a gun in both hands. The man’s body was hit by a huge momentum and he was thrown to the side wall.
The left hand shot hit the right shoulder of the gunman, who was directly thrown back to the ground with great momentum.
At this time, Wang Yibing has also drawn a pistol from his arms, and an American usp equipped with a silencer is also instantly spewing out flames, hitting a Han who is reaching into his arms, right shoulder and head, and also knocking down another Han when he falls.
At this time, this fence gate has been opened by Xie Cunguan and Wang Yibing, and two people have quickly entered the door. Three guns point to the other three people. At this time, the mercenary with a fierce knife also comes in. The same 67 pistol points to the three injured people and the unlucky one who was knocked down by an injured person.
This is the difference between special forces and ordinary people. Apart from their excellent individual ability, they are more important to cooperate with J and jīng gods, and this kind of association has certain rules.
When he was outside the door, Wang Yibing answered the other two gunmen and threw the papers to the other side, which was to help himself to attract the attention of the other side.
While the fierce knife mercenaries, this time to twist the lock core.